December 2016 Guidance


It is time to take a serious look at your life. Is it going per your preferences, your values and umm…your dislikes? This is important. Do you attend to things in your life that you do not want to? I am not talking about doing the dishes or taking out the garbage. Those are necessary things that remind us to be grateful for food, clean water and life comforts. December represents the number 12, it is here to reminds us to both take a leadership role (1) in our lives as well as be sensitive (2) to what we desire.

Recently, it came to my attention that people often choose things that make them feel bad. Watching reality TV, animal abuse information on Facebook, the evening news…etcetera. I use to reminisce about a past event, I wonder why I choose this activity when I realized it made me feel bad. It amounted to beating myself up for a failure several decades old. I stopped doing it because it wants helpful and it just brought me down. Is there some activity you engage in that makes you feel bad? Or makes you feel anything less than joy? Consider not engaging in it anymore. Here is some support for you this month, according to your birthday.    

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birth date until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9". For extra guidance use all the numbers in your numerology this month. In the example this DOB would use the 2, 7 and 9 Life Paths.

 Life Path 1- When was the last time you took several days to be in joy? Yes, several days in a row with nothing but blissful things? A "stay-cation" if money is tight. Do it. Plan it. BE. ON. VACATION.

Life Path 2- You can do better to attend to yourself. Please put yourself and your needs first for one day this month. Just one day. You can do it.

Life Path 3- When did you last have your heart checked? Fitness, love, kindness, moods…these are all the business of the heart.  You need to be able to complete all of your joy assignments, your heart needs to be strong to do this.

Life Path 4-For the last time, might we suggest you going with the flow? The last time in 2016, that is. You won’t regret it. Review things you have learned about The Law of Attraction and The Law of Resistance. I have a few videos you can review if you’d like on my Facebook page.  

 Life Path 5- You are not one to complain when ______. (fill in the blank) That is your only clue. Look at your life and see where you do less complaining- spend more time in that space so the complaining doesn’t become a theme for 2017. Unless you like complaining, some people do.

Life Path 6- For the reminder of the year, see if you can participate in all the things that bring you joy. Invite someone to go with you, if they do not want to come along, go by yourself. Pleasure does not need to be a group activity. It can be and must be a solitary one at times.

Life Path 7- Be not out done by your wit this year. (Your drive to consume knowledge can make you dull.)You can have both intelligence and a good time. If you are bored- that means you are boring.  So, don’t be boring. It is that simple.

Life Path 8- Put your money where your mouth is. Is there something you are paying lip service to but have not invested in it? The activities you engage in are nice but where can your money make money? Sorry, fun time is over, if it is not making money- it is a hobby.

Life Path 9- For the first time in a long time you are thinking about your future. How do you want it to roll out? Next year is important for you. Make sure you are not relying on someone (boss, spouse) to get you unstuck. Your thoughts have you where you are, not your circumstances.

Love and Light,


Free Guidance for November, 2016

The number 11 is a master number. First being double creativity, then in a more simple form, the number 2. It calls for us to look at things differently. Symbols I have gotten this week: bat and crystal ball.) After we explored manifesting in August, worked on letting things go in September and considering new things in October, the energy of November encourages us to challenge our perception. For example, how do think about November?  Do you think of it as time for giving or the calm before the storm? Most people these days ‘brace’ themselves for the holidays, why is this? Do you understand that what you GIVE is also what you GET? It is difficult to see the energy we put out, is the same energy we receive back. Try it once, give genuine compliments or bless people (giving to them without expecting anything back) and see what happens. You know the rub, right? If something unsavory is happening in your life, you are sending out unsavory vibes. Not to worry. Just be aware and make the switch-a-roo. Here are some suggestions based on your numerology.

questions for everyone to ponder: What energy are you putting out? Too busy= fear, happy=love, honesty=love, anger=fear, anxiety=fear, respect=love, untruths=fear

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9". For extra guidance use all the numbers in your numerology this month. In the example this DOB would use the 2, 7 and 9 Life Paths.

 Life Path 1-Are you are chasing something? What is it? Have you written it down? Have you loved on it, showed it respect? Have you been honest with yourself about it?

