Energy of a Full Moon; Evidence, Exercises and Inspiration to Support You

Have you been offered an opportunity that is both scary and exciting at the same time?

I have had evidence that suggests you will be offered an opportunity. First, the Full Moon on January 31; full moons are about manifesting. Second, 2018 is an 11 Universal Year; there will be new things and new beginnings because issues will be illuminated which you will want to change. Coupled with a shift in to Leo. Leo is leadership and radiance! Which tells me it is an opportunity that is going to be epic. 

Oh man, on top of that there is an eclipse! All of the astrologers I follow (Kelley Rosano, Kari Samuels, The Leo King, and Lada) are all saying the same thing: the eclipse will illuminate something important. The something important depends on where the eclipse is in your chart. Lada pointed out that since the energy is in Leo, it will be of your own making because of the leadership aspect of Leo. Note that a few weeks ago I suggested we look back over the last year to see what seeds we had planted. (Also Message from the Leo) Lada and I are both talking about the same thing: you have set in motion the events that will occur in the next 3 months. I love when messages repeat and more so that the planets are saying the same thing as numerology. (Check out my Facebook live for this message.)

The energy will also cause a push- pull of “stay safe” and “let’s do something epic”, which can be crazy making. Maybe it makes you grumpy if you feel you cannot follow it or guilty if you are considering it.

Change is growth. Growth can be uncomfortable- so what? Can you imagine a rose bud refusing to bloom because it was afraid? Are you glad roses can’t think?

Okay, if you want to ‘think’ about it then I will refer to the book “Quantum Leap” where Cynthia Sue Larson gets all sciency and discusses quantum physics and has evidence that “fake it  ‘til you make it” works. She has many exercises you can try and I am sharing one that I have created.

We are going to practice the 'fake til you make it' with todays excersie to prepare you for this epic adventure, if you chose it. I’ve made this suggestion before and it bears repeating-

The exercise I have for you, or as I like to call one of my meditation practices, “Try That On For Size”.If someone, now mind you this someone can be yourself, if someone, has offered you a new exciting opportunity or you have gotten a vision of something you could create,

 take a few minutes right now.

Starting with several bottom of the belly breaths (BoB's),

 as you gaze at the ocean or into your hearts center, ‘try it on for size’.

Pretend you are either doing this fabulous new thing or it has been completed.

What does it look like?

How does it feel?

What are you experiencing?

Try this exercise any time you want to 'experience' a choice you can make.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you go about continue to manifest.

#1 You do not need to sacrifice yourself to serve others!

#2 If you have trouble visualizing all your strengths or believing in yourself, listen up, you need to know your true value. Listen up, especially if you have a 1 or a 3 in your numerology because I am calling you out right now!  Get my book “Say YES” so you can learn all of your attributes. Knowing your potential will help you find your passions. Then you can live your purpose!

#3 Still having trouble seeing your full potential yet you are unsatisfied with your current situation? Please, please, please get some assistance: a numerology reading or a life coaching session. If you like DIY get a copy of my book.Google Plus has my book for only $3.03 Click here to check it out or leave a review. 

 If  you think fear is an issue keep scrolling.

Here is some inspiration! Take a look-listen to this interview. I know first hand how fear can bite you in the ass. I also know how our minds can fib to us. 



Marie talks to Tim Ferriss about fear and a few other things. She is working on her next book, I am guessing we will see more interviews with authors. Here is a break down of Marie Forleo's interview:

12:12- Depression and Suicide
33:00- Goal Setting & Fear
33:37- Fear Exercise
50:00- 1:13:00 Writing Advice
1:14:00 Tim talks about Meditation
1:23:00 Self Love


Marie Ferleo interviews author/entrepreneur Tim Ferriss


Sending you love and light as you use the energy of the Full Moon to create something new and beautiful for yourself,






The 11, the 2 and the Owl

I'm looking for more insight into what this year has to offer us as we wait and watch. This week owls popped up many times. The super cute owes that are so fuzzy you could die (scene from Despicable Me)! We've had owls come up before and I recall something about 'who'. This gave me pause. To be honest,I am a bit upset that this message is on repeat. I still struggle with who I am. 


