Big Wishes and Success....are you blocking these?

Are you afraid to wish your big wishes?

It could be sabotaging your success.




Prior to September 30,2017 my definition of success was purely career oriented. All my career achievements would make everything else happen. Even after years of studying Abraham Hicks and Law of Attraction this mindset persisted! While attending Stephanie Beebe’s workshop Saturday, a new word was added to my definition of success. That new word has also taken on new meaning.

Lead by Stephanie in a visualization exercise, I saw visions of things I’ve never seen before. I was holding hands with people I didn’t think possible, having fun experiences with loved ones, and feeling so much love it was almost overwhelming.  

The experience shook me. How will I add this new word,  which felt to me like “family”, to my success goals? And, why hadn’t many of my success goals in the past not come to fruition?  

Maybe, I thought, I haven’t been ‘successful’ as I want to be because I don’t know what the true definition of success is for me.

Okay, this is a bitter pill to swallow, but why is this happening?

Uggghhh! Then it hit me:

 I have not allowed myself to want things. I have not allowed myself to wish big wishes! My limited beliefs have blocked me (This is Stephanie’s magik*! She can reveal to you how you do this to yourself.) from wishing them by keeping them from my awareness.

It used to bug me when Abraham Hicks asked, “Are you enjoying your wanting?” I thought I had been working on this! Ha…getting ready to be ready, still! AND, getting to know myself better continues. I know exactly what life event caused this block, but this doesn’t do me any good. Blame gets me nowhere.

The messages I give others are for me just as much for them, both in 1:1’s and in my posts, so I take a few moments and I review them in my mind. Low and behold- The same approach I have been suggesting for EVERYONE else is the same answer here: You need to know yourself, then say “yes” to it.

Here is a refresher both for you and I. The path to self-actualization is an important one, a spiritual one and one I hope you’ll continue to take with me.

How do I get to know myself better?


#1 Explore self-actualization tools and workshops.
Don’t limit these. Keep trying new ones even when you find ones you like. Some of my favorite: Numerology, Astrology, Intuitive Readings/Coaching, Reiki, Yoga. Oh, yes, workshops with Stephanie and my book.

Love U.jpg

#2 Spend time with yourself in Quiet and in Happiness.
Meditation is great but experience other ways too: golf by yourself, going fishing, or walking (no phone!). Make room and create awareness to increase the amount of time you are happy. Eliminate things that make you sad, angry or frustrated. (News, Social Media, People, Places, Activities)


#3 Observe your emotions.
Pay special attention to those that make you uncomfortable or you prefer not to have.  Honor them, make changes ( emotions are like gears in a car post)



#4 New Experiences!
Do something today that makes you nervous. It is important that you stretch yourself and shed light on yourself and get you out of your comfort zone.

I will be working on this for myself, doing my visualization exercise that Stephanie suggested and being more open to my wantings. The journey continues as we continue to learn how to Say YES to who you are to create MAGIK! I loved to hear from you, either here, via IM or on my Facebook page.

Love and Light,


*Magik- a technique for brining desired changes into physical manifestation. A process of crafting and shaping one’s life. Not to be confused with magic which involves cleaver illusions.  



Use your Imagination to spark your Heart's Desire

 The more we say "YES" to who we are and the present moment, the more magic we can create. Let's talk about how Imagination can help. 

This is a follow up to the last weeks post, Heart's Desire.

imagination meditation card.jpg

Quote from book; "Did you know that the brain doesn't know the difference between what's real and what isn't? We can harness this "incapacity" and use it to visualize whatever we wish to achieve. The brain produces hormones that correspond to the sensations of actualization, as if what we are imagining were happening. Our subconscious mind, the giant driving force of humankind, reads these instructions concerning which direction to take in further creating our reality."

Is this not what Eckart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, The Secret, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and the Law of Attraction is telling us?  

Use your imagination to day dream: 

How do you want your new job to feel?
How does your new lover make you feel? Where do you go together? How does it feel to be with them?
Where do you want to go on vacation? How does it smell? How do you feel on vacation?

Use your Imagination in your meditation time.

Take a few BoB's (bottom of belly breaths) and start now.

Card (Yantra) instructions: 
Place the card at eye level a comfortable distance away. (I tape it to a wall and sit on the floor.) Gaze at the dot in the middle, trying not to blink, for about 15 minutes. When your awareness shifts, close your eyes.

The book gives much more instruction but this will get you started if you wanted to explore.

Dream the world into existence.

Quote by Caroline Casey


Love and Light,

To discover your Heart's Desire through Numerology, click here, book an appointment with me.


What is your Heart's Desire?

Do you know your heart's desire?

If you already know what type of things you desire take time to write them down. (Yep, right now!) What does the world look like to you? What does your employment feel like? How do you enjoy your time? What can your body do/feel? If you would like some help or would like to expand on your thoughts…THINK BIG, like beyond your wildest dreams, I suggest taking a look at your numerology. Your Hearts Desire number more specifically, also known as the Soul’s Urge or Motivation number, describes your soul's purpose for being here.

What is your HD jpeg.JPG

Would you like to know how Numerology defines your Heart's Desire? First let me explain why  I am  asking.  As you may already know, my belief is that the more often we say "yes" to who we are and the present moment the more joy/magic/peace we will create.  I also believe that NOW, at this monumental time in history, with the power of the solar eclipse and the Age of Aquarius, knowing our heart's desire is very important.  

A magnanimous time is upon us with this Solar Eclipse- not for 99 years has the earth experienced such strong forces. Just as the energy of numerology will assist us on our journey,  the planets gives us information and energy too. Combining them makes so much sense! 

This energy of the eclipse gives us a chance for new beginnings. The 1 energy of 2017 (2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1) is also for new beginnings. Oh, this reminds me, we are setting the stage this year for the next 9 years, but given the situation, most likely for the rest of our lives!  Note that we may have to make room by giving a few things up, but maybe those ‘things’ are not what you think. For example, let’s say you are really upset about world events and wish everyone would treat each other better. 

              Could you treat other's better, including yourself?

Here are some ideas:

Giving up sarcasm and start saying what you mean.
Giving up one thing that is not good for your body.
Giving up using angry words at pets, children or your body.
Giving up being in too bsuy to enjoy life.
Giving up violent news, movies, games or hobbies.
Giving up things that are upsetting. 
How do we let go of some of this stuff?

Okay, now it is time to get positive. Some of that stuff I listed just goes away without much effort just by:

being mindful

setting intentions

day dreaming

meditating for 15 minutes a day

I believe very much in the law of attraction. You know ‘birds of a feather’ and such. If you want to create more love, peace and harmony, or even more thoughtful people, it needs to expand off you… which in turn attracts more to it. This is a potent time for such attraction as the eclipses energy will be with us for a least a month. Taking a few moments to cast your heart’s desire.  

To find your Heart’s Desire, add all the vowels in your full name. Refer to the conversion chart to get a number for each letter in your name. It is fun to see the different energy that is created when you do your birth name and a name change. For instance, my HD went from an 8 energy to an 11 energy with Gunberg as my last name. I didn’t know this at the time, but I am glad I made the name change because an 11 is, “Visionary who wants to be surrounded by like people” really is my Heart’s Desire.

Here is the conversion chart:

Numerology Chart from "Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness" by Tricia Gunberg

Numerology Chart from "Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness" by Tricia Gunberg

After adding up all the vowels in your name look below for a brief description based on that number. For more information on your HD, my book “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness” has the word list for each number 1-9, starting on page 8 (Amazon eBook for only $3.99, click here). You can also book a reading with me. and get insight to all 23 numbers in your chart.


1 wants to be a leader and is ambitious

2 craves love and understanding, prefers to follow and partnerships

Heart's Desire Numerology by Tricia Gunberg

Heart's Desire Numerology by Tricia Gunberg

3 loves an audience, many friends and to be surrounded by beauty

4 needs structure, order and rules, wants to work to help others

5 must have variety, personal freedom, and new opportunities

6 desires to create harmony and family, to right all wrongs

7 wants to dream and meditate, upset by noise, menial work, physical discomfort and confusion

8 big business, getting things done

9 requires knowledge, wants to teach, counsel and serve humanity

Doing what we love is so very important. Especially if we are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or anxious. Love is like Jello, there is always room! May you be blessed with more of your Heart's Desire in 2017 and onward.

