The ABC's of Your 123's ~M is for Mastery~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
M is for Mastery
Using Numerology for Personal Mastery

 “Personal Mastery is more than just competence and skills or spiritual growth. It is about creating a desired future and moving toward it.” Peter Senge

"Personal mastery is about generating and sustaining creative tension and living comfortably with tension." Peter Senge The 5th Discipline  


Article by Joelle K. Jay for CEO’s at INC “Personal mastery is that pot at the end of the rainbow that most people are trying to achieve, whether they're first starting out in their careers or if they're successful entrepreneurs or CEOs.”

My favorite definition of personal mastery is by entrepreneur Ajaero Tony Martins; “Personal mastery is about loving yourself and expressing your gifts to its fullest.” This sounds so lovely and it is what I aspire to do. Just the words ‘personal mastery’ makes me want to accomplish such a thing. Words like, integrity, focus, and ‘for the greater good’ come to mind. A movie like “The Help”, will get me fired up. I want to do that, I say. I want to inspire people to be kinder to themselves and to one another.

Does it inspire you too?

I have broken Personal Mastery down into 3 parts: physical, mental and spiritual. 

  • Physical Awareness
  • Mental Intention
  • Spiritual Evolution

This is a lot to consider. We are well on our way to personal mastery just by way of consideration. For me, putting physical mastery first, is on purpose- having a sound physical body is a foundation. It was the inspiration behind my first book. Respecting your body, becoming aware of all its joys and creating a deep profound connection is where it started for me.

This perception that body is first come from my 1 Life Path energy. I perceive so much through my physical body and in movement. How does this list of physical, mental and spiritual, feel to you? I’d be interested in knowing your perception and how each life path would perceive it differently because each life path has it’s own unique challenges.

Which of the 3 parts of Personal Mastery do you think is more important?

Physical Awareness
Mental Intention
Spiritual Evolution

Going back to Martins definition, ‘loving yourself and expressing your gifts to the fullest.” This is the gift numerology gave me. The ability to love myself more and see my talents.

Reviewing the prior posts (The ABC’s of Your 123’s, A through L at this point.) will give you some insight on your attributes in which you can use to love yourself more and well as seeing some of your talents. I provide you with some  free 'exercises', it is up to you to do the work.  

I would love to hear about your journey to personal mastery.

Live and Light,



The ABC's of Your 123's ~ J is for Joy ~

7 pod worhol.jpg

The ABC’s of your 123’s
J is for Joy  
Using Numerology to see your Joy


Chinese Proverb:

One joy scatters one hundred griefs.


You bring joy to the world my beautiful friend.

Add all the digits of your birthday to a single digit to discover how you bring joy to others.

Find the Engery of you DOB or What is your Life Path.JPG

Look for the single digit below. 


1- you bring joy with your uniqueness.

One Numerology Tricia Gubnerg (1).JPG

2- your deep compassion and sensitivity brings people joy.

3- your ability to creatively express yourself brings those around you so much joy.

4- people can count on you, this gives them a sense of peace and joy.

5- you inspire joy in people with your sense of adventure.

6- your unconditional love draws people to you to fill their heart with healing and joy.

Life Path 7 Numerology Tricia GunbergPhoto.jpg

7- your enthusiasm for knowledge motivates the same joy in others.

8- your generosity fills people with joy.

9- you’re fun loving whimsy brings people joy. 



Be in your joy.

Be yourself.

We need you.


Love and Light,


The ABC's of Your 123's ~E is for Expression~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
E is for Expression
Important numerology for predicting personalities
Using your Name to say yes to who you are!

There are over 30 numbers that can be calculated from your date of birth and your names (first, middle, last, madden, and married). I have been excited about this concept ever since I learned that numbers have energy that can be explained by Numerology. Numerology translates the meaning, or energy, of numbers. You know some of these number meanings already. The one, for instance, is about leadership and being first. The two, as in ‘it takes two to tango’, is about balance and partnerships. You also know: yin and yang, the perfect symbol of the number two’s energy. The 8 is the infinity sign standing up which means manifestation and abundance.