Well, maybe struggle isn't the right word. How do I explain? For a long time I have believed there was something I need to do in this life time, something important. After I  started writing my blog in 2014 I thought I was onto something and I could relax. Putting myself out there as a writer AND intuitive made me feel so vulnerable- it had to be the antidote to my angst. Then I completed my first book, that helped some, for a while. 

Yesterday I watched Marie Forleo. (I love her! She is funky, spunky and beautiful!) interview Dani Shapiri. I clicked on it because the title was, "The Writing Process and the Myth of Inspiration." When they started talking about the courage to write I began to cry. You see, I started writing my memoir in September and bawl the entire time I write and edit. This writing exercise has me completely aware of when I sensor myself in my writing and my talking. This awareness is causing me a great deal of pain. 


I need to ask you, "Who are you?"

I need to ask myself, "Who are you?"

And I need to repeat the message from 2 weeks ago, "What are you trying to say?" "What impact would you like to have on the world?" "What legacy do you want to leave?"

Dani Shapiro's advice is to ask yourself if it is true (what you say and what you write) and if it is useful. 

I want to ask you that too. Are you just mindless repeating others? (Parrot message from last week.)  Are you true to yourself? Do you honor yourself, weekly, hourly, daily, hourly?

How do you know if you are not? Remember the post I did on Emotions being gears in a car?  Emotions like: guilt, frustration, irritation, fear and anxiety - these are your clues. If others insight these in you remember they are just reflecting back to you what you would like to change about yourself. 

The irony that I use Numerology to help people find themselves is not lost on me. I bet my entire family is laughing at this. Maybe they are even wondering if I am qualified to help others if I can't even figure it out for myself. 

The 11 energy of 2018 is gunna make us more sensitive (2) and shine a light (Illumination, energy of the 11) on things to help us be true to ourselves (1 energy, twice!). Can you handle this? Are you ready? 

I think I am. And I am grateful, so grateful we can help each other. 

Love and Light,


PS here is a post from one of my fav websites repeating this message by encouraging us to be authentic- CLICK HERE

Mahalo Monday

Using my book as inspiration I have added weightlifting to my physical fitness regimen because I am in a 4 Personal Year.  The effect: it has improved my yoga practice in many ways. 

In this video I am showing off my balance, my strength and my flexibility I am grateful for all the teachers at Big Island Yoga Center and for Trunk Trainers here on the Big Island of Hawaii.


If you would like to know what Personal Year you are in and how that can help your fitness send me an email to TriciasEnergyGarden(at)


Love and Light,


Message from the Green Parrot, Capricorn and numbers 11 and 2

Large flocks of these (12+) on Walua Trail, Kailua Kona. They make goat sounds and are difficult to spot in the tree.

Large flocks of these (12+) on Walua Trail, Kailua Kona. They make goat sounds and are difficult to spot in the tree.

I am aware that the parrots are now on my walking path, they have been there for over a month now. The other day, I clearly heard goat sounds coming from above...where a goat would not, could not be. It was a flock of birds similar to the photo above.

As a totem, the parrot is about communication skills. Just like the 2, the parrot suggests we listen to our intuition for more open communication.  Ask yourself,  "What are you saying?" Are you parroting back something someone else said or are you expressing your thoughts, your feelings and your desires? 

I did wonder what the message was in the parrots making goat sounds. I know they do this but, it doesn't make it any less funny. We have lots of wild goats in Kona so, it stands to reason that the birds get plenty of chance to hear them. 

Goat? Akin to the Capricorn? I say close enough and since there are 6 planets in Capricorn at the New Moon today, I can make the question more specific:

   What are you trying to say at work? Or in your work?

