Interviews to Awaken the Mind

A blast from the past for #Throwback Thursday. I am rerunning these interviews as I feel you could benefit from other peoples experiences. Realizing now, I did these interviews to prove to myself I was not a wack-a-do, makes me chuckle. Then again, I still have a hard time telling people I am emphatic and can tune into someone who's not even in the room! The journey continues.

Interviews with Intuitives

To provide guidance to those who are becoming familiar with their intuitive abilities this platform offers a look into how others have come to know and work with their abilities. The universal energy (available to everyone) that is referred to here as “Intuitive”, comes in many forms. We will describe and discuss them here.

      Wendy Servi- Intuitive Healer

      Wendy Servi- Intuitive Healer

This month I chose a “newbie”. I have known Wendy for most of my life so I can see that her 29/11 numerology describes her well. Wendy’s 11 energy of “double creativity and confidence” comes through with her sense of humor, spot on comedic timing, her problem solving abilities and leadership skills (1 energy!). When I did Wendy's Life Purpose reading and discovered her healing abilities, the reading was a confirmation not a revelation. At the time, it was not something she was ready to share with others.  I am honored that she shared this personal information with me. I am ecstatic that she wants to share it with us!  

Wendy thanks for taking time to chat with us. I know you are busy planning your wedding. Congratulations, by the way.  

Tricia: Could you start by describing how you understand your intuitive gifts?
Wendy: My first experience was about 7 years ago but I didn’t know what it was at the time. This past year I have had a physical sensation in my body, like the hairs standing up on my neck, or I get stopping abruptly in mid breath. Negative feelings are the strongest and sometimes I don't know what "it" is. In one such instance I knew the person talking to me was not telling me the truth. It made me want to leave the room...the feeling was so intense I could not get out of there fast enough. Recently I found myself "knowing" before the person came into my office that their spouse had recently passed away.

I don't exactly know how to articulate my healing ability. People have come to me with pains or I've noticed something about them that they had not realized. Using my hands I can find the issues in their body. Sometimes I apply pressure and sometimes it is a light touch. One time I could feel a lot of heat coming from my hands.

I’ve recently noticed people coming to me with their personal stuff and it annoyed me at first. I have been told that I "missed my true calling and should've been a counselor or psychologist". I laughed at that suggestion because it came after I had mentioned my weakness in healing the spirit. When you acknowledge your weakness, or ask for help, you just might be presented with opportunities and not realize it.

Another ability I have yet to figure out is a ringing in my ear.

Tricia: I love what you said “When you acknowledge your weakness, or ask for help, you just might be presented with opportunities and not realize it.” Thanks for reminding us that we are not alone in this. Because people have already come to you for help, do you feel this is a request from Spirit to use your intuitive abilities to help others? You did say you were annoyed about it at first but how do you feel about it now?
Wendy: I honestly can’t say that I feel it is a request to help others, I almost feel like it's an answer to what has been the most important aspect to me as I have gone through my careers. I am unsure how to feel about it, there are too many emotions to pin point. I have to remind myself that if there are things that keep repeating, like people complaining or all their spouses dying, that I am missing the message, or I am not listening correctly. I laughed at myself, I am unsure how to feel about it, huh, dork....I feel unsure.

Tricia: Since your understanding of your abilities is new, only in the last year, will you seek more knowledge?
Wendy: Yes. I had started searching other websites at the beginning of your website development and have read the other interviews you have. And of course my number one knowledge provider right now is you! Thank you by the way!

Tricia: What would be your advice to those who are experiencing intuitive and healing abilities for the first time?  
Wendy: My advice would be work on letting go of the fear. The fear you are wrong, the fear you will be judged or rejected, the fear that you might be seen as crazy.... It takes time and work, but all of those things will happen no matter what you do or don't do, so fear is pointless. 

Tricia: That is great advice Wendy. All my love and light to you on this journey. Mahalo!