My preference is to focus on just four of these numbers, to look for where they are repeated in your chart and how they relate to your health and wellness. Here are some examples of the 30 plus numbers we can generate from two of my favorite numerologists:

  • Dan Millman
    All four digits of the Life Path relate to:
    Life Purpose
    Talents, Work, Finance
    Relationship/Composite numbers

Millman delivers all these with clarity and depth with his 446-page dynamo, “Discover the Life You Were Born to Live”

  • Michael Brill
    Over 14 numbers in your numbers in your birthday:
    Achievement Number
    Karmic Number
    Minor and Major Challenge Number
    Daisy Chains

My copy of Brills book “Numerology for Healing”, is so worn it is falling apart! It is an excellent numerology resource for general numerology and more specifically; ‘Your personal numerology as the key to a healthier life.’

Whew! That’s a lot of numbers! Most people look at Numerology as a way of telling the future, which is somewhat true but, in the case of the number we are looking for, the Expression number, it gives us an idea about the characteristics (attributes) of a person.

By using the name you were given at birth we can “predict” how you will act because the Expression Number describes how you interact with other people, how you reveal yourself to others and your talents. 

Note that the term ‘Destiny number’ can also be used interchangeably with Expression Number. To confuse you further, the Destiny number is also called the Life Path Number: Throughout my writings, I refer to the Life Path number as your Health and Wellness Path number, which is calculated by adding all the numbers of your date of birth until you get a single digit. To be clear, the Life Path number is the ‘ruling force that describes what you must do in order to operate harmoniously with your environment and get the most out of your life.

The Expression number is calculated by adding up all the letters in your name. Even more can be deemed by just your first name, (see sample below) by your middle name which is your emotional self and your last name, which represents the relationship with your family. The sum of the vowels and sum of the consonants have meaning too.

~Adding every letter of your full name at birth is how we get the Expression Number~

Here is the chart to change each letter of your birth name to a number:
Find the value for each letter then add the numbers together until we get a single digit. My first name has the number value of 6.  This means on my best day I am: intuitive, harmonious, and effective. Here is how we calculate the name Tricia:

T=2    R=9   I=9   C=3    I=9    A=1      2 + 9 + 9 + 3 + 9 + 1 = 33   3 + 3 =6

 The name Tricia equals a master number 33,
for this application I am simplifying it.
This might make some numerologist cringe,
but I find it helpful in the early learning stages.


Use this chart to find the energy of any word! Tricia Gunberg 

Use this chart to find the energy of any word! Tricia Gunberg 


Use the chart above to calculate your Expression Number. When you have a single digit look below for quick guide for numbers 1-9:

 1   (letters A, J and S)

Leader, Positive, Authoritative, Confident

(letters B,K and L)

Sensitive, Balanced, Caring, Cooperative

3(Letters C, L and U)

Creative, Charming, Social, Expressive

(Letters D, M and V)

Logical, Solid, Responsible, Thoughtful

(Letters E, N and W)

Adventurous, Intellectual, Craves Freedom, likes working with their hands

(Letter F,O and X)

Intuitive, Lover of beauty and harmony, Visionary, Domestic

(Letters G, P and Y)

Truth Seeker, Mystic, Spiritual, Bridge for communication

(Letter H,Q and Z)

Persistence, Self-sufficient, Ambitious, Organized

9 (Letters I and R)

Compassionate, Fun, Integral, Inspirational


How can we use the Expression number?

It’s a great short cut in getting to know someone. If you get to interview people for a living, you know how helpful it is to get a feel of someone’s personality before you hire them and you want to know them in the shortest amount of time possible. This short cut will be golden for you. If you don’t have a numerology app this will take a few minutes to calculate and well worth your efforts. (Heck, send me a list of names and for a small fee I can do it for you!) Using the Expression number in dating would be very helpful as well. Understand that a person could just as well be working the opposite side of the characteristic given. Also, understand that these attributes are their true nature.


How is the Expression number helpful for your own
self-actualization or spirituality?


IMG_1912 (1).JPG

  ~E~ has the energy    of 5

Freedom &  Expansion

The Expression Number will illuminate the depth at which you are being true to yourself. How do you act in the presence of others? How much does this change depending on who is near you? Yes, we change a bit with each hat we wear; employee, parent, friend and sibling but, at the core- do you present yourself the same? Are you integral (9 energy) at work but blow off your friends and family, maybe it’s the other way around. Do you lie to your boss (7 energy) but you are totally translucent with friends?  Do you spend much time getting yourself to look just right (6 energy) but your home, car and office is a disorganized mess?