Tuning into your sensitivity.. aka....your intuition (#2), you will find the answer. Let me remind you the theme this year is "waiting and watching"; this is a good way to allow your intuition. (Last year, a 1 Universal Year, we planted seeds.) This year the Universal Year energy will support you in waiting and watching, because it is a 2: sensitive and receptive energy. We derive the 2 from adding the 11. (2+0+1+8 is an 11, then add again 1+1=2)

As I said last week, we need to be aware of this sensitivity because the energy of eleven is about illumination. The eleven will be shining a light on things that need attention. It is important that we do not get upset or too excited, this could make us jump the gun and make rash decisions. Or not see all the information! Trust that more information, from illumination, will continue to reveal itself. 

Waiting and watching. We can use this to watch what we, not hold back your words but, actually make a mental note of what we are saying. Are you speaking your truth? Are you saying what you want to say? Are you afraid to say what you really want?  

Now to the energy of the goat and the Capricorn. I've seen baby goats walk up a wall that had small groves and I have a Capricorn friend I hike with that challenges me...they are very SURE footed creatures! But if you notice, they take one step at a time. Reminding us: we can climb high, maybe even dangerously high, but it must be one step at a time!  

In conclusion, if we wait and watch for the information we need and express who we really are we can move forward step by step.

If we wait and watch for the information we need and express who we really are we can move forward step by step.
— Tricia Gunberg, Universal Energy of 2018

I'll continue this month with more information on the number 11- it will be with us all year.

Love and Light,


What is your Super Power?

Add up all the digits of your birthday, or the date of your businesses birthday (date on your tax license) to find out your Super Power. There is much more information to gleam on this one number but it will give you a good start. 

If this is your business Life Path number. It shows you the goals, direction and energy of your business. Use the word to inspire you to look at your business differently. 

If you have Life Path 1 - is your business really unique? What part of your business is unique? Life Path 2- can you be more sensitive? Can your own intuitive abilities help you with your work? Life Path 3- can you use creative expression to support your business? Have you explored all the ways this can be done? Life Path 4- are you organized enough? Life Path 5- are you adjusting to changes or resisting them? Life Path 6- how can compassion be part of what you do?  Life Path 7- truth and honest is part of what you do- are you good at this? Life Path 8- do you use your talents to help others manifest? Life Path 9- does your business inspire others? 

Numerology super power by Tricia Gunberg.gif

Love and Light, 

Universal Year, a look at the energy of 2017 & 2018

Universal Years:  2017 and 2018 

Love U 2017.jpg

2017, was a 1 Universal Year and the beginning of a nine year cycle. This fact encouraged me to reflect on the energy of my own Personal Years. Questions like: Am I on track? What is coming next year? How did I fare this year? How had my own book helped with my fitness journey? How will the next set of cycles be different from the last?

From my first reading from numerologist Shay (her Facebook page) in 2010, to my latest reading (blog post update), I continued to be excited about this new insight. I was on track, from the withdrawing I had done in my 7 Personal Year (2011), to the big time letting go in 2013- a 9 Personal Year- my life was beginning to make sense. (Note in 2013, my husband and I sold/gave almost everything we owned and moved to Hawaii.) This review also helped me feel less nuts AND propelled me into an amplified spiritual and personal growth like no other.

Now, let’s look at what that means for the Universal Year and how that can help and support us. Maybe help us feel even less nuts. With 2017 giving us an opportunity to start new things and explore our own uniqueness, what will 2018 bring? Adding 2, 0, 1 and the 8 gives us an 11, this is exciting in its self, and I will get to it but, first- lets add the 11 = 1+1= 2. (Some numerologist would keep it an eleven)

Positive Attributes of 2: Balance Harmony Negotiation Challenging Attributes of 2: Overly sensitive Argumentative Pushy

Positive Attributes of 2:
Challenging Attributes of 2:
Overly sensitive

The energy of “2” is an interesting one. It brings with it a message of sensitivity, both as a warning and as a gift             