Love and Light,


What's going on?

Whats Going On this week, June 18, 2017?

Repeated numbers, weird ‘symptoms’, gurus and Father’s Day.

As I began wondering what all these things have in common on this Father’s Day, my own father came to mind. He taught me many things but, mostly he encouraged my writing when I as a kid. I didn’t clearly hear this message from him until I was in my 40’s and not until 3 years after he left this earthly plain.

Ah ha!

The light bulb went on. I see the thread of all these things.

Repeated numbers.
Weird Symptoms.
Gurus Messages.
My dad.

First I will go into a bit more detail about each of the messages this week.

"3" intuitively interpreted by Tricia Gunberg. If you see this repeated number, your message is to creatively express yourself! 

"3" intuitively interpreted by Tricia Gunberg. If you see this repeated number, your message is to creatively express yourself! 

Repeated numbers:

I often see the question about repeated numbers. What does it mean to see 3 digit numbers, 111, 222, 333, 444, etc.? When I first noticed them in 2011 I was studying dream interpretation and looking for answers about life in general. I recall seeing 4:44 on the clock in my car and mentioned it to a friend. I believe that was the first time I heard Doreen Virtue being mentioned.

The repeated numbers come and go. The most noticeable being in 2013 when I 5:55 came to me several times a day for several days. I knew 5 meant change and I was not feeling well for several days but I didn’t understand I was more sick than I realized and needed to go to the doctor. I waited it out, didn’t honor myself and got so sick a trip to the ER was required. This is my interpretation of the repeated numbers and unique to me- not everyone who sees 555 is getting sick. Now when I see it I say, “Oh good change, I’m ready, I’m paying attention.” 

For a long time after I would go looking for the answers, trying to figure out the message of the repeated numbers. Each numerologist/intuitive/psychic having their own interpretation or they just repeating Doreen Virtues interpretation. Then I began to intuit my own interpretation. I’ve discovered repeated numbers in a numerology chart grabs my attention so applying so I pay special consideration to them for the reading I give.

333 Repeated numbers, Numerology by Tricia Gunberg 

333 Repeated numbers, Numerology by Tricia Gunberg 

Currently, a day doesn’t go by without seeing a triple repeated number. Just yesterday 333 came up 3 times and the number 3 was in my daily tarot card with advice to meditate with 3 candles, 3 flowers and 3 incense sticks. The number 3, by the way, is creative expression and communication. More specifically for me, it means writing…just as my dad told me to do!

In short, repeated numbers is an indicator that you are paying attention, or being more mindful. You’ll find the meaning for yourself, allow the answers to come, getting quiet and knowing there is no need to force. To get a brief list of numerology for numbers 1-9 read my book. (only $3.99 as a Ebook.) "Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness"

Weird Symptoms:
I share these with you for several reasons. One, as an empath I need to keep track of what's going on so I remember to ask “Is this mine?”, because most if the time it is not. Second, its a good way for me to do readings for myself, I have forever (2010 with Heal Yourself Louise Hay) been linking symptoms to old beliefs I can let go of. Lastly, maybe you have something weird going on and you can relate. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll reach out to me so I am not alone in my weirdness.


The symptoms I have been having and as well as odd cravings have me a bit baffled.  My intuitive abilities are ‘empathic’ meaning I get a feeling in my body which is a translation of what is going on in someone else. I in turn attempt to interpret the message. This is how I do my readings. Lately, I don’t even need to do the ceremonial ‘placing my hands over someone’, it just starts happening. Last month, an hour prior to an appointment I began having a headache.  This worried me as I work hard on not have any interference in my own body while doing readings. (Right down to planning when/what I eat, brush my teeth, shower, etc.) As the headache intensified I wondered if I needed to reschedule the client. The thought came to me, first as a question “Is this mine?” then as a statement, “This is not mine.” The headache began to subside. The headache was a message for my client- so glad I didn’t make a decision based on fear and cancel the appointment! 

Another new development is a new sensation in both my hands and feet. These occurrences have not gone without a witness, I might be to chicken to share them here if I hadn’t. I’d describe the sensation as heat. Heat from my hands is not new. Many of my client’s report feeling heat from my hands and I am aware of it as an empathic message during a reading. What is different now is the intensity of the heat and the fact that I am not in the process of doing a reading when this occurs. My feet have also just ‘turned on’, two people describing it as heat, another describing as a tingling sensation.

Now for the cravings. I’ve been craving cigarettes for about 8 months- but never indulging. I’ve been breathing in and out as if l were smoking has sorta helped. Then I got the craving to use salt or sand on the palms of my hands. Almost daily as if they itch (I wouldn’t describe it that way though.)and the scrubbing relives it, slowly easing away and creating a feeling of ease and relief. Same for my feet. And I must, can’t tell you how nuts it makes me feel if I don’t, I must walk in rough sand for several minutes several times a week. The had scrubbing seems to relive the cigarette craving too. Both of these cravings make me feel a bit nuts or is it the manner in which I escape them that make me feel nuts?  I wonder if this is how crazy people start out or how OCD starts. I indulge, but what if it starts taking me over?  I mentioned it to a trusted person who does energy work and she seemed to think it was a natural way for my body to ask for clearing and grounding. With my new stronger empathic abilities, more clearing is necessary. (click here for more clearing and grounding ideas)


I had an ‘er duh’ moment when deciding that most of the gurus I follow are saying the same message, just in a slightly different way.

I’ve been reading Eckart Tolle (I highly recommend 'listening' to his books) again, this time with more understanding than ever. Eckart came into my awareness around 2014 or so. I recall reading it thinking it was like Shakespeare and was in need of someone to interpret it. I now can hear a thread of the similar message of Abraham Hicks teachings and it makes sense to me now.

Abraham teaches us to say “Yes” to joy as often as we can. Eckart Tolle teaches us to do one of three things: accept, enjoy or be enthusiastic about everything. Basically, and how he puts it, you say “yes” to every moment that occurs. My study of numerology, my gratitude journal (on day 66), my practices of both yoga and meditation has helped with this. Also, reminding myself that thoughts are things, currently with added depth of meaning, so I continue to use it.

Life is happening FOR you, not ‘to’ you. Seeing messages and gifts in every moment takes practice. This also repeats the theme of the Law of Attraction. You know this to be true: like attracts like. If everyone around you is accepting, enjoying and enthusiastic it means YOU are those things.

Not overnight, not all at once. As a process that could take years, decades, a life time. I am watching my life unfold with these new awareness’s, chronicling them. It’s been fun and interesting. Especially the sharing part- that’s been exciting (when scary turns good). Many days I am not even close. Having more minutes of resistance is quiet obvious. That is only because I now have more moments of joy then ever and I know I have quadrupled my enthusiasm for life.

When you take moments of silence you are telling the Universe “Yes”. “Yes” I am ready. “Yes”, to who you are.  As I take the long way around the block to make my point. None of this information, from the important message to write to the seemingly unconnected symptoms, would have come to me unless I had taken moments to be quiet. Not minutes and certainly not hours. Just a few moments here and there when I would allow an answer to come or just to allow awareness.

Say “Yes” to what is happening in every moment, counsels Tolle.  I’ve been suggesting, “Say Yes to who you are,” of course it’s a good starting point. And Abraham advises; say “yes” to things that bring you JOY!

Just checking my meditation prompt for today and:  And here we have the message AGAIN: “Say Yes”, read more of this excellent post here: Angel Razbar 6/18/2017

Love, Light and “Yes” to who you are,


June and the Energy of the number six: love, perfection and luxury

Numerology of June, The Energy Garden

Numerology of June, The Energy Garden

What can the number 6 teach us this June?

 June is about love.

The number 6 is about unconditional love specifically. If you are a 6 Life Path, unconditional love is your Super Power.

Think about that.

Unconditional love.

What does it mean to you?

A Facebook post from (several months ago) I suggested we think about the statement, “There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you.” How would that feel if someone said that to you?

The word unconditional feels like there are no conditions in which the love will stop coming to me.

I like that idea.

It feels very uplifting to me, very freeing, very much like I can’t make a mistake.