Look at the characteristics listed. How do you feel about the characteristic listed for you? Can you relate to them? Are they foreign to you? These are all questions you can ask yourself.

Take a few moments now to meditate on your list of attributes.

May you find these truths to be yours, so you can #sayyestowhoyouare and live the life you want!

Don’t feel like doing the math and would like the Expression number done for you? Send me an email: theenergygarden@outlook(dot)com.

Love and Light,


The ABC's of Your 123's ~C is for Choices~

Important numerology for those with 3’s in their life path
3 Steps to Stop Wasting Time and Increase Productivity Using the Law of Choice

“We create in constructive ways, or we create in destructive ways;
either way, creative energy finds expression.”
Dan Millman The Life You Were Born to Live

My attempts to find out the origin and history of the Spiritual Laws had me running in circles. Historically, Buddha, Jesus and many others taught spiritual law in parables. Modern-day examples include Dan Millman’s twelve Spiritual Laws he discusses in relation to numerology and Deepak Chopra has seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The Law of Attraction was presented as a secret and the concept of spiritual laws has become a mainstream conversation. 

It is clear to me that people with a 3 in their Numerology will benefit from using the Law of Choice. They (We) can stop wasting time and increase productivity.  

Oracle Numerology Cards by Tricia Gunberg #3.jpg

What does the Law of Choices have to do with wasting time and increasing your productivity?

We make choices, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. By being aware of this we can harness the energy offered to us, as explained through numerology, to make the choices that serve our greatest and highest good.

I’ve learned some big lessons in the last decade of my life. Numerology has brought many of these lessons to me. The biggest lesson, so far,  is understanding the energy of the number 3. I see its constructive and destructive nature so clearly in myself and my clients. I often use the program Hoarders as an example of its energy. If you are not e x p r e s s i n g your creative energy you will become an episode of Hoarders. Your pent up creative energy can make you carry extra weight, create insomnia, reduce attention span, or party too much. Basically, you will be ‘carrying’ creative energy around, wreaking havoc and creating a mess! This number three could be the ENTIRE reason you waste time and are not productive.

We have a choice; we can choose to consider this creative energy and how we use it.

Good thing we have the Law of Choice on our side to help as well as these 3 steps to get us started.

 CHOICE – Courageously

Using the power of choice, we will explore these 3 steps:

Step 1 Understanding what time of day is best for you for each task on your list

Step 2 Turning off distractions
             (Especially if you have a number 3 in your Health and Wellness Life Path number.)

Step 3 Tapping into the energy of the day, month and year


Step 1
What time of day is optimal for each task?

If I had a hard work out at 6p.m., I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until midnight. I can do a yoga class in the evening but not power walk, lift, or even do a dance class. My mind tends to turn off right around 2p.m. and it screams, “I need a nap.” If I don’t listen it says, “Okay, if we are working late today, I’d like a beer, a snack or a treat please.” Our body has natural rhythm, as does each individual person. Do you know what your rhythms are? When is the optimal time to write? When is it optimal time for you to exercise? Eat breakfast? Go to bed? This honors who you are so much! I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand these things about yourself. Many of my post include the tag; #sayyestowhoyouare, for this reason.

For insight to yourself via numerology, check out my book. It will also help you plan out a fitness plan.

Here is a list of ‘R’ words to get you started. When is the best time of the day for these important things?

                   Rest    Rejuvenate    Re-hydrate      Recreate     Restore   Recharge   Revenue

Step 2
Turn off and remove distractions

For the most part ‘multi-tasking’ is bullshit. It is an excuse to not be fully present. Did you see the video where the dad is ‘watching’ his son at the park? The dad is on his phone while some stranger kidnaps his son. This is your brain while multi-tasking: one of your projects is getting kidnapped. When your energy is not fully concentrating on what you are doing, you are sending out split energy, basically saying; “This is not important.” If it is not important, do not do it. If it is important, if you have integrity and you want jobs done to the best of your ability, turn off all distractions to attend to your task fully until it is complete.

Again, we go back to the Law of Choice. What will you choose? Turning off the distractions or using the distractions as an excuse to not get things done?

