Book Review:

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I love this book so much. It brought me clarity the way I do fitness.  It’s an easy read with good ideas and fun to be outdoors. It’s a good read to express who you are and be content with life.

Diane Bourgeois, Author, children’s book, Aimee and Divine Inspiration: On a Journey



"Wow I am still reading and re-reading(printed out intuitive numerology reading) but I am amazed and appreciate it so much! There are some things I didn't share with you up front.. because I wanted you to do your thing without any pre-existing thoughts and I am impressed! First.. my main questions and stresses lately are all about finances and career.  And a lot of those answers came(during the reading) and it felt like "finance/abundance" kept popping up. Also.. I have been getting a lot of great leadership/career advancement opportunities at work which I have been fighting it a little- your reading confirmed I need to step into them and just had me nodding my head and saying YES!!!!! I need to say YES! And re assured me that I am on the right path. And everything will work out."
                                                                                                                  ~Cassandra S. 


"Her session was quiet illuminating and really helped me see patterns in my own life from a much broader perspective. She also validated the timing of increased momentum in my business and mentioned wealth." 

                                                   ~Dr. Marijo Puleo of Mindful Living Spiritual Awakening in                                                                                          podcast episode What is Synchronicity


"New enlightening, original way to plan your fitness routine."
                                                          ~ Dr. C.L. Bastin, Psychologist/Olympic Alternate 1968


 " Tricia and I are on the same path (lightworker) our journey started almost at the same time. What I liked most about the method Tricia used was the feeling of complete trust and friendship. I was not going to get "hurt" in any way by letting my guard down and just let it happen. The session was like, ok, you just found out about yourself,  things you tucked away for fear of being made to look like a wacko. It felt safe and the ease and flow of it was exciting. What sticks out in my mind was the happiness shared and the breaking of the dam.  She made me feel like I was ok and that makes me happy and I can contribute to the world and make it better."
                                                                                                                               ~ T.B. Colorado



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