Free March Guidance 2017

You need not worry about the condition of the world, only the condition of your own heart. The black moon time upon us is not, I repeat, is NOT the darkness as in the dark side, rather this darkness is the time in between. The dark before the light. It needs not be the dark night of the soul unless YOU chose this route.

You have MARCHING orders. Attend to this dark. A rest. A respite. A time to ‘turn in’ (sleep, rest, rethink) and see the light in your heart. This talk of love in the Time of Aquarius will not go away- it will draw you closer.  Here is what we mean:

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9".

 Life Path 1-Don’t allow others to guide you. No input from others, in any form, is needed. Your hearts-desire is your light.

Life Path 2-When you are at your most frustrated and frazzled THIS is your light. These emotions, though dark, illuminate your hearts yearning.

 Life Path 3- You don’t need any more creative ideas. What you need is a way to proceed with ONE of them. Which one gives you goose bumps? Start that.


Life Path 4- Your mojo can create some ‘darkness’ because not everyone wants to play by your rules. Sometimes you don’t either. Flow is needed. Play is needed. Allow.

Life Path 5- Your definitely, definitely, going through some major change. FIGHTING it creates darkness. ASK what the change is about or look at it differently. You need to do this or the darkness about it won’t change.  

Life Path 6- Piece. Peace. Sounds the same but NOT the same energy. You are giving pieces of yourself away which does not create peace in your heart.

Life Path 7-When was the last time you gave into one of your desires? Oh, boy! The TRUTH (aka: the light) about this will come to you in a weird way. Shit, it might even look like darkness. (this happened to me recently…I totally get this so if you have questions send me an email)

Life Path 8-With so much coming your way, the light for you is in how you share it. The eight on its side is infinity. This is how much ______ (love?) comes to you and how much ____ (love?) you have to give. Fill in the blanks with what feels good to you. 

Life Path 9-The universe will serve you better when you serve it better. How is this? The beauty of the 9 is your predisposition to KNOW. You know, fear is blocking you.

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Love and Light,


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December 2016 Guidance


It is time to take a serious look at your life. Is it going per your preferences, your values and umm…your dislikes? This is important. Do you attend to things in your life that you do not want to? I am not talking about doing the dishes or taking out the garbage. Those are necessary things that remind us to be grateful for food, clean water and life comforts. December represents the number 12, it is here to reminds us to both take a leadership role (1) in our lives as well as be sensitive (2) to what we desire.

Recently, it came to my attention that people often choose things that make them feel bad. Watching reality TV, animal abuse information on Facebook, the evening news…etcetera. I use to reminisce about a past event, I wonder why I choose this activity when I realized it made me feel bad. It amounted to beating myself up for a failure several decades old. I stopped doing it because it wants helpful and it just brought me down. Is there some activity you engage in that makes you feel bad? Or makes you feel anything less than joy? Consider not engaging in it anymore. Here is some support for you this month, according to your birthday.    

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birth date until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9". For extra guidance use all the numbers in your numerology this month. In the example this DOB would use the 2, 7 and 9 Life Paths.

 Life Path 1- When was the last time you took several days to be in joy? Yes, several days in a row with nothing but blissful things? A "stay-cation" if money is tight. Do it. Plan it. BE. ON. VACATION.

Life Path 2- You can do better to attend to yourself. Please put yourself and your needs first for one day this month. Just one day. You can do it.

Life Path 3- When did you last have your heart checked? Fitness, love, kindness, moods…these are all the business of the heart.  You need to be able to complete all of your joy assignments, your heart needs to be strong to do this.

Life Path 4-For the last time, might we suggest you going with the flow? The last time in 2016, that is. You won’t regret it. Review things you have learned about The Law of Attraction and The Law of Resistance. I have a few videos you can review if you’d like on my Facebook page.  

 Life Path 5- You are not one to complain when ______. (fill in the blank) That is your only clue. Look at your life and see where you do less complaining- spend more time in that space so the complaining doesn’t become a theme for 2017. Unless you like complaining, some people do.

