The ABC's of Your 123's ~ J is for Joy ~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
J is for Joy  
Using Numerology to see your Joy


Chinese Proverb:

One joy scatters one hundred griefs.


You bring joy to the world my beautiful friend.

Add all the digits of your birthday to a single digit to discover how you bring joy to others.

Find the Engery of you DOB or What is your Life Path.JPG

Look for the single digit below. 


1- you bring joy with your uniqueness.

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2- your deep compassion and sensitivity brings people joy.

3- your ability to creatively express yourself brings those around you so much joy.

4- people can count on you, this gives them a sense of peace and joy.

5- you inspire joy in people with your sense of adventure.

6- your unconditional love draws people to you to fill their heart with healing and joy.

Life Path 7 Numerology Tricia GunbergPhoto.jpg

7- your enthusiasm for knowledge motivates the same joy in others.

8- your generosity fills people with joy.

9- you’re fun loving whimsy brings people joy. 



Be in your joy.

Be yourself.

We need you.


Love and Light,


July 2015 Guidance

It is now the 7th month of the year. We can have the right stuff to finish out the year if we take a few moments each day and see where we are heading. When energy is aligned we will be able to see what is coming but for now let me show you. The month of July will be hot, in many ways. It will bring the heat of the past together with the promise of the future. July is the month to think about independence, not just for what the government provides but for what we can do on our own. We can accomplish so much just by taking care of ourselves. The powers that be can control so many things but cannot control how we take care of our self. We need independence to stand alone in what the truth is about how we do that. Don’t let others tell you what you need, decide for yourself.

Life Path 1 When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You will need to cool yourself off this month so a tall glass of lemonade will help. You might have a few things that do not go your way but you will figure out how it will benefit you in the long run. Please do not worry when things are not going in the direction you think they should. You need to relax and let them flow naturally.

Life Path 2 If you get in a situation where you have to make a choice between some thing that you love and something that you feel is necessary, make sure you chose love. You will have a hard time of it if you don’t. To test yourself, take a coin, assign each side with a choice. As you flip it high in the air see which choice you hope it will be, catch the coin and don’t look at it. Chose love. 

Life Path 3 If you get to a place that you do not like, in love, in work, your home  or health, consider how this came about. They were all choices you made. You can have the life you want by making choices. Chose different thoughts or different circumstances. It really is that simple.

Life Path 4 You can be your own worst critic. How about instead you be your own best commentator. You have been beating yourself up which does not help. Start writing a list of things you like about yourself, write a short list every day. Then start noticing when you insult yourself- just say “delete” when you do. Soon you start to see how negative you are and make changes. You cannot blossom under those negative conditions.

Life Path 5 You need to take a break. Consider this life is not the War department it is the Peace department. A 5’s job is to stay calm and with victory on your mind you might forget that you don’t always need to win. You don’t have to always have the last word and you don’t need always need to control the outcome. You think you win when something goes your way but if it was forced then maybe it wasn’t for your greatest and highest good. Have some faith and let things roll out sometimes.

Life Path 6 It’s about time you consider killing people with love and not smothering them with control. It might feel the same to you when you’re trying to help someone but are you really trying to see what they want? Or maybe are you trying to control the outcome to benefit yourself? The independence you seek will not have a negative effect on the ones you love, they will appreciate the breather. Take some time this month to control what you do.

Life Path 7   When a 7 gets the time to think it is often about what the future holds. It is a beautiful one, your future but you’ll need to take more time to think this month. You won’t have time to think later when things get crazy so decide now how you think about things. Things that are important like how big of a house you want, how much time you want to work, and when you want to retire. This things we daydream about can become what we want if we put the time into thinking them.

Life Path 8 When an eight decides something then most of the time it comes to fruition. It is important that an 8 understand this, they are always creating things and situations with their thoughts and intentions. This is powerful stuff, stuff that can move mountains. You can create those mountains too but do you want majestic ones to look upon or ones that are a burden to climb? The choice is yours.

Life Path 9  From sea to shiny sea. Your life will be filled with adventure if you are honest about the fact that that is indeed what you want. You have been limiting yourself a bit and it is time to stop doing that. What is it that you want? Sit and think of it, don’t limit yourself or control it, just dream.  

Happy Independence Day!

Love and Light,


Free Winter Solstice Reading (December 21, 2014)

The shortest day of the year, reminds me of the quote from Thomas Fuller, “It is always the darkest before the dawn.” (Scientifically this is not true. It is darkest at 180 degrees.) For the Solstice, the darkest day gives way to increasingly more light. As a metaphor, it offers encouragement to those who experience darkness in their lives. For some this encouragement (light) is God, therapy, sobriety, truth or another choice that brings them out. 

With this in mind I pulled cards.

Past: You refused to take any responsibility for a bad situation. You believe all the negative criticism you have heard in your life, from yourself or others.  NOTE: this is the darkness

Present: Cut the crap! Stop denying any truth. Confront inaccuracies. Note: this is the light coming in.

Future: Victory. The chance to put it all together and create something special is upon you. Note: This is the dawn, using your truth for a brighter day.

 Summary: When you find yourself in a situation
you do not like, explore it by asking yourself questions about it. Try as hard as you can to
be honest with yourself about it. When you are
able to get to the core, it will not have the same effect as it did initially and chances are you will
feel victorious.

 If you’d like to know how I worked with it please read on.

My thoughts:

Past: Well! Excuse me! It wasn’t my fault that many people in my life have been crazy critical!  Combining some *Ho'oponopono and tapping techniques I have learned I explored my reaction by asking myself questions like: “Am I responsible for this?”  and “Is this true?" The conclusion I came to was that other people’s behavior had nothing to do with me. I just needed to chill out, do the best I could and not worry. Why couldn’t I do this in the past? Blaming people didn’t do me any good, no matter how justified.

And, crud! Why do I criticize myself so much? Why do I replay the criticism from others? My anger at others was just anger at myself. “Stop saying all those mean things! It won’t help to beat me down!” As a teacher I dealt with the old name calling daily: “so-n-so called me do-do head”. It was at about the 1000th time hearing my response that it dawned on me that I was talking to myself. “Is that true? Are you a do-do head?” They would always say very confidently, “No, I am not.”

Present: Truth? The truth is I am an intelligent, creative, contentious person. Most of the criticizing I received in the past was not true but I allowed it to effect me down to the core. Current truth exploration is helping me discover things that make my heart sing. This leaves less room for criticism.

Future: Now that I have decided to apply truth to situations that cause friction and take responsibility for everything that goes on in my life, I have found greater success in alleviating it. This combined with a better understanding of who I am is leading to victory.   

Love, Light and the strength to see it,


*More on this to come.