If you have a 3 in your Life Path, this will be especially difficult for you. Because your mind is so creative, it will be hard for you to see this tendency in yourself. If you also have a 7 in your Life Path, you’ll also be good at telling yourself little fibs to disguise this propensity in yourself.

Numerology of the number 7 "honesty"

Numerology of the number 7 "honesty"

The energy of three is a very creative force with much expression needing to come forth. There is so much you can accomplish, so many creative gifts you have to offer the world. Stay on task to complete your creative visions! You need not share all of them but, share them you must! Get on with it!

Removing Distractions

Is your home clean? Is your office organized? If not, this distraction can be stressing you out even if you prefer to believe it does not. Saucha is a limb of yoga regarding cleanliness. The idea of saucha is that the ‘old’ energy is sitting around and needs to be cleared out. I think this is where the stress comes from- this unfinished business is trying to get our attention. Your environment reflects your state of mind. What is your mind saying? What would you like it to say?

 If you want to balderdash yourself, you'll say you don’t have time. The ‘let it go’ advice does not apply here. As in, letting the dishes go until morning or letting the trash pile up. I used a meditation practice to help me with doing the dishes. I forced myself to recite all the good things about doing the dishes as a meditation. Abraham Hicks would call this a gratitude rant. It goes something like this:



See more healthy food ideas on my Instagram page.


A Sticky Mess!

I love the hot water. Every time I turn on the faucet, hot water comes out.
I have clean water, right in my house.
I have deep sink with delicious smelling soap to get the bubbles just right.
I have dirty dishes because I have so much delicious food to eat.
I have delicious food to eat because we have jobs and can buy what we need.
My friend bought me these beautiful dishes and I love eating off of them.
My sister and mom buy me great tools for the kitchen that I want to keep clean.
I can peek at the beautiful sunset while doing the dishes in the evening.
I can get a lot done during commercials- most commercials are stupid anyway.

Now, when I hear myself say I don’t feel like doing the dishes, it feels disrespectful. So much goes into a dirty dish and having a nice kitchen, it doesn’t feel right to leave them unkepted. Maybe it is like parents who are bone tired but will take care of their children without complaining. You love them, they are a joy and you want to take good care of them because. Yes, because.

Oh, I all most forgot. The ‘time’ excuse. It literally (I do not like this over used and inappropriately used word but, it works here.) takes two commercials, sometimes three, to do all the dishes after dinner and wipe down the counter. That is 6 minutes. Six fricken minutes.
Give yourself permission to work on a few projects at a time. Limit them to 3 projects. Any projects you have not completed in a years’ time, apply the Law of Choice:

A)      Ask someone else to complete it.
You can hire someone.  Pass it on to a friend that has a similar interest. Perhaps a family member. For example, I had a family generation writing project I had wanted to do for five years. Finally, at a family get together, I made it a family project and we all had a good time working on it. Then I asked one family member to continuing it, she happily agreed.

B)      Chore chart- if it works, use one.
Understanding yourself better will help. Possibly there are some things you’re better at and vice versa.  Someone else could be more efficient at a chore. People are more inclined to volunteer and feels less like work if they like the task.

C)      Let it go.
Not all projects are meant to reach fruition. Sometimes we are too close to it when we first get the idea. We want so much for it to be successful. We desire our ‘break-out’ idea to launch us, but, we are simply too emotional about it. Trust that any project you let go of will come back to you when it’s ready.  Somethings are better if ignored for a long time: cheese, wine, whiskey, sauerkraut and your brilliant ideas. 

 Step 3 Tap into the energy of the day

Use Numerology to Find the Universal Energy of the Day (B is for Business for more)
This for me, is the best step. Having managed and practiced the first two steps, I now use the energy of each day to optimize my to-do list. If you have a list of things you need to accomplish for the month, like taxes, find the number on the calendar and use those days until the task is complete.

This feels both organized and free.

This ‘free-choice’ time works well for children and those with a 5 in their Health and Wellness path number. Having a list to choose from is liberating. If you’ve ever had to dress a toddler, you understand. As a nanny I discovered asking a toddler what they want to wear or telling them what to wear could create an hour-long negotiation. Magically offering a toddler two or three choices really works. 