Life Path 6- For the reminder of the year, see if you can participate in all the things that bring you joy. Invite someone to go with you, if they do not want to come along, go by yourself. Pleasure does not need to be a group activity. It can be and must be a solitary one at times.

Life Path 7- Be not out done by your wit this year. (Your drive to consume knowledge can make you dull.)You can have both intelligence and a good time. If you are bored- that means you are boring.  So, don’t be boring. It is that simple.

Life Path 8- Put your money where your mouth is. Is there something you are paying lip service to but have not invested in it? The activities you engage in are nice but where can your money make money? Sorry, fun time is over, if it is not making money- it is a hobby.

Life Path 9- For the first time in a long time you are thinking about your future. How do you want it to roll out? Next year is important for you. Make sure you are not relying on someone (boss, spouse) to get you unstuck. Your thoughts have you where you are, not your circumstances.

Love and Light,


February, 2016 Free Guidance

Let’s see how you can add more love into your life. If it were up to me everyone would be required to state each day how they could create more love. Here is your tool for doing that. It would work by picking your favorite number, by using your birthdate or just picking the one that feels right. Scroll to bottom for instructions on using your birthdate.

#1- When you want to add more love all you need to do is decide. You just wake up and say “More love please, show me love.” The love will manifest all day long.

#2- You are love. Yep, you are. It might be buried, so let’s use a shovel. Your tool for the job: action.  All you need to do is show love to others. You will be amazed at the results.

#3- You cannot keep tabs on your expressive nature. It is running wild. You can corral your expression by putting it into a project. The joy it brings you will exude out of you and feel like love to others.

#4- Let’s talk about how you can be better at loving. First, you must be willing. Second, you must want love back. Third, it doesn’t have to look a certain way.  Love could be a quiet dinner, love could be the sound of a bird or the hum of a machine.  

#5- You need not worry that you won’t get back what you put into something. Love is a never ending pool of electric energy, waiting for you to stick your toe in. If you are not feeling love, you have not opened up to it.

#6- Besides the 2 energy which is in you three times (2+2+2= Love+Love+Love), you have a lot of conditions under which you allow this energy to flow. Silly. Love is not conditional. If you have added a condition to your love (giving or receiving) please remove it. Love is for everyone.

#7- When you are ready to share your love, watch out! You are crazy beautiful when you do this. You are like Spock sometimes and think that love is not logical. Balderdash! - love is the only logic.

#8- You have so much of everything, so I know you have love to share. Who do you want to share it with? Concentrate on the “who” don’t worry about anything else.

#9- If you are in need of some serious love, from ANY area of your life (work, spouse, friends, family, a situation) send love to it. Your thoughts, words and actions towards anything in your life is a reflection. Create what you want by sending love to it. You don’t usually require direction but this is one area of your life that you fail to see your influence. Anything you send good wishes to, will be changed to gold. You are a Merlin, your magic is in your intentions, so set some.

Love and Light,


To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would go to "9" to find their love message.

Numerology Guidance for January, 2016

 The Year 2015 was an 8 Year (2+0+1+5), the number of power and abundance. I had suggested that your thoughts would manifest quickly this year and that you’d get more of what you asked for. How did it turn out? Did you recognize your thoughts manifesting? Were you aware of what was on your mind?

The year 2016 is a 9 year. The 9 being of integrity and wisdom which helps us to bring things to a conclusion, or an end, if you will. This slightly different energy might feel, to some, that the world is falling apart. This is not true.  Understand there is a reason for things coming to an end. If you kept every relationship, every pair of pants, or every job, you’d go truly mad. Besides, you have a heads up and your forward thinking in 2015 (what you wanted more of) blending with your willingness to let things go (2016), will make room for the new beginnings that are waiting for you in 2017 (A 1 Year).

Gaze now into your future by reflecting on your thoughts from last year. You need not be psychic to do this. What was the theme of your thoughts? The ‘theme’ will render itself in the new year. Look below to see specifically what energy you can channel in the new year.  