 Another aspect of the number 6 is PERFECTION, which feels like the opposite of unconditional love.  All the digit of my first name add to a 6. (See charts below to see if you have a 6 somewhere.) On a good day, this means I am oozing with love for everyone and everything. On a ‘not so good’ day, my idea of perfection makes me so nuts I get on my own nerves and there is no love for anybody. It will stop me from posting a blog page or sharing something I created, or expressing my feelings. Often, I need to tell myself, “It’s good enough” or “Everything is as it needs to be.” My husband has a saying, “It’s good enough for the girls I go with.” I like this because, who wants to be around someone that thinks nothing is good enough?

Numerology of the number 6, The Energy Garden

Numerology of the number 6, The Energy Garden

Do you have an expectation of love or define some aspects of it as perfect? I often wonder about my drive to be perfect and think part of my motivation could be an erroneous belief.  I believe I need to be perfect in order to receive love. If I fail, or don’t get it right, I will disappoint people and they will not like me or love me.

Can you suspend your idea of love for a few moments? First, consider how others show you they love you. For example, moms and grandmas are notorious for showing their love with food. When you say ‘no thank-you’ to their offerings in order to honor yourself (you’re not hungry or you’d prefer to eat something else) this may come across as rejecting their love. PDA’s are another example. Some people are really offended when they see/receive affection in public. For other’s, nothing says “I love you” like getting fondled in front of strangers.

Does is mean that grandmas and perverts show their love wrong?

It’s not for me, or you to decide, unless you are on the giving or receiving side of either of those scenarios and it's not working for you…….    

Secondly, do you show yourself love?  Separate your mind from your body or look at yourself as an observer.  What does love feel like to you? How do you like to experience love? How do you show yourself love? I ask this important question because of how often I am shown this in others while doing readings. People claim they love themselves, “Well of course I love myself”, as if I am asking them a silly question. When I suggest they spend time alone each day or take up a creative outlet they say, “I don’t have time for that.” In the same breath they will also sigh and say, “I wish.” I see this over and over.  As if self-sacrifice is going to get them to heaven and the drudgery they call life needs to be tolerated and not enjoyed.

Another thing about the number 6 is, it carries the energy of luxury. Do you put off doing something for yourself because you think it is a luxury? Either time or money can feel like a limiting factor. What is luxury to you? A massage? Pedicure? Golf?  A good book? A nap? Time alone?     

How much luxury do you allow? Do you seek it out? Do you provide it for yourself? And, if you’re not providing it for yourself in some way, how can you expect others or the Universe to know what you want and how you want it?

You can further investigate by doing a Body/Mind check:

According to Louise Hay and numerous intuitive readings I have done, the feet represent the understanding of ourselves, of life and others. The ankles represent inflexibility and guilt as well as the ability to receive pleasure. If you have issues with either of these body parts consider the message your body is sending you. 

Another body/mind connection from her book, Heal Your Body, relates heartburn to fear. Since all emotions are either love or fear, it seems obvious to me that heartburn is the heart actually burning for more love.

I often find my body/mind connections on the mat. As synchronicity would have it, I stopped half way through this post to go to yoga. The message at yoga: “Enjoy the process, do not be hung up on the goal.” I chuckled at this as I know this is a sticking point for me with my work (note my 6 energy of my name is about how I behave at work). The message wasn’t completely clear for me, I soon discovered.  Half way through class I was experiencing some knee pain. The teacher sensed something was wrong and asked me what was going on. I thought for a few minutes. “I think I am trying too hard.” I was completely aware in an instant that my mind was on getting my legs in the ‘correct’ position….being perfect!...I was not enjoying the yummy stretch nor appreciating my own improvements. I backed off on the next attempts and the pain disappeared.   

Love, unconditional or not is so much of our human existence. Are you getting enough of the kind you want? Are you allowing luxurious moments and enjoying the process of things? If not, no worries, you can make the change.

Here are some ideas from my book. This is health and wellness advice for Life Path 2 but, good for anyone with a two and all around good advice for everyone.

               This is page 35 of Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness, Tricia Gunberg

               This is page 35 of Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness, Tricia Gunberg

Here are some areas where the number 6 can be in your chart, using your DOB or your name.

Birthday – In this example the 6 is present in 3 digit Life Path

Numerology for July, 4 1959 DOB The Energy Garden

Numerology for July, 4 1959 DOB The Energy Garden


In this example the 6 is the Life Path

              Numerology for DOB July 1, 1951 The Energy Garden

              Numerology for DOB July 1, 1951 The Energy Garden

For a full interpretation of your numerology, book a session with me. You can also get journaling prompts from my book, “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness” or order one of my journaling products.

Use this chart to calculate the numerology of your name.  Chose the correct number for each letter then add them up.

T  R  I  C  I  A  is  2+9+9+3+9+1=33,  3+3=6

I use Numerology for Healing by Michael Brill to interpret the meaning of name numerology. I have included some here.

Assigning numbers to letters to get the energy of any word.  The Energy Garden

Assigning numbers to letters to get the energy of any word.  The Energy Garden

(Italicizes text from Numerology for Healing by Michael Brill)

First name:
·         physical self
·         health
·         finances
·         professional relationships
·         how you behave at work
Consciously working with this energy can open the doorway to your soul’s purpose.
Middle Name:
·         emotional self
·         how you behave in relationships
·         what you seek in a partner
Last Name:
·         relationship with your birth or adopted family
·         lessons you learn from each other
·         a guide for your spiritual direction
Full Name:

Represents ‘the face the world sees’ and the type of work preferred.

For a full Numerology interpretation call (808 dash 468 dash 2469)or email (the energy garden at outlook dot com) to book a session with me. You can also get journaling prompts from my book, “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness” or order one of my journaling products.

Love and Light of the Unconditional kind,


Section on name numerology from Numerology for Healing was reprinted with permission.




Grounding and Clearing Workshop by Tricia Gunberg

What you will need:

  • 15 minutes – 2.5 hours, spend as much or as little time as you would like
  • Chair
  • Desk or table Place to stand, preferably outside
  • Notebook and pen- track your experience after each prompt to “be quiet here and feel
  • 3-6 index cards

These methods helped me write my book. I continue to use them for myself as well as share them with clients and my meditation class.

I start the workshop by scanning each participant with my hands, making note of areas that get my attention.  It is a good idea to take a few minutes before doing these exercises and make notes of anything you notice in your body. If you are working on your intuitive abilities, this is especially important to use this ‘muscle.’

A bit about me before we get started:

If someone would have told me in 2010, that I’d be an author, I’d would have nodded. If they would have told me I’d be making a living doing energy work, I would have fallen off my bar stool laughing. As with all things, it has been a process and continues to be. I am a very intuitive person. I do energy work because I was drawn to it and then I realized it appealed to me and it was, in fact, part of my life purpose.  Another reason I do energy work, including writing, is because I am sympathetic to human plights such as addiction, depression, unhealthy weight and general ill health. It is important to me to create methods to support myself and my clients.

I understand my journey to get HERE started sometime before my birth but specifically my energy work started in 2009. Health issues lead me to kinesiology. The Kinesiologist to a numerologist. Numerology lead me to be open to my intuitive abilities, which lead to Reiki and, more specifically, to my intuitive healing abilities. I kept my writing hidden for many years. It tried to push and shove itself into my life, until I cleared the fear. That is what this manual is about.

This could also be titled “Speed dating for the Soul”

Call these methods anything you would like; grounding, clearing, knocking down blocks, but what we really are doing is making a connections with our deeper selves. We are creating both space and opportunity to know our true selves. It’s in that space we find our creativity and all the yummy bits, that hopefully, we want to share with others.   

#1 you can’t do this wrong  
#2 there are millions of methods, I’m just showing you a few so you can work with them in whatever manner feels right to you
#3 I welcome you to share your thoughts and questions while we go through this process. Everyone will get more out of it if you do.  If you are reading this without my direct instruction please go to Facebook or send me an email at if you have  questions.

Grounding~do this while standing up~

             Science behind it-This is the science in a nut shell- we could take an entire hour to discuss this one alone. Our bodies are made up of electrons, your heart and brain use electric impulses. Free radicals gum up the works. You can limit free radicals but not entirely. Grounding or Earthing is another term, adds electrons to your body through the bottom of your feet thus displacing some free radicals.   Antioxidants do the same thing.

Demonstration and Participation – Please stand up. Spread out. Yogies in ‘tadasana’, (video) stand in a comfortable position, close your eyes, you can visualize roots coming from your feet into the earth or put your minds eye into your feet to feel energy. 