Here is how to calculate the energy of the day. This is call Universal Day Energy, in numerology terms. It is calculated by adding all the digits of the date on the calendar. You can also get the Day energy for your personal birthday as well as the energy for your business. Book a reading with me or discover it for yourself by reading the article and/or go to B is for Business(link).

Here is how to calculate the Universal Day Energy for April 4, 2018

4+4+2+0+1+8 =  19=

4 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8= 19

 1+9 = 10

(Current Month) + (Current Day) + (Current Year) = (Universal Day Number)


(______ +______) + (______ +______) + ( _____ + ______ + ______ + ______) =  _______


______ + ______ = ______ 

April, 4 2018 has the Universal Day Energy of the number 1. It is a good day to start new projects, make major decisions, take the lead, and aim for the top! For this is the energy of the number one. When adding, we reduce to a single digit and use the chart below to find the task that is best accomplished on this day. Each number 1-9, resonates with tasks we need to accomplish. Here are some examples of numbers and tasks:


                                                Energy of the 1-9 and Tasks

1-      Start new projects, make major decisions, take the lead, aim for the top

2-      Use emotions to connect with your clients, write copy, review your story (About Me)

3-      Socialize, express yourself artistically, find joy in your work, write

4-      Building your base, getting organized, create long term goals

5-      Tackle a task you have been putting off, travel, expect changes or create them

6-      Create harmony: improve your work area, take care of yourself, love on something that is frustrating you

7-      Research, learning, sharing your work, meditate on your work, save your work thrice, work outside

8-      Think: power, finance, marketing

9-      Use your business to help others. Bring things to a conclusion; finish up projects or let them go. 

 Using the Law of Choice and the energy of numbers we can accomplish our goals. Understanding we can make choices for our greatest and highest good.  By being aware we can harness the energy offered to us, as explained through numerology, to make the choices that serve us.

Here is to a life you chose!

Love and Light,

*Health and Wellness Life Path number is a term coined in “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness”. Add all the digits of your birthday to a double digit, adding them again.  

ABC's of Your 123's B is for Business


The ABC’s of your 123’s
B is for Business Numerology
 Numerology gives Entrepreneurs clarity, direction and focus 

Entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars to get their businesses started. A big focus is on branding, what you’re trying to sell, to whom and figuring out how to 10x your business. This can be overwhelming and expensive.

What if I told you numerology can give you many of those answers at minimal costs?

 Numerology translates the meaning, or energy, of numbers. The numbers are calculated from your businesses ‘date of birth’ and the business name. This gives insight to things such as: direction, purpose, natural cycles and various challenges.


You know some of these number meanings already. The one, for instance, is about leadership and being first. The two, as in ‘it takes two to tango’, is about balance and partnerships. You also know: yin and yang, the perfect symbol of the number two’s energy. The 8 is the infinity sign standing up which means manifestation and abundance.

I have taken the concept of numerology and applied it to business in order to assist you with your business goals. The number derived from your businesses’ birthday (date on license or business taxes) gives us the direction the business wants to go, how it wants to express itself and even a purpose. For example; an important business number in my chart is the number 1. The energy of the 1 asks to be unique, be a leader and prefers to be a loner. As a soul-entrepreneur this is exactly how I want to run my business- by myself. My first book was even self-published. I have created many unique numerology products such as: SoulJournal, #YouRock and About Me. 

Your business name reveals the Heart’s Desire of a business.  Heart’s Desire, also referred to as Soul’s Urge, describes the motivation behind decision making. For example, Facebook’s Heart’s Desire is a 9, so it behooves the company to seek knowledge, to teach, and serve humanity, all attributes of the number 9. They have connected humanity in a huge way. By giving their service for free, this does serve all of humanity.

This is tiny glimpse into what your numerology chart can provide. Using the Universal energy of the day, especially if you combine it with your numerology chart, can be extremely helpful.  When numbers repeat on a day- the energy is increased as well. (Note calendar for day with numbers that repeat.)  

Numerology Art Tricia Gunberg.jpg

Each number (1-9) can help you complete your daily tasks or add energy needed for you to ENJOY or fully experience the task at hand.  

As  C.G. Jung says,  “What we resist persists.” This sucks when it comes to a ‘to-do’ list that is not completed because of procrastination. Running a business, no matter how much help you allow yourself can make you feel like you must do everything. First, know that this is not true, it is a lie you tell yourself. Second, when you put off doing things you are causing yourself MORE stress and MORE feeling of ‘not enough’ then if you would just do the task. Easy said, right?