   Add all the digits of your birthdate to get your Life Path
August, 4 1969
8+4+1+9+6+9=37,  3+7=10,   1+0=  Life Path "1"

Life Path 1-(Creativity and Confidence) What is the worst thing that could happen if you didn’t finish your work? If you were about to finish it and it disappeared? How would you feel about that? You might consider how you would feel if some of your work ‘went away.’ You can look at each piece of your work with this question. Attend to those things you’d like to finish.

Life Path 2- (Cooperation and Balance)Once you have an idea in your head it is hard for you to let it go. If you have something in your head that is not good for you, the Universe will help by taking it from you. Like a good friend who tells you to stop hurting yourself, it will be hard for you to hear. But hear it and understand that it is for your greatest good.

Life Path 3- (expression and Sensitivity)A creative way to make things go away is to pretend there are not there. Well, this can wear you out and cause problems. Try to let the things that do not serve you, go. You need not pretend they are not there, just let them go. If something upsets you, this is your clue to let it go.

Life Path 4-(Stability and Process)  You are best at seeing what is not good for you but how are you at getting rid of it? Do you have old clothes that do not fit? Please donate them. Do you have old relationships that do not feel right? Let those go too. Take small steps and work up to the big things.

Life Path 5- (Freedom and Discipline) You need to let change roll. This is hard for you, you prefer things to stay the same. Just like the 4 Life Path, you’ll need to start with small things, like belongings, you no longer use. Then move to bigger things you have out grown; activities, jobs or people.

Life Path 6- (Vision and Acceptance)You’re the one everyone comes to when their life is falling apart. Where do you go when things are not going well for you? Please ask for support when you need it and understand it will pass. You will hear yourself tell people things that you need to hear, this is no accident.

Life Path 7- (Trust and Openness) The truth will set you free. We said this to some months ago. Truth is important for you and if you are completely honest with yourself, your life will become easier and easier. Be ready, for if you have not embraced the true you, the Universe will bring it to the forefront.   

Life Path 8- (Abundance and Power)The giver of all gifts, generous to a fault. What will you give yourself this year? The permission to not worry? Not work so much? Please consider both of these things as you go into the new year.

Life Path 9- (Integrity and Wisdom) Ever the one who can read peoples thoughts. You have a gift for knowing the unknown. What do you do with this knowledge? Think about how you could share yourself this year. Giving advice is helpful, but could you do more?  

Love and Light
Happy New Year!


Free Numerology Reading, December 2015

  Holidays are upon us. I don't like to give your more work when your plate is already full (pun intended) but we all need to work on ourselves, no matter the season. Holidays add extra pressure which sheds light on things we don't want. Respect that- information comes in all forms. Here is your message for this month:

When we think we are ‘doing what is right’ we often miss out on “being”. Being present, being available, being with our families and most of all being ourselves. Spend some time this month deciding what you can leave behind in 2015. Things that don’t really need to be done; worrying, self-doubt, over-working, shopping, television, over-eating- all things that do not serve you and your highest good.    Replace it with spending more time ‘being’.

Here are some specific things you can work on based on your numerology.

Life Path 1- You already know you just need to decide. Are you done with something? Here is a clue to what that could be: how you spend your time, how you spend your money and how you spend your play. Yes, spend your play. Are you playing or working?

Life Path 2- When something is weighing on you, you need to let it go. What is on you? You can tell when you allow yourself to let it go, even for a few minutes. You will feel lighter. Try a few things and see how it goes. Clue: it could be a person, a place or a thing.   

Life Path 3- If you’re having a hard time keeping up with the Kardashians, you watch too much TV. (Just knowing the Kardashian reference tells me so.) Where could your time be better spent? If a TV show leaves you feeling good, that is one thing, it is quite another to have it upset you.  

Life Path 4- Where have you been spending your time? At the gym? At the bar? At a friend’s? Take a look at where you spend your time. Is this really a reflection of who you are? If not, find a place that is and spend some time there.

