Honor Your Father, Honor Yourself

As I had stated in my last blog post "So You Think Your Intuitive?" my path has brought me better relationships. Even though my father past away 8 years ago I know him better now and feel closer to him. In doing his numerology I see him, for the first time, as the sensitive creative man that he was.  In numerology terms, his life path was a 29/11. His "11" energy (double creativity) was regularly expressed by creating or fixing things. We will forgive him for having the yard look like Sanford and Son  at times because he left behind wonderful memories and traditions.  

My mother was/is the Queen of the kitchen but my dad did his fair share of food creations.  The kitchen just wasn’t his preparation area of choice. My dad perfected sauerkraut during Wisconsin winters in the garage. He occasionally made wine and sulze (headcheese) in his brothers’ basements during the holidays. During moist summer months, his respite from gardening was sticking his head into a homemade smoker located in the driveway. Right next to the orange Dodge van, he smoked to perfection, the best salmon I have ever tasted.  

If he wasn’t creating something from scratch out side of the kitchen, he would try to kick meals up a notch. By adding copious amounts of hot sauce, garlic or vinegar that made most people cringe, he claimed “I made it better, taste it.” My dad’s tendency to add vinegar to just about anything started another family favorite; fried potatoes topped with a fried egg doused in vinegar.

I’m glad that the wine and headcheese tradition has fallen away. Feeling blessed that family tradition of the kraut making is alive and well. Also that my freezer usually contains some thanks to my brothers. I’m a little upset though, that no one can reproduce his smoked fish. Darn us for not writing down how many cottage cheese containers of salt he added to his tall white brine bucket. Darn us for not counting the hands full of brown sugar and asking what temperature he smoke it at.

In honor of my dad, his creativity and for his willingness to share it, I offer you a glimpse into my kitchen. As I reflect and embrace the encouragement he gave me to create, I realize that I will also honor myself. I give you my latest concoctions:  

                                Hawaii Meets a Hot Irishman

                                Heat 1 c sauerkraut, topped with
                                2 slices pepper jack cheese until cheese is melted
                                Pour over 1 c cubed avocado, top with
                                1 T  1000 island dressing


                                F+#@ Root Beer Float (no ice cream*)
                                Fill blender 2/3 with ice
                                Add:  3 c almond milk
                                          3oz Root Beer vodka
                                          3oz Whipped Cream vodka
                                          4oz Root Beer

                                Blend well, serve in a margarita glass to fully enjoy the froth.
                                If you prefer less froth, put all ingredients in a martini shaker, shake away
                                Note: the F+#@ serves as a warning. They don’t taste like alcohol
                                so they are very dangerous! * In Hawaii ice cream is $9 a gallon and $6
                                a pint for organic!

I miss you dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men who help raise us, Tricia