Life Path 2- Begin to see how people treat you. Who respects you? Who honors your time? You want to care for people, yes? Then you first must take care of yourself. Self-respect requires you to eliminate people who are not returning the love/respect. This is difficult but you can still send them love from where you are, you need not climb down in the hole with them. 

Life Path 3- Begin to understand the power of your creative abilities. Do you see a reaction in people when you share it? When you express yourself, how does it make you feel? The power of your creativity is the key to your soul. Please explore it, please e x p r e s s yourself.

Life Path 4- When was the last time you had a break you didn’t plan? O’ boy, you don’t need to schedule every minute but if you must, schedule some mediation and alone time. When you are at ease you will begin to see things differently, ‘on the go’ creates a blur.

Life Path 5- You like excitement but…..and that is a big BUT, you mustn’t create it. Manifest exciting things like trips and extra income is important, what you do not need is crisis in your life that is actually stress not excitement. Take a break from people who are in crisis mode.

Life Path 6- You are to love on people, compassion is your middle name, but you don’t need to give yourself away in the process. Yes, you will give more than the other person in your relationships. You are not here to give all and get nothing. If that is happening…hasta la vista baby!

Life Path 7- You are the seeker of truth and sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees. Don’t let this stop you. What do you want to learn? Keep looking (be aware, be ready, ask), you’ll find the truth you are looking for.

Life Path 8- When you are in a place where it feels a bit bleak, ask yourself “How did I get here?” This same thought process is the way out. Understand, if you got yourself there and you can recognize it, you can get yourself out. Easy peasy.

Life Path 9- When was the last time you had a good time with people? Why do you keep yourself hidden away? People annoy you, you say? Sorry to be the one to tell you this but, that would mean you annoy yourself. Do you really? What will you do about it?

Change is often challenging but that is a good thing!
Love and Light,



July, 2016 Intuitive Guidance from The Energy Garden

Happy Summer! So glad to have you here. Let’s talk about how you can have the best summer of your life. First, how have you been getting along with everyone? Do some people rub you the wrong way? Second, do you wish you had more time? You have choices regarding both of these issues. By removing things that do not serve you, you will create more peace and more time for yourself.  

Take some time this month to reflect on your guidance below. You won’t be able to fix everything overnight. What fun would that be anyway?

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would go to "9" to find their message.

Life Path 1 – You need to get out more. This is not just a simple necessity it is a matter of life and death. Death to the old and place to set it free. Life, for which will be brought to you when you are at your most receptive. Get. Outside. Please.

Life Path 2- Sensitive as you are, many people bug you. This propels you into doing. Doing to make them happy and doing to keep busy because it is comfortable. Stop doing for others and start doing for yourself.

Life Path 3- Creativity can be a shit storm or a rainbow. What do you have going on? Sorry to be so blunt but if you do not use your creative abilities they will swirl and swirl inside you and become.. guess what? A. Shit. Storm. You need to get away from who you think you are to who you really are. 

Life Path 4- When life hands you lemons you usually write a list of what to do with them. Some lemons (bitter people, bitter situations) can be tossed out or frozen for later use. What in your life can be tossed out or frozen? Oh, yes, and some simply need a little sugar added.

Life Path 5- You kinda like complicated things. That is okay unless it is distracting you. You have people/situations in your life that are distracting you from what you need to do. You don’t need to kick them out of your life forever just set them aside for a short time. If they balk, let ‘em. Your clarity is important right now.

Life Path 6- You need to have time to yourself. This is not an impossible task. Ask for help with this.

Life Path 7- You can’t avoid telling the truth to spare others feelings. (Ha! Easier said than done, I know.) In order to be true to yourself, the truth must be spoken. In living your truth, you inspire others to do the same.

Life Path 8- You are great. It is high time you realize this. What needs to happen in order for you to totally get this about yourself? Answer this question, then work backwards from there. (Very business-like approach isn’t it? This is the question “What do I want?” in disguise.)  

Life Path 9- You really need to up your game if you’re going to make any improvements to this year. Your good at selecting the right people, so what gives? Is is a situation that needs a shift? What do you need? Now is a good time to answer these questions.

As always, I am here for you. If you’d like some intuitive support, book an appointment with me. Your Life Purpose can guide you to knowing where your energy is better spent.

Love and Light,



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