What is Numerology?

Numerology is a system that describes a relationship between numbers and things. It is a code, like musical notes or letters of a language. Numbers contain energy and when applied to things, provide meaning. They can speak to you, much like music, at the soul level.

Why use Numerology?

It confirms life long feelings that your life has a purpose (all of our lives do). Numerology gives insight on personality traits and health challenges, creates better relationships and most of all it has provides  a direction: a life purpose. By making connections between energy in the body and a person’s numerology I assist my clients with chronic health issues, insightful self-knowledge, and a different, deeper view into your real self.

Where does Numerology come from and how does it work?

One of the systems I use to generate Numerology readings is from the book The Life You Were Born to Live. In it, the author, Dan Millman traces Numerology back to ancient Greece. As to how the Life Purpose System works, Dan Millan states, “I can’t rationally explain how…I can only know, based on empirical testing, that the system works- that it can bring lives into focus.” Click here for more “Dan Millman Goes Flying Across my Bedroom”.

 By assigning numeric values to letters A,J,S = 1, B,K,T = 2 and so on, then totaling the numbers the outcome of a single digit gives it meaning. You may already know some of these: 1 signifies leadership, 2 means balance, the number 8 is infinity.

To find the energy of any word, we find the value for each letter then add the numbers together until we get a single digit. My first name has the number value of 6.  This means on my best day I am: cheerful, loving, and energetic. On an off day I am: hypocritical, easily stressed or restless. For that is the energy of the six. Here is how we calculate the name Tricia:

     T=2    R=9   I=9   C=3    I=9    A=1      2+9+9+3+9+1= 33   3+3=6

What can I learn about myself through numerology?

  • challenges you face

  • karmic lessons

  • health issues

  • energy you are working in your marriage

  • approaches that work best for you

  • your unique qualities

What got me hooked?  (Life Path Number)

Your birth date can be reduced to a single digit. This is your birth path or Life Purpose Number. This can reveal so much about your true self. My birth date is August 4, 1969. Reducing them to single digit looks like this:

 8+4+1+9+6+9 = 37               3+7= 10       1+0= 1

My Life Path is 1. A brief description of that according to Dan Millamn is: here to work through issues of creativity while learning to trust the wise and beautiful spirit with in themselves and others, and to apply their inner gifts to create more harmony in the world. Since reading that statement I have been digging and discovering what that means for me and so much more. So far its been an exciting journey.

 It does take time and effort to have a deep understanding of your true self. More on self-mastery here. For me, it has spanned eleven years and continues. You can do the majority of the work on your own (my approach) and/or you can allow me to use my inner gifts (intuitive abilities) and Reiki to help sort it out. I can assist you in healing and harmony as well as give you the tools to continue the work on your own.

Each time you review your numerology, a little more of yourself will be reviled. What numerology exposes for you will help you cultivate your own harmony. I encourage you to keep looking for answers. Find what works for you so that your journey to fulfillment and self-actualization is an enjoyable one, one full of joy and discovery! If you liked further assistance book a session with me here.


Creating blog posts and numerous readings led me to the discovery of combining numerology and wellness, specifically:


In my book "Say YES to Who You Are to Create FITNESS" I use the energy of the numbers to help you create a fitness program that works for you based on your Life Path, or as I call it, Health and Wellness Path number.

Here is the back cover summary:

If you could change just one thing, right now, what would it be?

Is it to fine-tune your weight? Live a more healthful life?

Why do you avoid exercise?  Why do you continue to eat the wrong food?

The reason you can’t create wellness and stay with a fitness program can be found in Numerology, an ancient system that describes the relationship between numbers and things. The solution can be found in Numerology, as well. 

In Say YES To Who You Are you will learn:

·        How simple addition reveals your Fitness Numerology

·        How your personal Numerology affects your health and well-being

·        The type, duration and frequency of exercise that fits you best

·        The tools to break old habits

With Tricia Gunberg’s approach, you will gain the wisdom you need to make the choices that are for your greatest and highest good. You’ll understand the best, most natural way to live the healthy life you’ve always wanted!

I include a FREE copy of my book with each Health and Wellness Reading. Amazon and Barns and Noble can give you a better price then I can as a self-published author so I made them clickable. In Canada? Click here.

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