Poetry Contest Winner

Back in April, I posted a poetry contest. Here is your winner. This poem is based on the Love vs. Fear theme. Frankly, we make too many decisions based on fear. Author, Wendy Servi  lends us some thoughtful questions to get us thinking about how we make our decisions.  

What if?
Am I meant to do that and not this?
What if?
Should I be here or there or somewhere in between?
Should I try something new for sake of failure?
What if?
Do I take a risk of judgment by others?
Do I show weakness, and shut off my pride?
What if?
What if I did?
What if I chose my place from love?
What if I simply love the path I'm on?
What if I chose love of myself which surpasses all judgment?
What if?
What if my choices are backed by love and not stopped by fear?
What if?

By: Wendy Servi

Mahalo, Wendy for your submission and sharing your gift. I especially like, "What if I chose love of myself which surpasses all judgment?" Brilliant!

Love and Light,