Products to support your health and wellness journey:



Want to gain the wisdom you need to make the choices that are for your greatest and highest good?

In "Say YES to who you are to create FITNESS" you will learn:

-how your Numerology affects your health and well-being

-type, duration and frequency of exercise that fits you best

-right tools to break old habits


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Personalized Soul Journal

These one of a kind Soul Journals, intuitively created by Tricia, will assist you on your path to self discovery. 


-General Numerology

-Health and Wellness Numerology

-Thoughtful questions and plenty of journal space

Price based on number of pages and style. Print your own or have one covered, coil bound and USPS to you. 


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Free for a limited time!

Colorful Organizing Oracle card templates based on your Numerology.

CHAPTER 3 of "Say YES to who you are to create FITNESS", gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use these energetic cards to add fitness to your life.

Important: When sending email request - be sure to note the Health and Wellness Path Number (Life Path) you want or include your DOB to confirm number.

Templates arrive to your email address for you to print.