Relax and Feel

Best place for grounding: Ocean Water, then Beach, then Earth: Dewy grass. After that any porous material with water: cement but not blacktop, tile better than wood

(1-3 minutes)
Breath- another good way to clear space is with your breath. Breathe into your heart, bending over clears your head.

            Demonstration and Participation- diaphragmatic; that is using your entire diaphragm to breath.  (AKA: BoB’s Bottom of the Belly Breaths- weekly reminders at my Facebook page). At first, too many of these might make you feel faint, just do as many as feels comfortable and then pick a breathing pattern that feels the best to you. 

            In Breath/Out Breath- lets practice the in/out. That is to say, think about your in breath to make you tall, light and long as you breath in and increase your connectedness to the earth(feet to the ground, your bottom to a chair) as you breath out.

            Colors- white is clearing, green healing, purple intuitive, red/pink passion. Visualize the color coming in with the breath, as it circulates it grabs up what you don’t need and on your out breath releases it.

4 Count- (Ha- means four) count to four on both the in breath and the out breath

Be Quiet here and FEEL-

 Ho oponopono- Hawaiian, ancient way everything is energy and Ho oponopono is a way to make things right. “Hawaii” translated means land of people who breathe so it seems very appropriate!  This is why Hawaiians call white men ‘ha o le’, lazy breath  

        Method: 7 counts, inhale, hold 7 counts, exhale 7 counts hold 7 counts this is one round do 9 rounds. Stand up please- begin your hooponopono breath –(reference Dr. Len)

(3-5 minutes)
Visualization ~sitting down~

            Demonstration & Participation-  Eyes closed, visualize a cleaning tool of your choice. A white rose, a QTip, a vacuum, feather duster, swirl it around your body parts, starting at the head, moving down to your neck and face, to your R arm then your left, past your torso, hips, R thigh, R knee, R foot, L thigh, R knee, R foot. Discard your cleaning tool with a blessing. The energy you just removed does not serve you but could sever someone or something else.  

Quantum Clearing-Quantum seems to be the buz word these days and thrown around in science and in conversations/literature about metaphysics and the like.

 I really like Cynthia Sue Larson’s on it in her book ‘Quantum Jump’. I have tried some of these body postures and seen some of them in action in the past. Her over-all theme is “fake it til you make it” and she has the science to back it up. Let us practice some of the body postures.

Sitting up straight- creates confidence

A “power pose”- behaving like an extrovert-

             Hands on your hips

             Leaning over with palms on a desk

             Sit with feet up on desk and hands clasped behind the head

Pick a posture and BE STILL HERE AND FEEL



You can rewire your brain with affirmations, it helps to push negative thoughts out. “Thoughts are things.” Science has proven this too. Placebo effect and scientist’s own thoughts which effect test results. 

Creating our own affirmations-

  • For writers and creatives:  "I am a creative writer." "I write with ease and grace." "I am creative." "I am engaging."
  • Based on your numerology: My book gives you easy to follow instructions on how to create your own affirmations specific to you!  


Music and sound can have a profound effect on your mood. Need to set a mood to write a sultry character or scene? Pick sultry music. Need to pump yourself up for an important meeting? Pick rock music, think ‘Eye of the Tiger’.  

Sound of ‘OM’. I am not much into the idea of chanting but have noticed something happening in me when I following along in yoga class doing the classic ‘om’. Primal breath, which by the way is three letters A U M, represents the three stares of consciousness: awake, dreaming, sleepless dreaming. Reference:  pg 158, ‘The Lucid Dreamer’ by Malcolm Godwin.)

These 3 I saved for last, I have them in my mind as a “HOE” not just an acronym so I can remember them but also because these are methods that dig down deep. They contain the potential to release emotion, memories and really bust through tough blocks.

  • Handwriting- “Change Your Handwriting to Change Your Life” by Polly Cady, Certified hand writing annalist. She has studied handwriting of serial killers and those with personality foibles. Her book looks at the positive attributes and as the title states, to make positive changes. Changes I have made:
                         Lower case: g,j,y    they are your money bags so make the bottom loop big

                     Crossing your t’s- cross through the middle means suffering. I decided I was no longer here to suffer and have changed all my t’s to upper case with an affirmation: “I am not here to suffer”. Deciding this was not very positive, I soon changed it to “I am here to enjoy life” and “I live with ease and grace.” Then to “with ease and grace’. Now I don’t say it every time but when I catch myself making a lower case T, I erase it and say “Control/Alt/Delete, ease and grace, ease and grace.” 

Use 3x5 cards and decorate them!

Use 3x5 cards and decorate them!

  • Organizing Oracle- I use these when I want to create a schedule for myself and don’t know where to start.(Update: used them for myself then added it to my book “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness.)  It will feel like a ‘boss’ is telling you what to do – but it is really yourself and Law of Attraction. My oracle cards (N.O.W. update: getting them designed) started out generic:

go for a walk
research an agent
free choice reading time
watch TV
TAXES (Yuck!)
 Free Choice
Watch tv

 Funny how I never, no matter how many times the “watch TV” was added, I never picked the watch TV card. (attention moms:  I used this method as a homeschool teacher. The kids would have several favorite activities written on a card for  free time choices. They would pick a card to see which one they would do. This helped a lot: less fighting, more variety, less time wasted deciding.)

 I used my initiative abilities to pick the cards now. If you are unable to do it this way, do not worry, trust that whatever card you pic is the right one. Use index cards to write a “to do” list. Estimate how much time you have and how many cards/activities you can actually do or pick the cards randomly. (more instructions in my book: Chapter 3 section How to Work With Your Oracle Cards)

*Note: This is a practice in letting go, trust and using your/improving your intuition, aka: intuitive abilities

 Essential oils-  Use with a carrier oil on your hands with a light massage. Your hands do a lot of work, appreciate all they do for you.

Frankincense penetrates your brain- why they can’t fix Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s because of the barrier that essential oils can penetrate–read from page 7 in Modern Essentials book, fifth edition

I end the workshop with a Q&A and scan the participants to see if they have cleared the energy spots that I detected before the workshop began.  Those practicing to use their intuition are encouraged to scan themselves.

If time is allowed, I like to share this poem to end the workshop:

Mirror, Mirror
While searching for meaning in all that is, in dreams, illness and challenges, these words came to me.
The people that I meet are but an image of me.
 Am I so full of anger, resentment and worry?
The events that occur are but a reproduction.
Am I so full of hatred, sadness and fear?
The dreams that I have are an echo.
 Am I so full of insecurity, regret, and loneliness?
The illnesses I endure are but a resonance.
Am I so full of withholding, controlling and lacking?
A case of mistaken identity, I hoped and I supposed.
But the messages keep repeating.
Why is it that I do not see these reflections of me?
For this case of mistaken identity, what do I need?
 Until I can find the correct focus, this is all I have,
I do love you.
I am truly sorry.
I do beg and plead for forgiveness, for all of this and so much more.
My affection for you runs deep and true.
I thank you for your love and your patience.

Help me create a Wellness Revolution!

Love and Light,



Energy of the Moon, Evidence and an Exercise

Have you been offered an opportunity that is both scary and exciting at the same time?

I have had evidence that suggests you were. First, the Full Moon in Scorpio, full moons are about manifesting. Second ,2017 is a one year so there will be new things and new beginnings. Then with a shift in to LEO- Leo is leadership and radiance! Which tells me  its an opportunity that  is going to be epic.( I follow Kari Samuels and Kelley Rosano for astrology interpretations.)

The energy will also cause a push- pull of “stay safe” and “Let’s do something epic”, making us a bit crazy, maybe it makes you grumpy if you feel you cannot follow it.

Change is growth. Growth can be uncomfortable- so what? Can you imagine a rose bud refusing to bloom because it was afraid? Are you glad roses can’t think?

Okay, if you want to ‘think’ about it then I will refer to the book “Quantum Leap” where Cynthia Sue Larson gets all sciency and discusses quantum physics and has evidence that “fake it  ‘til you make it” works. She has many exercises you can try and I am sharing one that I have created.

We are going to practice the 'fake til you make it' with todays excersie to prepare you for this epic adventure, if you chose it. I’ve made this suggestion before and it bears repeating-

The exercise I have for you, or as I like to call one of my meditation practices, “Try that on for size”.If someone, now mind you this someone can be yourself, if someone has offered you a new exciting opportunity or you have gotten a vision of something you could create,

 take a few minutes right now.