This is where numerology can help in both organization and the energy it takes to do the task. 

Sometimes we just need an extra nudge to complete tasks. When we have parts of our business we don’t enjoy doing, they weigh on us and cause us unnecessary stress as they hang over our heads. This also makes the tasks we enjoy doing less enjoyable because we feel guilty indulging extra time into them while other tasks go undone. In a perfect world, we would hire someone to do those tasks but, (wish this for yourself right now if you want it) in the meantime they need to get done. Also, understand all parts of your business and doing the tasks at first will help you to at least be familiar with each task.

The energy of each number is what we are looking for. Each number 1-9, resonates with tasks we need to accomplish. Here are some examples of numbers and tasks:

1- Start new projects, make major decisions, take the lead, aim for the top


2- Use emotions to connect with your clients, review your story


3- Socialize, express yourself artistically, find joy in your work


4- Build your base, send out roots, create long term goals

5-Tackle a task you have been putting off, travel, expect changes or create them


6- Create harmony: improve your work area, take care of yourself, love on something that is frustrating you


7- Research, learning, sharing your work, meditate on your work, save your work thrice, work outside


8- Think: power, finance, marketing


9- Use your business to help others, consider other things you are good at and add them to your work


Here is some numerology magik that helped me complete my first published book. My calendar had three numbers written on each day: the energy of the Universal day, my personal day and my business personal day. (Sample below)

Business Numerology Organization Calendar 

Business Numerology Organization Calendar 

 The energy of the numbers I tapped into were as follows:

2- write copy

3- creative work

7- submit posts and educate

8- submit work/finances

Here are some specific examples of what the numbers helped me accomplish:

·         Started my blog in 2014 – being a bridge and sharing my wisdom is the energy of the number 7. (2+0+1+4) I had to be ready to spend a lot of time alone writing, this too is the energy of 7. Posting my work on these days kept this energy going.

·         I had submitted an article to EPIC, a magazine out of Durango, CO on 1/27/2015. I chose this day because it had the energy of “8” (business) for my business personal day. The article was accepted and it inspired me to start writing the book. I began writing on the days with 3 energy and my book was published on August 4, 2016.

Here is a quote from one of my clients: “After Tricia created the calendar for me, it was almost like magic. I was able to add the tasks to my schedule!”

Create a calendar like this one or add it to your current calendar. In the example above I have included Personal, Business and Universal energy on each day.

As you can see making a few easy calculations can help you accomplish your goals. If you would like me to create a calendar for you, I’d love to.

How to calculate your Personal Year and Personal Day Number

Personal Year

Your Personal Year Number is a single digit numbers (1-9) added the same way as your Health and Wellness Path Number or Life Path number. These numbers provide you with an ‘umbrella’ or an additional boost of energy to tap into. The Personal Year Number is the vibe expanding over a twelve month period. 

To calculate this number, add your month and day of birth with the current year. 

Example: August 4 + Current year 

8+4+2+0+1+6 =  21= 2+1= 3

8 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 21

2 + 1 = 3

(Month) + (Day) + (Current Year) = (Personal Year Number)


(___ +___) + (___ +___) + ( __ + ___ + ___ + ___) =  _______


______ + ______ = ______ 


In 2016, I was in a 3 Personal Year. Three energy is CREATIVE and E X P R E S S I V E. This sounds good, right? Well, for the most part it is, except when you do not understand the force it creates inside of you. Like a firehose with no off switch, you need to learn how to sense it and deal with it. Resisting the urge to turn it off, get angry, or feel frustrated is imperative.  The creative energy produces blinding insight and an influx of ideas. This is why it is important to honor it. As I write this, I wonder how to support you when you become aware of its power. The power can knock you for a loop if you let it. Your emotions are a good indicator for you. For myself, if I embrace all the oomph it brings me by channeling it, appreciating it and using it to my best advantage, it won’t knock me down. Currently, in my 3 year, during a 3 month, when I have a 3 day, all bets are off! Meaning, my attention to this multiple of creative 3 energy is top priority. Incorporating tougher workouts for an outlet helps. Getting outside and having adequate quiet and rest time. I would be smart to review the Fitness Chapter for Path 3 to get workout ideas. 

