The ABC's of Your 123's ~Z is for Zero ~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
Z is for Zero
Numerology for those with zero in their Life Path
You have Inner Gifts!

 20/2, 30/3, 40/4, 19/10, 28/10, 37/10, 46/10

We all have special gifts to bring to the world. A special way of “being” that only each individual possesses. This is the beauty of numerology. Not only can numerology reveal those gifts, but it can help you work with them too. Sometimes we deviate off our path and things like, illness, depression and anxiety nudge us toward our true selves. (When we are on our path we are in alignment as evidenced as harmony, joy, and grace.)

Consider your zero another nudge.

Add up all the digit of your birthday to see if you have a zero:

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Before I found, or rediscovered I should say, Dan Millmans definition of zero, I told my clients the zero was an exclamation point, adding emphasis to the numbers in your Life Path. Emphasis, could be in either direction. If the 0 is following a 1, the emphasis on leadership could make you a tyrant of a boss or an inspired leader that people want to work hard for. Needing to master those energies by working with them and understanding them before you can go deeper and delving into your inner gifts that the zero provides is the first step. Refer to Life Path post for further understanding, HERE.

When I see a zero in as a birth date, 10th, 20th, 30th of the month for example, I tell people they have an inner knowing. I say, “You know things, but you don’t know how you know them.”  

Brett Dreamer from  describes the zero in numerology as spiritual; “The zero represents intuition, and it adds a spiritual dimension to all other numbers that it appears with.”

Inner Gifts brought to us by Zero

These are the inner gifts as per Dan Millman’s numerology:



“Zero has no beginning and no end. Like the Fool in the tarot, the 0 is asked to go on an adventure into the unknown.”

This is a quote from Sue Bishop, one of Australia’s top psychic intuitives. An adventure into the unknown! How exciting!


Simply telling clients the zero was an exclamation point, in retrospect was/is a good idea. I found three reasons for this to be true.  Frist, we could get overwhelmed with too much information in the beginning and not even hear the guidance of the zero. I’ve found a person ready for this information at about the 3rd reading or after 2 or more years of working with their numerology. Secondly, according to Dan Millman, these gifts often do not mature until age 35- 45. Lastly, as I am still learning, it is not completely obvious to me how these gifts manifest for each Life Path. Trusting that I will guide each of my clients to finding them and working with them feels good to me. 

The same is true for you, pick out one of the four inner gifts which resonates with you. Ask yourself questions as to how you can use this gift, appreciate it and use it to help others.

Would you like help understanding how your zero can be your hero? Contact me for a reading, I’d love to help you say YES to your inner gifts!

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