Do you have abilities you have not shared? Want to come out of the closet? Need more proof that there are more of us other there? Here are a two other interviews I did: 
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Love, Light and a side of the woo-woo,


Interviews to Awaken the Mind

Interviews with Intuitives

To provide guidance to those who are becoming familiar with their intuitive abilities this platform offers a look into how others have come to know and work with their abilities. The universal energy (available to everyone) that is referred to here as “Intuitive”, comes in many forms. We will describe and discus them here.

My first interview is apropos as she is my very first intuitive friend. I am pleased to introduce you to my Claracognizant friend Nikki Niznik from Durango, Colorado. Speaking in terms of Numerology, she is a 32/5 and true to her "5" energy, loves travel and adventure. It was a blessing to have Nikki enter my life in 2011. The Universe continues to show me her importance as a friend, a fellow intuitive, a mentor and animal lover. Welcome Nikki.

  Nikki Niznik, Intuitive Healer from Durango, Colorado

  Nikki Niznik, Intuitive Healer from Durango, Colorado

Tricia: Nikki could you describe your intuitive gifts to us?

Nikki: I'm an Intuitive Healer. I am Claracognizant-I just know what I know and don't know how I know it and Claracention- which is empathic, feeling abilities. As an Intuitive Healer, I do hands on healing for people and animals. The empathic or Claracention ability, is that I feel the physical and emotional pain of others and I just know what to do which is the Claracognizant ability. Healing energy, which is warm heat from my hands, flows through me from Divine Source. I can feel this energy when I place my hands on them. The energy goes into them where ever it is needed. Using my abilities together provides me with the ability to heal others.

Tricia: Have you always been aware of your gifts and your ability to heal others?

Nikki: Well, I have always known I had these gifts and used them in the past but didn't know what they were or how to explain to people what was going on with me until later in life. In September 2012, I asked a friend who is a Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner to teach me. That's when I really started to open up with my healing abilities.  I have come to know that part of my calling was to help people cross-over from this life to the next when it is their time to die.  I consider it an honor to be there with them at the end of their life here on earth.

Tricia: That is so wonderful that you use your gifts to heal and to help people at end of life. Do you use your gifts in other ways? Say, for your own guidance?   

Nikki: My gifts help guide me through life every day. No matter how big or small the task, when I ask for help it is given. My Angels and Guides are there, guiding, protecting and supporting me with Divine Love. With my Claracention gift, the answers may come to me in different ways. For example, I get sensations in my body that alerts me to pay attention. There are times when a stranger will be my guidance. When a total stranger walks up to me to say something, I know that it is an important message.

Tricia: As you know, people’s awareness and acceptance of their intuitive gifts vary drastically. How would you describe your relationship to Claracognizant, Claracention and Healing gifts you possess?

Nikki: My relationship with my gifts is my relationship with God because that is where it comes from.

Tricia: Thank you for sharing your personal experience with your gifts. I didn’t make the connection of vivid dreams as an intuitive ability until recently and like you I was not aware of my healing abilities until after my Reiki instruction. What advice would you give to those who are just learning about their abilities for the first time?

Nikki: Educate yourself. There are many books and materials out there to read, classes to attend, and internet sources to read, like Tricia’s website. Find someone you feel comfortable with that can work with you. You are not alone. Follow your heart and stay with the love. Have faith and trust yourself. Remember who you really are and everything will fall into place.

Tricia: Nikki, that is really good advice for those just starting to explore their abilities. Thank you for your time and letting us glimpse into your personal intuitive journey. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Nikki:  It is never too late to begin the Spiritual Journey of Self Discovery.  Everything happens for a reason and we ALL have these gifts. We are so much more than our physical bodies, we just need to go within.

Tricia: If anyone would like to know more about your Reiki Healing services and help with end of life transition, how do they contact you?

Nikki: You may contact me through my email address:

Tricia: Mahalo, Nikki