The ABC's of Your 123's ~F is for FitScopes~

The ABC’s of your 123’s
F is for *FitScopes
Using numerology to add fitness

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Cheers to the post that started my book! This little ditty “FitScopes” was the first time I combined Numerology with Fitness and it eventually became “Say YES to Who You Are to Create Fitness.”

First a little on numerology. 

When you know your tendencies and attributes, this gives you the edge needed to accomplish your goals. Numerology provides this knowledge. Numerology translates the meaning, or energy, of numbers. The numbers are calculated from your date of birth, your birth name, and your married name and give insight to things like: heart’s desire, life purpose, tendencies, positive attributes and challenges.

You know some of these number meanings already. The one, for instance, is about leadership and being first. The two, as in ‘it takes two to tango’, is about balance and partnerships. You also know: yin and yang, the perfect symbol of the number two’s energy. The 8 is the infinity sign standing up which means manifesting and abundance.

I discovered this beautiful information back in 2009, with a numerology book by Dan Millman. Uncovering who I was, at the soul level, I noticed everything in my life began to improve. The numbers in my chart allowed me to see my resistance and the excuses I made. I could see in other people’s charts, they too had everything they needed to accomplish what they wanted, but resisted it in some way.

Let’s explain a little further. If you have a one in your numerology you carry the energy of leadership. If you refuse chances to practice your leadership skills, you might be suffering in a dead-end job. A person with an eight in their chart needs to trust their innate generosity in all aspects of life or they will be resentful. Seeing these challenges during several years of reading charts made me wonder if many of us struggle with fitness and wellness because we resist the approach that fits us best.

 I have taken the concept of numerology and applied it to health and wellness to help you find the fitness that fits you best. The 3-4 digit number derived from your birthday is usually called Life Path Number but referred to as the Health and Wellness Path Number in my approach. I am sharing a short version of it here. Find the full version of my approach in my book, “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness.”

For brevity, we will focus only on the single digit (1-9) that is obtained by adding all the digits of your birthday down to a single digit. This number is a tiny glimpse into your numerology chart. Keep in mind that your date of birth alone, has over 20 numbers, so this is just a peek into the information available. It is also only one aspect, that is the health and wellness as it pertains to fitness.

 We are not talking Cross Fit, tri-athlete or six pack abs type of fitness. We are talking about incorporating a fitness program that is right for YOU. Just as adding leadership skills to your resume will help you find a job, adding the right fitness can happen with ease and grace. By doing a simple calculation, then scrolling down the page, you can obtain some helpful information that will get you on your way to increased fitness.  

 To calculate your Health and Wellness Path number (aka Life Path Number): add all digits of your birthday until you get a single digit.

Example: August 4 1969 is a 1 Health and Wellness Path -    
8 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9= 37
3 + 7=10
but we add again to get a single digit:    1+0 = 1

Life Path 1 Numerology Photo.jpg

1 Health and Wellness Path- (Creativity and Confidence)
Because of your creative nature you need more than the average amount of exercise each day. Since you spend much time alone and much time in your head, choose an activity that is simple and easy to follow. Try walking, hiking, swimming, or restorative yoga. Try mixing in activities you enjoyed as a child like riding a bike, roller-skating, jumping rope, cartwheels, or hula-hoop. The more playful and silly the better! Find some kids to show you how.

2 Health and Wellness Path- (Cooperation and Balance)
You need exercise that releases muscular tension. Try uplifting movement that has music, dancing, or deep breathing. Include those that require balance: yoga, Pilates, step aerobics, Nia dance and sex (ooh, this is tension releasing and deep breathing!) would fit the bill.  Include independent activities for yourself and above all choose what YOU like. Add beauty by choosing colors and surroundings that appeal to you. Include stretching and meditation every day. 

3 Health and Wellness Path- (Creative Expression)
Expressive movement suits you best. Zumba, Pound, and interpretive dance are good examples. Find inspiring energetic music or write your own. Choose music that mirrors your current mood and move with it. Consider teaching, leading or creating a fitness class. Your creativity and enthusiasm alone make you qualified for such an endeavor. Ideas:, Baby and Me fitness club, neighborhood park; share the price of a babysitter with others while you work out.

Life Path 4 NumerologyPhoto.jpg

4 Health and Wellness Path- (Stability and Process)
Step by step and goal-oriented fitness programs work best for you. Sign up for a half marathon then train for it. Make it a goal to be a black belt within two years, etc. Weight training, running, biking are all good “building” programs. Does competition motivate you? Try a team sport like tennis or racquetball. Trunk Trainers, here in Kona, is a good place to go if you need help starting a fitness program.

5 Health and Wellness Path-(Freedom and Discipline)
You will get the freedom you need when you create a disciplined approach to your fitness program. Freedom from health worries. Freedom to sleep well. Freedom in your diet choices, etc. Variety is very important. Something simple as walking can be changed up by going at a different time of day, different location, adding music, books on tape or comedy station that is free on Pandora. Do not do the same work out two days in a row. Being regimented doesn’t mean being boring. Fast moving aerobics classes like Zumba and Pound are great for you and you don’t have to be super fit (go at your own pace) or know how to dance to enjoy these classes!

6 Health and Wellness Path- (Vision and Acceptance) Pick any physical activity you think you are not very good at and do it anyway. Guess what, it will be perfect because it is good for you. Notice how you feel while you exercise. Picture running like Phoebe in that Friends episode. An anything goes kind of attitude. Try Tai Chi or something similar so you can slow down and enjoy the process. Like to golf? Do not take a cart, do not keep score, and while you are walking between holes notice your surroundings.

7 Health and Wellness Path- (Trust and Openness)
Try to do as many outdoor activities as possible. Mix in something you enjoy that requires attention/concentration, counting or that builds upon proceeding classes. Ideas: dance classes like Zumba and Pound, yoga ropes class, gymnastics (Yes, some centers have gymnastics for adults!), kickboxing, or martial arts.

Life Path 8 Numerologyphoto.jpg

8 Health and Wellness Path- (Abundance and Power)
Tapping into your inner abundance and power is the key to your fitness routine. Be a workout buddy, inspire and encourage others to exercise. Sharing in this area will certainly motivate yourself and others to meet fitness goals. Can you share your abundance with others by offering a free class or volunteering to teach?  Martial arts, weight lifting, kickboxing, and tennis are good choices for you.

9 Health and Wellness Path- (Integrity and Wisdom)
Gee, you are good at so many things. What to choose, what to choose? You lead others without trying. Imagine what you can do if you made a conscious attempt at it? Look deep into your heart, honor your conviction to better health and get something started today. You’re a humanitarian so Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers Big Sisters are good ideas for you.

May you find the level of health and fitness that brings you the most joy.  Of course; talk to your doctor before starting any new fitness program. Consult professional trainers when necessary.

Love and Light,