Say YES to Who You Are Wellness Readings at THE SPA or Royal Kona           Call 808.468.2469

45 minute Session

~Basic Numerology
~Type of Fitness that fits you best
~How to use your numbers

Clients most often tell me how much clarity they receive from my numerology readings. With a focus on your attributes you will see yourself in a different light. I allow the numbers to guide me to give you the message you need now. 

Most sessions suggest activities for you to engage in after our initial meeting, or I like to call it 'homework'. This homework will support what you have learned about yourself and the information gained by the reading. For example, many "3" Life Paths are given the guidance to write. In which case I provide some writing prompts to get you started. (These prompts are part of my Numerology Color book, available soon.)

If fitness is not a focus in the reading be assured my book will allow you a 'DIY' fitness program. Note that I am happy to sit with you and use my intuitive abilities to create a fitness program with you. 

 "Say Yes to Who You Are to Create FITNESS", will help you organize a fitness schedule, provide tips, and support you in your wellness journey. (Hard cover copies of my book for sale at in Kailua Kona area at: The Spa, softbound copies at 4Good Fashion and Kona Stories)

Private Sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Spa. Located inside King Kamehameha Beach Hotel, 77-5852 Alii Drive. Also at The Lotus Spa inside Royal Kona Hotel. 

"Add to Cart" button allows you to submit appointment times and pay for your session. Please feel free to call 808.468.2469 - if you are on vacation, sometimes I can accommodate your schedule.  

Sessions also available over the phone.

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I love to do full numerology reports to get a full picture and give you the guidance you need. You will appreciate being able to refer back to your 9 page reading.  

Reiki/Intuitive Readings- $120
*Available to Current Clients Only*

Forty-five minute session includes an intuitive reading, energy clearing and any of the following that feels appropriate:

reiki image.jpg

Tarot or Oracle Reading* (my N.O.W.deck available soon)
Essential Oil
Health and Wellness Life Path*
Soul Journal Homework*

Most of my healing sessions include a combination of modalities, some of which I have designed (*) myself. Depending on the clients needs, I will combine them accordingly.

During a reading, you will lay fully clothed on a massage table or sitting in a chair. Placing my hands above your body, starting at your head, making my way around following the energy and relaying the information that comes up.


Current Schedule


Tuesdays 10a.m.-2a.m. by appointment

Wednesdays (Thursday's starting September 2017) Meditation Class, by donation @5PM ~The Spa Yoga Studio 

Thursdays appointment

Special arrangements can be made for off islanders(other times zones) and workshops.



Meditation class:

Thursday's at 5p.m.-6p.m.


@ The Spa Yoga Room in the King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel
77-5660 Palani Road

Class is by donation, no experience necessary.
Class is broken up into two 15 minute blocks.
We will explore different methods
of meditation and share our experiences.

 RSVP to 808.468.2469 or send me a message below
to get free parking instructions

       Entry to mediation class          The Spa Yoga Room

       Entry to mediation class
         The Spa Yoga Room

Sample of my style and meditation ideas on my Facebook Page @triciasenergygarden808


Workshops run 60 minutes and allow 6 participants. Adjustments can be made.

  • 9 Approaches to Setting Your Energy

  • Introduction to Numerology

  • Health and Wellness through Numerology

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please use these steps to schedule a session

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  2.  Send an email to with 2 choices of appointment times. You will receive an email within 24 hours confirming a time.  

  3. Please read notice at bottom of Service page              

  4. Here is the time difference when booking off island
                                                   8A.M.-Noon (Hawaii Time)

Noon-3:30 (Mountain Time)

1:00-5P.M.(Central Time)


~Prior to your first appointment you will be asked a few questions and to sign a waiver. I am not a doctor and my impressions and/or advice is not a replacement for medical advice. Due to the nature of this service no refunds can be given for services rendered. All Cancelations will be assessed a 6% fee if paying by credit card. Cancelations made less than 24 hours in advanced will be assessed a $20 fee. By scheduling and paying for a session you are consenting to this understanding.~