The ABC's of Your 123's ~ J is for Joy ~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
J is for Joy  
Using Numerology to see your Joy


Chinese Proverb:

One joy scatters one hundred griefs.


You bring joy to the world my beautiful friend.

Add all the digits of your birthday to a single digit to discover how you bring joy to others.

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Look for the single digit below. 


1- you bring joy with your uniqueness.

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2- your deep compassion and sensitivity brings people joy.

3- your ability to creatively express yourself brings those around you so much joy.

4- people can count on you, this gives them a sense of peace and joy.

5- you inspire joy in people with your sense of adventure.

6- your unconditional love draws people to you to fill their heart with healing and joy.

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7- your enthusiasm for knowledge motivates the same joy in others.

8- your generosity fills people with joy.

9- you’re fun loving whimsy brings people joy. 



Be in your joy.

Be yourself.

We need you.


Love and Light,