Starting with several bottom of the belly breaths,

 as you gaze at the ocean or into your hearts center,

to ‘try it on for size’.

Pretend you are either doing this fab new thing or it has been completed.


What does it look like?


How does it feel?


What are you experiencing?

Try this exercise any time you want to 'experience' a choice you can make.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you go about continue to manifest.

#1 You do not need to sacrifice yourself to serve others!

#2 If you have trouble visualizing all your strengths or believing in yourself. Or if you have a 1 or a 3 in your numerology I am calling you out right now!  Get my book “Say YES” so you can learn all of your attributes. Knowing your potential will help you find your passions so you can live your purpose!

#3 Still having trouble seeing your full potential yet you are unsatisfied with your current situation? Please, please, please get some assistance: a numerology reading or a life coaching session

 Hope you are enJOYing this epic thing we call life, it is what we are here to do. Be brave!

 Love and Light,







Can a day be both your worst day and your best day?

I’ll tell you this story so you can decide for yourself.

As all the stories I tell have lessons, this lesson has not fully hit me as I am in the midst of it. Still crying about it and not sure how to process all of it. STILL worried about how to handle it after all of this time. Mostly, the message is an extension of the message from last week: Speaking your truth, being true to yourself, etc. This is a difficult thing to do. I know. Living my truth is what this story is about, well that, and so much more.

The worst day of my life was May 3, 1986.

I was a high school junior, finishing the school year early in order to not have final exams interrupted by my pending situation.

Without knowing it, on this day, I pledge to be angry at myself for the next 30 years. Using it as fodder for self-loathing whenever I needed it. It is hard for me, now- (today especially) to call what occurred a mistake. Actually, it feels really, really wrong to think of it that way but, for the majority of 10,950 days…all of my adult life…I have taken every opportunity to beat myself up about it.

Here are some examples of my self-loathing rituals:

I am still paying for college because I didn’t enroll right after high school because my life drama made school hard for me and I wasn’t college material at age 18.

The right men were not attracted to me because of what I put my body through at too young of an age.

I am an embarrassment to my family because of what I did.

People in my life do not respect me because of how I handled the situation. 







I feed myself this bullshit for 30 years.

Then comes why May 3 is now the best day. Oh, wait, I didn’t even tell you exactly why May 3 was my worst day and I want to skip to the best day part.  I’ll get to that. May 3 is now my best day…..

……because I honored my heart even though people tried to stop me.

…..because even though I didn’t love myself that much, I sent my love outside of myself AND it boomeranged.

…..because at age 16, I understood unconditional love even though I had not fully experienced it myself.

Where was I on May 3, 1986? What was I doing? What did I do to make it the worst day, you are wondering?

I was standing just outside a large glass window, looking at the most beautiful baby boy I had ever seen, saying my good byes.

Upset doesn’t begin to describe what I was going through. It wasn’t the decision to put my son up for a adoption that was as upsetting to me as the fact of what I had done, getting pregnant that is. All the pain I was causing to all involved, and the incredible amount of shame. Then to see him, all cute, pudgy and innocent, what about him?

Here is where it gets good.


He is good.

He is very good.

He has a loving family and is enjoying his life.

How do I know this?

He found me a few months ago and we have been talking ever since.

So TODAY, on his birthday, May 3 2017, I for the first time, I'm able to tell him directly, “Happy Birthday, I am glad you were born.”

I can’t be sorry, he is just too beautiful of a soul.

I can’t call what I did a mistake. He is a caring, intelligent man- that is no mistake.

I went against what most were telling me to do back then. I had two strong supporters but most were reluctant, some resentful, and others straight-up rude and disrespectful towards me and my decisions. I listened to my heart, I am so glad I did. Not succumbing to the pressure from others on how to make a decision for myself and my son was difficult but so worth it.

 I sent him love every day, never knowing how, when, or if it would be returned.

Now I can start doing that for myself.

May 3, of every year will remind me of this and is now my best day, my most favorite day of the year.

I hope I have inspired you to love yourself a bit more, be yourself a bit more, or even start respecting other peoples’ choices better. 

I have learned something else, what I know to be TRUTH:

No human on this earth is a mistake. Every human being on this earth is entitled to unconditional love.

Love and Light,



May Free Guidance


May is the 5th month and no surprise I have already have been getting “change” as a message. The 5 is about adventure, one of the purest most wonderful change there is but, man it requires some heavy duty trust and letting go.

If you are still wheeling from the energies of April, (This past Sunday, I spend almost an entire day sleeping but didn’t really feel sick or extremely tired.) know that is it going to let up. How is that possible- change will happen and things will lighten up? Yep, there are few lingering things that need some shifting and it will actually lighten things up, only if you let them. It is in the holding on which creates chaos and the heaviness. You know, what we resist persists.

The life path guidance this month is the same for everyone. (Ha! How’s that for change?)

Inside each of us is the capacity to grow and change. We often do not allow such movement (a five energy) because of fear of the unknown, the fear of failure or plan ‘ol attachment to how things are. Life is static and movement is so much a part of who we are, it seems silly to resist change. I am not preaching here- I am talking to myself too. I get daily messages to s t r e t c h myself all the while knowing a little part of me is afraid. Mostly afraid I will screw up. Now that I am aware of the voice in my head that tells me lies, I can no longer allow it. Being able to ignore it (sometimes, not always) has created a big shift, a life in Hawaii, a book, and a business I love.

Use the energy of 5 to spark your sparkle. Step in to your weird. Travel to a place you have never been. Move in a way you have not experienced. Do something you have only planned in your mind.

The energy of 5 in a few words:









Which one of these words inspire you?

I’d love to hear about it. Post below, if you dare.

Love and Light,



Meditation.....Raccoons and Truth

Numerology of the words:
Raccoons (33/6)  and the Truth (24/6)

6= unconditional love. It is nice to see that truth and love are energetically related by the numbers. An important part of my journey has been to find the truth about myself through numerology. I began to love myself more as more of my truth was revealed to me.

Back story: Truth is part of the energy of number 7.  
I have been working on this truth thing
for a    l   o  n  g   time because I’m a 37/10 Life Path.

What do these seemingly unrelated things have in common?

Or should I say, what can raccoons teach us about truth?

Currently working on a blog post about lies I tell myself, I assumed there was something beyond the obvious “the masks we wear” so, I did a bit of digging.

According to, raccoons could represent an aspect of your personality and make you aware of unsavory behavior. (Lying to myself does feel unsavory once revealed.) Your self-awareness is letting you know that you are being dishonest with yourself.  

This fit perfectly for me but, I kept digging, it just seemed too obvious.

From, I found out raccoon is symbolic of the generous protector. “This creature is the little bandit of the animal kingdom, always looking out for family and tribe, helping the less-fortunate even if that means stealing from the rich, to feed the poor. When raccoons go on a raiding party they always give the best finds to the lookout.”

This sounds so nice to me, being so generous to those around you. Well, not stealing from the rich but, giving the best you find. Like when I make a perfectly toasty, melty sandwich and give it to my husband. I want to eat it myself but it’s nice for him to have a perfect sandwich too! I struggle with how much of my work I give away. It feels good to share and then I get entrepreneurs saying, “You need to value yourself. If you don’t value yourself by charging, no one will value your work or you! Charge what you are worth.”

Oi, can’t I just be a raccoon and give the best bits to my lookout?  

 And my most favorite morsel I found on the symbolism of raccoons from

“We have everything we need.”

 I have been using this mantra for some time now, trying to get this Law of Attraction business down AND I do prefer to stay positive. I also believe, with all my heart, that I would not be getting all these ideas if they weren’t meant for me to share. My soul tells me; creative ideas and the resources to bring those creative ideas to others come from the same place. It just seems logical to me.

Or … I lying to myself and use it as an excuse not to charge people for my work?

Now we are getting somewhere. I find many truths as I meditate. Often playing the game, “Try that on for size”. I pick a scenario, run it through my head and see how it feels.
Today I will meditate on the following:                            

·         give all my work away, not charge for anything.

·         charge more for what I do and charge for everything.

My suggestion for your meditation practice using the raccoon for a guide; try the visualization game I just mentioned and ask yourself these questions:

    Do I live in truth?

            More important…

                       Do I live my truth?

