Reflect and Create HARMONY ~Winter Solstice December 21, 2017~

With a few more hours of Mercury in retrograde and the shortest day of the year at hand- take sometime today to reflect on all the good you have done this year. and all the times you have said "yes" to your beautiful self.

Use the card spread below to help you come up with a harmony list then vow to start each day in harmony. Use your mediation practice (even if it is only a few BoB's!) to get back to harmony when you noticed you have strayed. I  have used Transform Your Life through Sacred Geometry cards and the Spiral Spread from The Sacred Journey. 



1) Core Lesson = GRATITUDE this needs to continue to be the essence of your life


2) Accomplishments= CONNECTEDNESS understanding we are all one


3) Making choices in the now= TRANSMUTING SADNESS being a witness to our emotions, accepting them and choosing to move toward more comfortable ones...this will lead us toward creativity.



4) Direction= SURRENDER understanding that by being willing to surrender (not doing) is the way to move forward. 



5) Potential= FEAR'S CALL fear makes us believe we are powerless, this is not true. Our potential is limitless and by noticing fear and not allowing it to control us we will find our true potential. 

I love how it looks like potential is 'bubbling up' through the fear.

I love how it looks like potential is 'bubbling up' through the fear.


6) Wisdom from Within= IMAGINATION being that our brain can not distinguish between what is real and what is imagined, why not day dream! Dream your life to into being. Imagine all the magic! Imagine peace. Imagine joy. Imagine love. 



7) Culmination=  DISSOLVING ATTACHMENT ah, the rub! Wishing your wishes then letting them go. This is most difficult for me, I admit. By directing our ideas too much and holding onto them we don't allow something more magical to happen. The feeling of frustration has been my biggest clue. When frustration sets in, it is time to let go of your approach and maybe letting go of the 'doing' all together. I've apply this to other parts of my life and I do know it works.


I love how this art looks like it will 'cut through' my attachments.

I send love, light and harmony,