The ABC's of Your 123's ~H is for Heart's Desire~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
H is for Heart’s Desire
Using Name Numerology to Discover Your Heart’s Desire

We will learn how to calculate your Hearts Desire and you will get a brief interpretation of your own heart’s desire.  We need to understand this article coming into your hands means you are ready for this information. Know that when the student is ready the teacher arrives.

To make room for your Heart’s Desire it would be a good idea to consider letting go of somethings.

Here are some ideas:  
Let go of  sarcasm and say what you mean.
Let go of  one thing that is not good for your body.
Let go of using angry words at pets or children.
Let go of being in a hurry.
Let go of violent news, movies, games or hobbies.

How do we let go of some of this stuff?

Okay, now it is time to get positive, some of that stuff I listed just goes away without much effort just by:

being mindful

setting intentions

day dreaming

I believe very much in the law of attraction. You know ‘birds of a feather’. If you want to create more love, peace and harmony, it needs to expand off you. This is a potent time for such attraction as the year 2018 is about illuminating. A light will be shown on areas of your life you will need to attend to. Taking a few moments to explore your heart’s desire will go a long way to set the tone.

If you already know what type of things you desire, take a few moment, right now to write them down. What does the world look like to you? What does your employment feel like? How do you enjoy your time? If you would like some help or would like to expand on your thoughts…THINK BIG, like beyond your wildest dreams. This is where it helps to look at your numerology, to help you think big. Your Hearts Desire number more specifically, also known as the Soul’s Urge or Motivation number describes how you make decisions and the way you act.


To find your Heart’s Desire, add all the vowels in your full name. (This is numerology, the concept that numbers have meaning.) It is fun to see the different energy that is created when you do your birth name and a name change. For instance, my Heart’s Desire went from an 8 energy to an 11 energy with Gunberg as my last name. I didn’t know this at the time but, I am glad I made the name change. “Visionary who wants to be surrounded by like people” which is the 11 energy and my new heart’s desire.

Here is the conversion chart:

Number Letter Chart.JPG


Now that you have your Hearts Desire number look below for the energy of the number. If you have my book “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness” the word list for each number starts on page 8 (Amazon eBook for only $3.99, click here). You can also schedule a reading with me.

                                 HEART’S DESIRE NUMEROLOGY

1 wants to be a leader and is ambitious

2 craves love and understanding, prefers to be in partnerships

3 loves an audience, many friends and to be surrounded by beauty

4 needs structure, order and rules, wants to work to help others

5 must have variety, personal freedom, and new opportunities

6 desires to create harmony and family, to right all wrongs

7 wants to dream and meditate, want to avoid: noise, menial work, physical discomfort & confusion

8 desires big business, getting things done

9 requires knowledge, wants to teach, counsel and serve humanity

May you make room for your Heart’s Desire and allow it space to grow.

Love and Light,