                               Increasingly important….

                                         What is the truth about me NOW?   

The now part is important too as your truth can change. Also, the truth is, only you can discern the truth about yourself for yourself. You can go looking for clues, support and guidance….all self-actualization tools are good(especially my book!)….but, ultimately only YOU know what is true for you. This is the reason meditation is so important. It allows you to watch your thoughts without judging them. (Watch Dr. Myss TedTalk on “Choices” for more on truth and its effect on your health.)

Here are some examples. Do you think these people are living their truth?

·         A person volunteering to lecture about how to take care of the environment and makes  a living selling stock of companies who pollute the environment.  

·         A mother who does yoga and meditates every day and yells at her children and belittles  them.

·         A lightworker who preaches veganism at every turn because of its violence to animals     but attends resistance marches.   

·         A yoga studio owner who refuses to give a class credit on an expired coupon because, “Yoga is a lifestyle, not something to try out.”

·         Having a few beers on a Sunday while watching football and attending meditation on Wednesday.

Do you think these people are living their truth?

Sorry that was a trick question. It might be easy to judge these examples but it is not our business to do so. I merely point them out so you allow yourself what YOU need. Do you need to give up beer to meditate? Do you need to commit to  yoga every day  to even consider it? Can you insert a few vegan meals a week and not say anything to anyone about it? Can you use yoga and meditation to calm yourself cuz your kids drive you batty and you lose it once in a while?

This is your path. This is your journey. How do you feel about yourself and your choices?

Someone close to me joked that they would like to see me talk about meditation with a beer in my hand. Part of me likes that idea. Some people make this spirituality and self-actualization journey so pious it gets a bit annoying. Can we be real, make money, use a few cuss words and live a spiritual life?

Shit, beer and meditation are equally delicious to me! But like lemon and chocolate, I don’t mix them because then I wouldn’t enjoy either of them.  

If you have been seeing that masked bandit, there is a bit more about him below.

May truth set you free, may you love yourself enough to allow it.   


Love and Light,



 If you happen to see a repeat of the raccoon or your are obsessed with them (scared to death of them perhaps?) : You have an insatiable curiosity which can occasionally blind you to the dangers of exploring what you are interested in and you thrive on new experiences and new activities. You are an excellent problem solver and have a great deal of ingenuity in solving puzzles and mysteries. You are calm and serene under pressure and often calculating in your response to chaos




Free April Guidance 2017

April is a time when the darkness is lessening and summer feels nearer. Does the light feel nearer to you? (To be honest, I’ve been struggling too.) If you have had glimpse of the light (a.k.a truth) it may not feel light. Often the truth feels a bit heavy. Please watch my Facebook @triciasenergygarden808 post from April 5, 2017 for more on this.   

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9".

Truth, both yummy and unsavory is presented to you so you can practice discernment. Here are some guidelines by Life Path:  

 Life Path 1-Your situation is unique. Your ability to handle your own truth (because you are self-directed) is strong but your ability to other people’s truth, not so much. 

Life Path 2-The situation at hand tells us you’ve been lied to in the past. This isn’t a reflection of your integrity but of how you honor yourself.   

Life Path 3- When you’re feeling insecure (communication issues) you tend to not be as forth coming. Let your freak flag fly! You are an interesting individual, share that.

Life Path 4-You’re pretty straight (honest) as far as how you deal with others but are you always totally honest with yourself? Time in meditation can help you. (You do keep appointments you make with someone else but do you keep agreements you have made to yourself?)   

 Life Path 5- You’re ever changing your mind- this may seem dishonest to others. It’s your prerogative but start asking yourself why you change your mind? Did you commit to something you really didn’t want to do? Get fearful? Ummm, become lazy?

 Life Path 6- When it comes to being honest, you tend to worry about other people’s feelings. Don’t do that. Speak YOUR truth.

Life Path 7- Honesty is your middle name- this can trip you up. Can one be too honest? Nope. Do you have more work to do in the honest department? Yep. It’s what you are here to learn.

Life Path 8- What ‘seems’ to be isn’t always. You have trouble with this concept. Things are never as they ‘seem’. Ask questions (don’t attack, just inquire). Don’t assume anything.  

Life Path 9- You’re here for a life time of integrity issues. People taking advantage of you is the least of your worries and not where your attention needs to be. Get some sleep and get happy cuz good things are coming your way that will blow your mind. Get happy first, that's the key.

For an intuitive look at yourself through my eyes via numerology go to my Service page. Readings on Tuesday and Thursday over the phone or at King Kam Spa. You can also purchase my book, Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness. It’s available at Amazon, Barns and Noble, and Balboa Press.

Love and Light,


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SYNCHRONICITY, Synchronicity, synchronicity, ......

I'm not usually late posting but something held me up this week. Confused about this months message, I went to look for more information on signs, symbols and basically synchronicity. I know it is at work in my life and I need reminders of my intuitive abilities at times. I turned to Mindful Living Spiritual Awakening podcast to get some perspective from Dr. Marijo Puelo. She calms me and makes me feel 'normal' or makes my weirdness acceptable. I love to quote her: "When you change on the inside, everything on the outside changes." 

You'll never guess the name of her show this week. Yep, synchronicity. I am halfway through the show feeling better and now going to mention her show in my post because she describes synchronicity so eloquently, other people need to hear it. She mentions Doreen Virtue and another doctor. She has a third example of synchronicity. You're not going to believe this...... Her third example of synchronicity is a Numerology reading she had done by.........

..........go to the the podcast to find out who her 3rd example is. 

I glance down to rewind, tears in my eyes from the gratitude and the timing, I rewind and see the minute mark so I can tell others where to look....44:44, or just a bit after. Did I mention this happened today- 4/4 and she mentioned Doreen Virtue who uses 444?

Blowing synchronicity out of the water. Please listen to her show if you have intuitive abilities or your science mind is on the fence with all of it.

Love and Light,
 here is the link to her show, I hope it works, my computer has been a trickster lately:

Free March Guidance 2017

You need not worry about the condition of the world, only the condition of your own heart. The black moon time upon us is not, I repeat, is NOT the darkness as in the dark side, rather this darkness is the time in between. The dark before the light. It needs not be the dark night of the soul unless YOU chose this route.

You have MARCHING orders. Attend to this dark. A rest. A respite. A time to ‘turn in’ (sleep, rest, rethink) and see the light in your heart. This talk of love in the Time of Aquarius will not go away- it will draw you closer.  Here is what we mean:

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9".

 Life Path 1-Don’t allow others to guide you. No input from others, in any form, is needed. Your hearts-desire is your light.

Life Path 2-When you are at your most frustrated and frazzled THIS is your light. These emotions, though dark, illuminate your hearts yearning.

 Life Path 3- You don’t need any more creative ideas. What you need is a way to proceed with ONE of them. Which one gives you goose bumps? Start that.


Life Path 4- Your mojo can create some ‘darkness’ because not everyone wants to play by your rules. Sometimes you don’t either. Flow is needed. Play is needed. Allow.

Life Path 5- Your definitely, definitely, going through some major change. FIGHTING it creates darkness. ASK what the change is about or look at it differently. You need to do this or the darkness about it won’t change.  

Life Path 6- Piece. Peace. Sounds the same but NOT the same energy. You are giving pieces of yourself away which does not create peace in your heart.

Life Path 7-When was the last time you gave into one of your desires? Oh, boy! The TRUTH (aka: the light) about this will come to you in a weird way. Shit, it might even look like darkness. (this happened to me recently…I totally get this so if you have questions send me an email)

Life Path 8-With so much coming your way, the light for you is in how you share it. The eight on its side is infinity. This is how much ______ (love?) comes to you and how much ____ (love?) you have to give. Fill in the blanks with what feels good to you. 

Life Path 9-The universe will serve you better when you serve it better. How is this? The beauty of the 9 is your predisposition to KNOW. You know, fear is blocking you.

If you enjoy getting this information free  of advertisement, please donate…oh wait that was an advertisement…well, hopefully it was less intrusive.

Love and Light,


My book, Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness will help you love on yourself to gain healthy new fitness habits. It’s available at Amazon, Barns and Noble, and Balboa Press.

February 2017 Guidance

by Tricia Gunberg

You are love and love is you. Can you imagine a world where EVERYONE is in love? If you are 'in love': with life, with people, your home, your experiences, I guarantee that the WORLD will feel in 'love' to you. Please try. Here is guidance to help based on your Numerology.