The Universal energy of 2018 is to be patient and receptive as the seeds you planted in the 2017 are germinating. Patient and receptive are good definitions of ‘sensitive’. We can become overwhelmed when too much is coming our way. Trusting that you (and the rest of the world) will attend to only what matters, is so important. Basically, the only thing that does matter is how you feel about yourself. Let me repeat that, the only thing that matters is: how you feel about yourself. 
his is where we need to transform the tendency to be ‘overly sensitive’ to using the sensitive ability to tune into what
makes us happy. What twirls your skirt? What makes your heart sing? What work
do you like to do?

Notice the challenges listed above: argumentative and pushy. These are attributes that come up when we do not honor what is best for us or we think we know what is best for others. Like oxygen in an airplane- apply what YOU need first, then help others. (Warning: Only help when asked and only if you love the task!) If you feel yourself being argumentative ask yourself why and ask if it is a good use of your energy. If you are not a lawyer, is it even necessary? Do you enjoy how it feels or is it draining? Do you need to win arguments? To what end?


Are you pushy? Now, if you are in sales you might feel this is required. I loath 'car sales' approach, they cant let you leave until they get the sale- I can feel the desperation on almost all of them. Just recently I was doing one on one with a job coach to see if I wanted to hire her, she actually said, “If you don’t do this, if you don’t invest this money in yourself right now, then you really don’t believe in what you are doing so you should just quit.” When I questioned her about this approach to sales she said, “Do you even know who I am and what I do and how many 6 figure clients I have?” Oh, boy! How many people continue to use these tactics and they think they are helping people? Does it feel good to them? Is being successful so important that you need to chastise and be mean to people? The decision to be a pushy and aggressive person- it is solely yours. How you feel about yourself and how you run your business/life and make money is totally up to you too.

This year, it is important to understand the power of attraction vs. action. Think: attraction. What does this mean to you? While you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off because you have so much to do, you are attracting other people with their heads cut off. AND when someone calm, cool and collected enters your presents you think they are insane, lazy or they ‘just don’t get it’.  What would you like to attract? Be THAT. Or start noticing and appreciating people you would like to emulate.

Keep an open mind with this new approach. As a person who used to have 3 jobs, and never worked less than 30 hours a week even when I went to college full time, I am here to tell you there is a much more interesting way.  Expect 2018 will bring you opportunities to work with others- the energy of 2 is about partnerships. Also expect new fun projects that makes your heart expand- but again, expect them, do not force or try to create (this is so last year- ha!) them.

Wait and watch in 2018.

Patience is a tough one, a virtue- arrg! You’ll want to be doing, you can. Do small things but the waiting… how do we change that energy? We do not want the Universe to think we want to cast our dreams into the future. Abraham Hicks calls it ‘getting ready to be ready’. Instead of waiting try to meditate, look for ways to enjoy yourself more in both work and play and ask the question, “If I was a millionaire, what would I do in this situation?” You might need to ask yourself different questions. Referring to your numerology will be helpful, getting a reading, and or look at the questions below.

Next year, 2019, has a 3 energy– creative expression, it will be a time to be brave and share some of those ideas you have or record your experience in some way. The world will be learning what came of the seeds that were planted in 2017. We will start seeing what was created. What have you created? 

Here is the fun part, set the tone, plant some seeds, see some hints in 2018 and then the beautiful garden we created in 2019.

Take some time to reflect:

¨ What seeds have you planted?

¨ What will you do to support yourself while you are quietly waiting and watching in the 2018
 2 Universal Year?

¨ What are looking forward to blossoming in 2019?

¨ Where else is a 2 in your chart? Pinnacles? Life Cycles? Challenges?   

I will hit on the energy of the 11 in my next post. 2018 does add up to an 11. The eleven is a slightly different energy then that of the 2, one that some of you are ready for.  

Love and Light,