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~Interviews with Intuitives~

To provide guidance to those who are becoming familiar with their intuitive abilities this platform offers a look into how others have come to know and work with their abilities. The universal energy (available to everyone) that is referred to here as “Intuitive”, comes in many forms. We will describe and discuss them here.

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This month I welcome Dr. Michele A. Zebrowitz, Chiropractor and owner of Alpenglow Chiropractic in Durango, Colorado.  In attempting to explain what approach Dr. Michele uses to do her work, a quote comes to mind from Albert Einstein (33/6). “We cannot solve our problems from the same thinking that created them”. She understands the mind body connection and uses this intelligence in conjunction with her intuitive abilities to help her clients.  In Numerology terms she is a 35/8. This energy encompasses creativity, power, discipline, and an awesome mental capacity. The life path of a 35/8 is to apply their power and abundance in service to the world. Dr. Michele seems to have a handle on that. Interestingly, Edgar Cayce was a 35/8 too!

 Tricia: Aloha Michele, Thanks for taking the time to be with us. Could you share your intuitive abilities and how you first experienced them?  
Dr. Michele: It runs in the family. My mother had talked often about dreams, she could predict when people would die. When I’d stray from my path (of healing) something would knock me over my head. Eventually, I was led to studying Chiropractic which I found fit me well.
Tricia: Could you elaborate on the “hit me over the head” moments? Were you given signs that you ignored until you were “hit over the head” or was it something else?
Dr. Michele: Yes, the signs were there, but as I strayed from my path, the Universe did what was needed to get me back on.  Being a hard-headed individual, I suppose I required big "knocks" to get my attention....usually physical in nature.  These include a debilitating back injury, a nasty concussion, a shoulder injury, and a few others along the same line.
Tricia: How do you apply your intuitive abilities to your Chiropractic practice? In your daily life?
Dr. Michele: Intuition is definitely a requirement for the techniques I use in my practice, although I ultimately use muscle testing to confirm. There are flowcharts to help with this, but ultimately, it has taken years of studying and researching to discover how physical, emotional, and metaphysical "stresses" create patterns in our lives.  As far as daily life, I believe we all use our intuition....but some people don't listen to it!  What about that person who you know sucks the energy out of you just by being in the same room....the friend who only calls you when she needs something.....or the phone rings and you just know who it is.  I think that if more people would take the time to listen to their intuition, the world would be less hectic
Tricia: I agree and appreciate the reminder to listen. Your advertisement in EPIC states “Dr. Michele is an intuitive and energetic-based chiropractor who facilitates inner and outer change through traditional and non-traditional modern chiropractic care.” Can you share how you went from not sharing your intuitive abilities out of fear to putting it in print?  
Dr. Michele: Wow, good question.  Adults suffer from this 'epidemic' of worrying about what other people think.  I model my practice after my mentors who have been helping people for many, many years.  One of my mentors in Georgia practices NET - Neuro-Emotional Technique. Personally, that helped me lose the "worry." I use a little NET in my practice, but mostly I use The Emotion Code with great results.  To answer your question, I don't waste time worrying about what other people think.  I have been described as a metaphysical chiropractor in print, too.  I feel like it attracts people to me who know I can offer some support, while deterring others who just want to be "cracked."

Tricia: Thank-you Dr. Michele for getting over your fear and for helping to create my Utopia; a world where every Doctor is concerned with the mind body connection, not just a “fix”. Also, Mahalo for your time.

Dr. Michele offers chiropractic adjustments and energy sessions in Durango.  She is available for house calls within an hour radius. Distance healing sessions are also available via Skype, phone, or even email.   

Michele A. Zebrowitz, D.C.
Alpenglow Chiropractic
635 E. 5th Ave

Durango, CO 81301
voice: (970) 510.0850

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