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9".

 Life Path 1- Be alert to all things that ‘twirl your skirt’, attend to those more.

Life Path 2- You need to feel the love. Where are you and what are you doing when you feel it? Wash yourself in it, rinse and repeat.

Life Path 3- Bring what you know about love to others and see what happens.

Life Path 4- When you catch yourself being in a loving ‘place’, retrace your steps and write it down. Use it to create your to-do list.

Life Path 5- For excitement you often get others involved in things they love. Search your heart, where is the love in your life? Find it for yourself.

Life Path 6- Those that need to express their love, come to you to share. Share with them in a way that supports both of you.

Life Path 7- You can be the bridge for others. Finding the love bridge for yourself can be tricky but it is well worth the journey.

Life Path 8- Getting tired of giving? This shows up as resentment, disappointment and expectation. Only give what you love to give and only then will it feel good.

Life Path 9- For the world to love its self, you will need to love you. BIG responsibility. How do you love yourself? Make a list, start participating.

My book, Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness will help you love on yourself to gain healthy new fitness habits. It’s available at Amazon, Barns and Noble, and Balboa Press.

Love and Light,


January 2017 Free Guidance

Happy New Year. It did fly past, didn’t it? I hope you saved the yummy bits in your mind to replay when you need them. This year, being a 1 YEAR: 2+0+1+7= 10, 1+0= 1, brings us opportunities to: find NEW things, begin New things, think NEW things, be with NEW things (people and situations). I hope you are ready for it, it all leads to LOVE. Even if, initially, it does not feel like it. Do you understand that when a person comes into your life and irritates you, it is a chance to love yourself more? Just as when a new situation twirls your skirt, you LOVE yourself more. They are equal, those events, irritation and bliss, yes equal. They bring you closer to who you really are so you can love more.


My book, Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness will help you love on yourself to gain healthy new fitness habits. It’s available at Amazon, Barns and Noble, and Balboa Press. Your Life Path reading below is something for the entire 2017. Write it down, post it on your computer, put it next to your bed. Add it to your list of intentions this year.

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would s
croll down to "9".

 Life Path 1- You cannot continue to be hard on yourself and get a head. If you knew love could not be lost…if you truly believed there was nothing you could do to LOSE it, what would you do?

Life Path 2- Your job is to love on people and what a lovely job is that? BUT….this is a B I G but, you must first love on yourself. You need to be first, as in not last, not an afterthought, not if you have energy left. 

Life Path 3-. Your super power is the way of communication that is unique from everyone else. This is why you keep it hidden because you think it is weird. It is weird for a reason- so it can stand out, in your mind and in others minds. What makes you weird? It is your super power, step into it this year!

Life Path 4- Time to make a “to do list” in another area of your life, one in which you had not considered a step-by-step process. This organization thing you like to do is your JAM. Which piece of bread do you need to put it on? Work? Fun? Style? Health? Family?

Life Path 5- Your stubbornness is both a blessing and a burden. It has its purpose and your job this year is to discover WHERE this stubborn streak is holding you back. It could be your lack of discipline (which is fear in disguise) in some area or a block for you to discover. Love is the opposite of fear.   

Life Path 6- Sure, it is time to start creating goals for the year. The family is top priority BUT be careful you’re not adding them to your list and they have something else in mind. Unconditional love is required. Please follow my videos if you need help with this or find another resource to get you to unconditionally love everything. Yes, everything.

Life Path 7- Education curls your toes. It doesn’t have to be bought and paid for. What do you desire to learn about? Ask for the opportunity and set your intentions on it this year. Nutrition? Spirituality? Body Mass Index? Mind Body connections?  This is especially important if you are in a 7 Personal Year. My book will show you the math or send me an IM at FB with your DOB and I can tell you your current personal year. I can also send you the free chapter if you go to my website and contact me through the Free-Me- Yum page.  

Life Path 8- You’re all business and that will not hold water this year. It is time for something NEW and if you do not make a choice, the Universe will. What’s the big enchilada, the big fish? Go after it! Hint- it is something you love.

Life Path 9- We will need your positive thoughts this year. Your jam is loving on the earth. Set some time aside each day to do this. A short prayer or intention, mini missions, or a big earth loving project. Big and small, is all the same energy, the love you put on the earth and all its inhabitance helps so much !

Love and Light,


December 2016 Guidance


It is time to take a serious look at your life. Is it going per your preferences, your values and umm…your dislikes? This is important. Do you attend to things in your life that you do not want to? I am not talking about doing the dishes or taking out the garbage. Those are necessary things that remind us to be grateful for food, clean water and life comforts. December represents the number 12, it is here to reminds us to both take a leadership role (1) in our lives as well as be sensitive (2) to what we desire.

Recently, it came to my attention that people often choose things that make them feel bad. Watching reality TV, animal abuse information on Facebook, the evening news…etcetera. I use to reminisce about a past event, I wonder why I choose this activity when I realized it made me feel bad. It amounted to beating myself up for a failure several decades old. I stopped doing it because it wants helpful and it just brought me down. Is there some activity you engage in that makes you feel bad? Or makes you feel anything less than joy? Consider not engaging in it anymore. Here is some support for you this month, according to your birthday.    

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birth date until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9". For extra guidance use all the numbers in your numerology this month. In the example this DOB would use the 2, 7 and 9 Life Paths.

 Life Path 1- When was the last time you took several days to be in joy? Yes, several days in a row with nothing but blissful things? A "stay-cation" if money is tight. Do it. Plan it. BE. ON. VACATION.

Life Path 2- You can do better to attend to yourself. Please put yourself and your needs first for one day this month. Just one day. You can do it.

Life Path 3- When did you last have your heart checked? Fitness, love, kindness, moods…these are all the business of the heart.  You need to be able to complete all of your joy assignments, your heart needs to be strong to do this.

Life Path 4-For the last time, might we suggest you going with the flow? The last time in 2016, that is. You won’t regret it. Review things you have learned about The Law of Attraction and The Law of Resistance. I have a few videos you can review if you’d like on my Facebook page.  

 Life Path 5- You are not one to complain when ______. (fill in the blank) That is your only clue. Look at your life and see where you do less complaining- spend more time in that space so the complaining doesn’t become a theme for 2017. Unless you like complaining, some people do.

Life Path 6- For the reminder of the year, see if you can participate in all the things that bring you joy. Invite someone to go with you, if they do not want to come along, go by yourself. Pleasure does not need to be a group activity. It can be and must be a solitary one at times.

Life Path 7- Be not out done by your wit this year. (Your drive to consume knowledge can make you dull.)You can have both intelligence and a good time. If you are bored- that means you are boring.  So, don’t be boring. It is that simple.

Life Path 8- Put your money where your mouth is. Is there something you are paying lip service to but have not invested in it? The activities you engage in are nice but where can your money make money? Sorry, fun time is over, if it is not making money- it is a hobby.

Life Path 9- For the first time in a long time you are thinking about your future. How do you want it to roll out? Next year is important for you. Make sure you are not relying on someone (boss, spouse) to get you unstuck. Your thoughts have you where you are, not your circumstances.

Love and Light,


A Gift for Yourself

This could make you sad or even cry, if you're not in the mood for that today, come back another time. It is an older post with an update.

I awoke recently with a very pleasant feeling. The feeling was almost overwhelming. It was similar to falling in love. Bliss, maybe? Before I opened my eyes, I search my brain for what could have stirred up such an emotion.

A wonderful dream.

I play it over in my brain, putting it in order. Three men stared in my dream. One is an old classmate, Curt. The second man, I do not know, appeared only one time standing between the other two men. The last is a very tall blond, we have just started dating. I know he was the one who sent me into bliss.

I am in a dimly lit tunnel. Everyone around me is rushing. I feel the need
to get somewhere too.  A familiar face comes into view, it is my friend Curt.
He is here to help me.  But no! He violently slams me to the ground.
Everyone is gone and I cannot get to where I need to go. I am sad,
broken and naked. Aware of my nakedness, I search for clothing but
cannot lift my arms to put it on. The tall blond man appears.
He helps me to my feet. Standing naked in front of him,
he dresses me. There is a smile on his face.  
I am in a clothing store, the three men appear at the front. I notice it is Curt,
another man and the blond I had been dating. Memories of the tunnel
fill my head. I want to avoid Curt but I need to avoid the blond man
more. He had seen me sad, broken, and naked. Embarrassment
and shame rush in when I recall the smile on his face.
I sneak around toward the exit, I am almost there when
someone grabs my arm. It is the blond man. He is smiling that
smile again. It feels different this time. “You are smiling that smile,
what does it mean? Why do you smile at me like that?” He says;
“I have seen all of you; your pain, your hurt, your broken bones.
I have seen all of you and…
I love you.”