(Update, 2016-2017 was a very creative year which helped me create several new products!)

Here are the guidelines for your Personal Year Numbers. Use the energy of the year you are in as a focus. Allow it to direct your goals for the year. As a bonus, use it to predict what the following years hold.


add new things, approach things in a new way.


include others on a more regular basis.


incorporate creative expression.


add a step-by-step process, build for the future.


change your focus and be flexible in new areas.  


evaluate your current situation, see where it is out of balance.


learn something new about finance or business.  


set goals, abundance & power is the theme, become a mentor.


help those in need, add a humanitarian aspect to your work.


Take a few moments to figure out your plan for this year and for the next two years before moving onto the next section. Cross reference it with your Business Numerology.

  Personal Day Number

As the Personal Year adds a vibe to the current year, the Personal Day Number adds a vibe to each individual day on the calendar. Take for instance a Personal Day Number 5. Five carries with it freedom and discipline. Think about the opposite meaning of discipline. A conscious effort is made on my part, to describe each number positively so you can see them as attributes. But stop for a moment and think about the opposite meaning of the word discipline. Yikes! Words like disorder, confusion, unruliness, and bedlam. Oh my! These will definitely not support success. This 5 energy has the potential to add resistance because it contains both sides of discipline. Developing a strong work routine will create less resistance.

To calculate, add your Personal Year Number (from above) to the current month and day to get your Personal Day Number. (Month) + (Day) + (Current Year) = (Personal Year Number)

Continuing with our example above:

 August 4 birthday in 2018, which is in a 5 Year. Let us use the calendar day of March 6.

 5 (Personal Year) + 3 (Month) + 6 (Day of the Month) = 14, 1+4= 5


__ (Personal Year) + __ (Month) + __ (Day of the Month) =  ___


______ + ______ = ______


In our example, the energy of freedom, the 5, will be flowing hard on March 6. It is a 5 Personal Year on a 5 Personal Day.  I might want to run away with the gypsies if I have not learned to have discipline (scheduled work and going with the flow) and freedom (enough play and excitement).

Here are the Personal Day Numbers and energies to tap into:

Start new projects, make major decisions, take the lead, aim for the top

Use emotions to connect with your clients, review your story

Socialize, express yourself artistically, find joy in your work

Building your base, create a step by step process, teach

Tackle a task you put off, travel, expect changes or create them, social media

Create harmony: improve your work area, take care of yourself, love on something that is frustrating you. 

Research, learning, sharing your work, meditate on your work, save your work thrice, work outside

Think: power, finance, marketing

Use your business to help others, consider other things you are good at and add them to your work

Business Numerology

Here are a few more examples:

Use the date on your tax form (official start of business not when you had your first client or opened your door but the date on the form that has your business tax id number.)

DOB July 19, 2016 

7 +1 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 26    2+6= 8     
Example: Personal Year 8

In this example, 2016, being a Personal Year 8, it is the year for setting new business goals. Since in this example, this person started their business in an 8 Year, also think big business. How many people will you hire? Are your initial plans big enough to accommodate growth?   No status quo, think power, get out of bed early to get things done.

To find a Personal Day number:

Using March 6 again as a Personal Day:

8 (Personal Year) + 3 (Month) + 6 (Day of the Month) = 17    1+7 = 8

March 6 becomes an 8 Personal Day, making it an excellent day to analyze your business from the 80/20 rule. Twenty percent of your efforts is making eight percent of your profits, see where that is and do more of it. On the other side, see where eighty percent of your efforts is yielding twenty percent profits and decide what to do about it.


DOB May 10, 1990

5 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 15 =  1 + 5= 6       Example: Personal Year 6

6 (Personal Year) + 3 (Month) + 6 (Day of the Month) = 15    1+5 = 6

In a Personal Year 6, it is time to evaluate for balance. Six is the healer energy, of beauty, of harmony and luxury. The focus would how you feel about your surroundings. Do you enjoy your work? Is your work space beautiful? Does something need healing?

Take a look at the calendar and add your approach to 6 Personal Days which is doing something you love.

Go now and add these days to your schedule to amp up your resolve!

Love, Light and Success,