Life Path 5- When change happens, you have two choices: roll with it or fight it.  Try rolling with every change for just one week. Your kid got a bad grade on a test, roll with it. Your spouse was late, roll with it. Your boss forgot to give you some important information, yes, roll with it. Your tendency to fight with everyone is really taking a toll on you.

 Life Path 6- If you cannot seem to get people to listen to you, maybe it's because of what you’re saying. You have a tendency to get in everyone's business, yet you cannot keep track of your own. Take a hint and get on with your own life.

Life Path 7- If all of us had as much wisdom as you, we wouldn’t have as many schools. However, if you sit on all of it, it won’t be any good. Why are you hording your greatest asset? Don’t be afraid- there is much more where it came from and you’ll never stop sharing once you start.

Life Path 8- When abundance gets together with intelligence, great things happen. Apply the same effort you have for others to yourself.  If you have a business idea, go for it. Trust in yourself like you have trusted in other people’s abilities. You have what it takes and now is the time to act.

Life Path 9- When was the last time you didn’t complain about what life brought you? How long ago was that? What was going on? What where you doing? If you cannot ‘have’ the same as in the past, just sit with how it felt. You are very close to getting what you want, you just need to spend some time thinking about how it will feel.

Love and Light,


Free April Numeroscope

April is the 4th month of the year. It will bring with it the energy of the Divine. (444 is an angelic calling card). For some of you this will not be a welcomed energy. Not because of your belief system but rather because you will not know what to do with this energy. You will need to take a step back, especially the first week of April. You will need to be on guard as the energy will be heaviest in the beginning of the month. It will be so heavy that you will want to snarl at anyone who says something remotely controversial.  Do you really want to spend your life telling others what to think? Your time is better spent with ideas of how you want your life to go. Do you have enough love? Do you have enough fun? Do you have enough of everything you desire? Peace, kindness, joy? Let’s now think about how your thoughts affect others: If you attack, then expect to be attacked. If you love, expect to be loved.  

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9" to find the Numeroscope message.

1 Life Path- (Creativity and Confidence) – Your April is going to blow your mind. We hope you are well rested and believe in yourself. Now is the time! Now it is happening. We are here for you. You won’t be here alone.

2 Life Path-(Cooperation and Balance)- You still need to take a break. You are doing way too much. This energy in April will find you ill if you do not slow down. Only attend to those things that you WANT to attend to, please.

3 Life Path- (Expression and Sensitivity) – You know how important it is to EXPRESS yourself and share your creative side, will you continue to do so? We want you to consider that you only scratched the surface last month and do MORE this month.

 4 Life Path- (Stability and Process) – This month should be your month to shine with the repeated 4’s but you might not be ready. This is okay because you will beginning to feel balance. More synchronicities will happen. Pay attention.

5 Life Path- (Freedom and Discipline) – Well we hope that you don’t get pulled into drama at the beginning of the month but mostly we hope that you don’t start any. Please, for the love of all that is peaceful, put your opinion of others on hold for just one week.

6 Life Path- (Vison and Acceptance) – The energy of the 4 might have you hoppin’ mad. You really can’t take much criticism, you’re just too sensitive. How about you try to complement those that harass you the most and see what happens.

7 Life Path- (Trust and Openness) – We have to tell you that if your path is one of following the light you will be blinded this month. This light will be of the upmost intensity you have ever experienced before. Your job is just to allow, that is all.

 8 Life Path- (Abundance and Power) –You’ll need to hold your hat. The winds of change will blow this month. The old you couldn’t handle this, the new you will take it in stride.  You are blessed to have many who support you at this time. The truth will come out, you just need to believe it will. 

9 Life Path- (Integrity and Wisdom) – You are still sitting around deciding things for everyone else? What job they should do, what vacation they should take. Well, take a memo for yourself and stop trying to control everyone. You think you are helping but you’re stressing them out. On the other hand it is a good distraction so you don’t have to think about your own life.   

With Love and Light we leave you to have a Happy Spring!

Tricia and her Guides