What is your Super Power?

Add up all the digits of your birthday, or the date of your businesses birthday (date on your tax license) to find out your Super Power. There is much more information to gleam on this one number but it will give you a good start. 

If this is your business Life Path number. It shows you the goals, direction and energy of your business. Use the word to inspire you to look at your business differently. 

If you have Life Path 1 - is your business really unique? What part of your business is unique? Life Path 2- can you be more sensitive? Can your own intuitive abilities help you with your work? Life Path 3- can you use creative expression to support your business? Have you explored all the ways this can be done? Life Path 4- are you organized enough? Life Path 5- are you adjusting to changes or resisting them? Life Path 6- how can compassion be part of what you do?  Life Path 7- truth and honest is part of what you do- are you good at this? Life Path 8- do you use your talents to help others manifest? Life Path 9- does your business inspire others? 

Numerology super power by Tricia Gunberg.gif

Love and Light,