Use your Imagination to spark your Heart's Desire

 The more we say "YES" to who we are and the present moment, the more magic we can create. Let's talk about how Imagination can help. 

This is a follow up to the last weeks post, Heart's Desire.

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Quote from book; "Did you know that the brain doesn't know the difference between what's real and what isn't? We can harness this "incapacity" and use it to visualize whatever we wish to achieve. The brain produces hormones that correspond to the sensations of actualization, as if what we are imagining were happening. Our subconscious mind, the giant driving force of humankind, reads these instructions concerning which direction to take in further creating our reality."

Is this not what Eckart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, The Secret, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and the Law of Attraction is telling us?  

Use your imagination to day dream: 

How do you want your new job to feel?
How does your new lover make you feel? Where do you go together? How does it feel to be with them?
Where do you want to go on vacation? How does it smell? How do you feel on vacation?

Use your Imagination in your meditation time.

Take a few BoB's (bottom of belly breaths) and start now.

Card (Yantra) instructions: 
Place the card at eye level a comfortable distance away. (I tape it to a wall and sit on the floor.) Gaze at the dot in the middle, trying not to blink, for about 15 minutes. When your awareness shifts, close your eyes.

The book gives much more instruction but this will get you started if you wanted to explore.

Dream the world into existence.

Quote by Caroline Casey


Love and Light,

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