The dream ends with him about to kiss me thus creating that blissful feeling upon me as I woke. The men represent my past, present and future. Curt represents my past self, the one that slammed me down to the ground when I needed to do something important. The man I don’t know, is my current self. The blond man is my future self. He represents the bliss I can feel if I allow myself to be vulnerable.

I found many meanings in this dream but the main message is clear: your future holds bliss if you can allow yourself to be vulnerable. What a gift I have been given with this message.

Give yourself a gift and listen to your dreams, both in wake and sleep.

Update: The past has recently slammed down again in wake because I allowed myself to be vulnerable. The pain from allowing yourself to be vulnerable (true authentic self) is not for sissies. It helps if you think of the pain as not being yours(detachment). Treat it as if it does not belong to you. Observe it without judgement.  Allow it, as you would a toddler, to have its tantrum. It will pass. It will pass. Your vulnerability has a beautiful side effect. It helps you see who you can trust. (yourself) Feelings of irritation and annoyance with people and situations have already clued you in but you have not learned to trust nor understand all of your emotions/feelings yet- do not be angry at yourself for this realization. If you have had many warnings,do not be upset about this either. It is your job to love and trust…it is your natural state, a blissful state- yes?   

Vulnerability, if you let yourself be so, will set you free.   


Love and Light,

Free Guidance for November, 2016

The number 11 is a master number. First being double creativity, then in a more simple form, the number 2. It calls for us to look at things differently. Symbols I have gotten this week: bat and crystal ball.) After we explored manifesting in August, worked on letting things go in September and considering new things in October, the energy of November encourages us to challenge our perception. For example, how do think about November?  Do you think of it as time for giving or the calm before the storm? Most people these days ‘brace’ themselves for the holidays, why is this? Do you understand that what you GIVE is also what you GET? It is difficult to see the energy we put out, is the same energy we receive back. Try it once, give genuine compliments or bless people (giving to them without expecting anything back) and see what happens. You know the rub, right? If something unsavory is happening in your life, you are sending out unsavory vibes. Not to worry. Just be aware and make the switch-a-roo. Here are some suggestions based on your numerology.

questions for everyone to ponder: What energy are you putting out? Too busy= fear, happy=love, honesty=love, anger=fear, anxiety=fear, respect=love, untruths=fear

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9". For extra guidance use all the numbers in your numerology this month. In the example this DOB would use the 2, 7 and 9 Life Paths.

 Life Path 1-Are you are chasing something? What is it? Have you written it down? Have you loved on it, showed it respect? Have you been honest with yourself about it?

Life Path 2- Begin to see how people treat you. Who respects you? Who honors your time? You want to care for people, yes? Then you first must take care of yourself. Self-respect requires you to eliminate people who are not returning the love/respect. This is difficult but you can still send them love from where you are, you need not climb down in the hole with them. 

Life Path 3- Begin to understand the power of your creative abilities. Do you see a reaction in people when you share it? When you express yourself, how does it make you feel? The power of your creativity is the key to your soul. Please explore it, please e x p r e s s yourself.

Life Path 4- When was the last time you had a break you didn’t plan? O’ boy, you don’t need to schedule every minute but if you must, schedule some mediation and alone time. When you are at ease you will begin to see things differently, ‘on the go’ creates a blur.

Life Path 5- You like excitement but…..and that is a big BUT, you mustn’t create it. Manifest exciting things like trips and extra income is important, what you do not need is crisis in your life that is actually stress not excitement. Take a break from people who are in crisis mode.

Life Path 6- You are to love on people, compassion is your middle name, but you don’t need to give yourself away in the process. Yes, you will give more than the other person in your relationships. You are not here to give all and get nothing. If that is happening…hasta la vista baby!

Life Path 7- You are the seeker of truth and sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees. Don’t let this stop you. What do you want to learn? Keep looking (be aware, be ready, ask), you’ll find the truth you are looking for.

Life Path 8- When you are in a place where it feels a bit bleak, ask yourself “How did I get here?” This same thought process is the way out. Understand, if you got yourself there and you can recognize it, you can get yourself out. Easy peasy.

Life Path 9- When was the last time you had a good time with people? Why do you keep yourself hidden away? People annoy you, you say? Sorry to be the one to tell you this but, that would mean you annoy yourself. Do you really? What will you do about it?

Change is often challenging but that is a good thing!
Love and Light,



October Guidance

October is here. You have had a full month of prodding to let somethings go. How did you do? No worries if you still have some work to do, all in good time. All in good time. What is the energy of October? Well, you will be delighted to know that it is manifesting. You have made a lot of room so now the side effect of your work kicks in. This is why we consider letting thigs go in the first place. We are focusing on making space instead of focusing on what we don’t have. That really is the key to manifesting. Like when Abraham advises not to think about ‘no rain’ but think about how things will look and feel when the rain comes.

When we are letting things go we are considering what does not serve us. By being aware of our emotions and understanding they can be used as a guide, we get clues. These emotions, that we often try to stifle or ignore, are really a blessing. They tell us when we are not in the right “place”. Watch my live Facebook videos (@TriciaGunberg) on ‘emotions’ for more on this.

Let’s take a look at how each of us can manifest what serves are greatest and highest good.

Calculate your Path Number by adding all the digits of your birthday until you get a signal digit. Let’s use July 21 1951 as an example. 7+2+1+1+9+5+1= 262+6=8 this DOB is Path 8.

Life Path 1 – We all need time to decompress but you keep making yourself work. What is going to happen when the ‘real’ work starts? (Work that you will LOVE LOVE LOVE.) Are you going to end up doing more? Keep an even keel NOW. Schedule workouts, schedule work and SCHEDULE fun.

Life Path 2 – You’re just about to have the time of your life but you’re not going to notice if you keep attending to other people’s needs.
          Do. Not. Help. Anyone. Unless. They. Ask.

And by asking I mean: begging in your face repeatedly.

Life Path 3- When you take time to peruse what interests you, a wonderful thing happens, even if you don’t find it straightaway. You set into motion the energy to the Universe that you love and honor yourself. Please be open to new things that ‘twirl your skirt’.

Life Path 4- Be on the look-out for FUN. Just as the 2 will miss the fun if they are too busy, you will too. You have everything so organized you wouldn’t see fun if it slapped you in the face. You are allowed to change your routine, this is scary…too bad. Have a backwards day and see how it feels. Start by eating dinner for breakfast.

Life Path 5- While being a super fun person to be around sounds like a good idea, be sure all your activities serve you. Are you spending too much time with the wrong people? This is judgmental, isn’t it? That’s okay because one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You could be keeping someone from being another person’s treasure.                        

Life Path 6- When was the last time you took yourself out on a date? This is a weekly assignment in the book “The Artist’s Way”. It is a unique way to honor yourself and by doing so you are sending a message to the Universe that you love and respect your interests. Your interests are important and you need to shout it out!

Life Path 7- You can be a bit critical of people around you when it comes to how they spend their time. This is a message for yourself then. How are you spending your time lately? Is it well spent on improving yourself? You will spend your life time doing this self-improvement/exploration stuff so the sooner you realize this is your path, you can get on with it. It doesn’t mean that you are seeking perfection, quite the contrary. You are already perfect and you need to know what that means.


Life Path 8- You can’t get enough of all the fabulous thing you have going on but be sure those fabulous things aren’t actually distractions. What is your business goal? What are your personal goals? Is what you are doing NOW honoring those goals? It is hard stepping into personal power, not everyone can do it. You can.

Life Path 9- It is sad when people get bored. They do a lot to undermine why they came in this life time with all their skills. What skills do you have that you are not sharing with the world? I bet it is something you are afraid to admit to.  Start with baby steps. Offer to help a friend or place a small add online, see what happens. The Universe has faith in you, practice having some in yourself.


Love and Light,