The ABC's of Your 123's ~E is for Expression~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
E is for Expression
Important numerology for predicting personalities
Using your Name to say yes to who you are!

There are over 30 numbers that can be calculated from your date of birth and your names (first, middle, last, madden, and married). I have been excited about this concept ever since I learned that numbers have energy that can be explained by Numerology. Numerology translates the meaning, or energy, of numbers. You know some of these number meanings already. The one, for instance, is about leadership and being first. The two, as in ‘it takes two to tango’, is about balance and partnerships. You also know: yin and yang, the perfect symbol of the number two’s energy. The 8 is the infinity sign standing up which means manifestation and abundance.

My preference is to focus on just four of these numbers, to look for where they are repeated in your chart and how they relate to your health and wellness. Here are some examples of the 30 plus numbers we can generate from two of my favorite numerologists:

  • Dan Millman
    All four digits of the Life Path relate to:
    Life Purpose
    Talents, Work, Finance
    Relationship/Composite numbers

Millman delivers all these with clarity and depth with his 446-page dynamo, “Discover the Life You Were Born to Live”

  • Michael Brill
    Over 14 numbers in your numbers in your birthday:
    Achievement Number
    Karmic Number
    Minor and Major Challenge Number
    Daisy Chains

My copy of Brills book “Numerology for Healing”, is so worn it is falling apart! It is an excellent numerology resource for general numerology and more specifically; ‘Your personal numerology as the key to a healthier life.’

Whew! That’s a lot of numbers! Most people look at Numerology as a way of telling the future, which is somewhat true but, in the case of the number we are looking for, the Expression number, it gives us an idea about the characteristics (attributes) of a person.

By using the name you were given at birth we can “predict” how you will act because the Expression Number describes how you interact with other people, how you reveal yourself to others and your talents. 

Note that the term ‘Destiny number’ can also be used interchangeably with Expression Number. To confuse you further, the Destiny number is also called the Life Path Number: Throughout my writings, I refer to the Life Path number as your Health and Wellness Path number, which is calculated by adding all the numbers of your date of birth until you get a single digit. To be clear, the Life Path number is the ‘ruling force that describes what you must do in order to operate harmoniously with your environment and get the most out of your life.

The Expression number is calculated by adding up all the letters in your name. Even more can be deemed by just your first name, (see sample below) by your middle name which is your emotional self and your last name, which represents the relationship with your family. The sum of the vowels and sum of the consonants have meaning too.

~Adding every letter of your full name at birth is how we get the Expression Number~

Here is the chart to change each letter of your birth name to a number:
Find the value for each letter then add the numbers together until we get a single digit. My first name has the number value of 6.  This means on my best day I am: intuitive, harmonious, and effective. Here is how we calculate the name Tricia:

T=2    R=9   I=9   C=3    I=9    A=1      2 + 9 + 9 + 3 + 9 + 1 = 33   3 + 3 =6

 The name Tricia equals a master number 33,
for this application I am simplifying it.
This might make some numerologist cringe,
but I find it helpful in the early learning stages.


Use this chart to find the energy of any word! Tricia Gunberg 

Use this chart to find the energy of any word! Tricia Gunberg 


Use the chart above to calculate your Expression Number. When you have a single digit look below for quick guide for numbers 1-9:

 1   (letters A, J and S)

Leader, Positive, Authoritative, Confident

(letters B,K and L)

Sensitive, Balanced, Caring, Cooperative

3(Letters C, L and U)

Creative, Charming, Social, Expressive

(Letters D, M and V)

Logical, Solid, Responsible, Thoughtful

(Letters E, N and W)

Adventurous, Intellectual, Craves Freedom, likes working with their hands

(Letter F,O and X)

Intuitive, Lover of beauty and harmony, Visionary, Domestic

(Letters G, P and Y)

Truth Seeker, Mystic, Spiritual, Bridge for communication

(Letter H,Q and Z)

Persistence, Self-sufficient, Ambitious, Organized

9 (Letters I and R)

Compassionate, Fun, Integral, Inspirational


How can we use the Expression number?

It’s a great short cut in getting to know someone. If you get to interview people for a living, you know how helpful it is to get a feel of someone’s personality before you hire them and you want to know them in the shortest amount of time possible. This short cut will be golden for you. If you don’t have a numerology app this will take a few minutes to calculate and well worth your efforts. (Heck, send me a list of names and for a small fee I can do it for you!) Using the Expression number in dating would be very helpful as well. Understand that a person could just as well be working the opposite side of the characteristic given. Also, understand that these attributes are their true nature.


How is the Expression number helpful for your own
self-actualization or spirituality?


IMG_1912 (1).JPG

  ~E~ has the energy    of 5

Freedom &  Expansion

The Expression Number will illuminate the depth at which you are being true to yourself. How do you act in the presence of others? How much does this change depending on who is near you? Yes, we change a bit with each hat we wear; employee, parent, friend and sibling but, at the core- do you present yourself the same? Are you integral (9 energy) at work but blow off your friends and family, maybe it’s the other way around. Do you lie to your boss (7 energy) but you are totally translucent with friends?  Do you spend much time getting yourself to look just right (6 energy) but your home, car and office is a disorganized mess?

Look at the characteristics listed. How do you feel about the characteristic listed for you? Can you relate to them? Are they foreign to you? These are all questions you can ask yourself.

Take a few moments now to meditate on your list of attributes.

May you find these truths to be yours, so you can #sayyestowhoyouare and live the life you want!

Don’t feel like doing the math and would like the Expression number done for you? Send me an email: theenergygarden@outlook(dot)com.

Love and Light,