Interviews to Awaken the Mind (I AM)

 ~Interviews with Intuitives~

To provide guidance to those who are becoming familiar with their intuitive abilities this platform offers a look into how others have come to know and work with their abilities. The universal energy (available to everyone) that is referred to here as “Intuitive”, comes in many forms. We will describe and discus them here.

This month I welcome Michelle Gabbe, PhD, author, Personal Development Coach, and editor at Conscious Life News. Her approach to Coaching is a combination of EFT (tapping) skills Akashic Record reading, NLP, Ho'oponopono, and PS-TEC. Michelle's Numerology is a 37/10. Her “3” energy is unmistakable in her ability to express herself. Awareness of her evolving intuitive wisdom is that “7” energy working. Michelle is truly creating higher forms of healing, beauty and inspiration that is her life path.  After living in Hong Kong and getting much of her spiritual training there, she has stopped briefly in Hawaii and will soon to be on her next adventure to the mainland.  Michelle and I share the same Numerology as well as the initial reluctance to talk our intuitive abilities. I’m honored she is in my life and excited that she is here with us today.
 A common thread in my interviews and with conversations with intuitive people is their reluctance to talk about their abilities. A veteran of twenty years in health and healing, Intuitive healer Caroline Myss had this to say about it:
               "...I did not understand myself well enough to pinpoint why I avoided any association with healing and clung to the professions of "writer" and "teacher" as if they were designer labels. Now, as I look back at that attitude, I have no doubt that my comfort with those labels was based on the fact that I never had to explain the occupation of writer and teacher, whereas describing myself as a medical intuitive always required a lengthy and exhausting description. It still does."
                                                     Quote from: A Mystic's Introduction to Healing
If Caroline Myss had a hard time explaining herself, it is no wonder the rest of us do too! But Michelle does a superb job describing her intuitive path!

Aloha and welcome Michelle, thanks for being here. Could you share your intuitive abilities and how you first experienced them? 

My early understanding was that a person that truly had intuitive abilities could articulate them, write about them, explain then and teach them. Since I couldn’t do that I didn’t consider myself having any intuitive abilities. I think that the more I remove my own crap  the easier I can let more in. My training in Akashic records and reading about Edgar Casey inspired me to open up to the idea.

So now that you have been challenging answers for Akashic Records for several years, could you share how that is evolving? How do feel about it?

At first, I felt almost like a skeptic playing with a ouija board - secretly hopeful and excited, but also full of doubt! I put a number of restrictions on the readings - had to be done at a certain time of day, answers jotted down by hand, and I only addressed beings that were mentioned in the opening/closing prayer I'd found in a book, i.e the Lords, Masters and Loved Ones. It reminded me of the way I felt when praying to my idea of 'God' as a child: old wise dude high above in a skyward heaven generously extending some time to talk down to little old me. The initial readings took a long time, and felt stilted, probably because I was distractedly trying to critique and analyze the answers as they came. Eventually I started asking the Akashic Records Keepers about themselves and about what rules were genuinely important for my readings. They encouraged me to see their guidance regularly, and to remember that they are always there, not just when I've scheduled an official reading. More and more, I feel that these Akashic beings, which now include what I sense are spirit guides and angels and archangels, are gathered around me, and that the sounds of the answers are generated from a source that exists everywhere rather than just from above. They feel like the most loving, supportive group of friends! I no longer worry about whether or not the answers and guidance that I receive on behalf of clients is authentic and real, or that it will make sense to them. I simply wait until I feel strongly that I'm clear and capable of opening myself to receiving messages to the best of my ability that day. Trusting that the clients will find meaning in their reading allows me to relax and let the words flow freely.

I love how you described your relationship with your guides. You were saying that your training in Akashic records was just a guideline at first and you made it your own. Have you apply that philosophy in other ways? This could be a reason many people don’t explore Spiritual things, as they might do it wrong, what do you think?  

I have an old pattern of setting high expectations for authoritative people and established ways of doing things. But when you put ideals on pedestals, they're bound to fall off. There has always been the initial assumption that everyone else knows more and can do it better that I can. If there wasn't a proven step-by-step method for how to do something, I was afraid to act. It held me back in writing, in communicating business presentations, the way I would conduct sessions - you name it. Now in my forties, what I'm finally realizing is that no one technique or dogmatic theory is superior to me and my ideas - the world is big enough to accommodate and honor the contributions of all of us. My nature is to question and fiddle with everything - from spiritual practices and parenting philosophies, to recipes and gardening methods - and nowadays I just run with it all. Whether or not my tweaking results in an actual improvement, I enjoy the learning process!

Could you talk briefly about Ho oponopono, how you apply it to your life and your work.

I think of Ho'oponopono as a meditative prayer - pure and profound. It's easy for me to get overwhelmed by all the suffering and injustice in the world, especially when I'm spending a lot of time finding content for ConsciousLifeNews. About 5 minutes repeating the Ho'oponopono phrases 'I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You' helps me to remember that everyone living on this Earth - past, present and future -  is co-creating our shared reality. Everything is happening just as it should be, in perfect time, and there is no benefit to arguing with what is, as Byron Katie would say. 
In session work, integrating the Ho'oponopono phrases into the EFT tapping rounds works really well for clearing out anger and resentment especially. Sometimes we know we should let another person off the hook, if only for our own healing, but we're just not ready to 'go there!'  Ho'oponopono seems to help people see a part of themselves reflected in the behaviors of others - an important step for personal growth.

What advice to have for those just finding out about their intuitive abilities for the first time?

Firstly to recognize that intuitive messages come in many forms. We all have dominant energy channels for communicating with the world, and for receiving love and information. If it isn't already clear to you that you're primarily oriented to the visual or kinesthetic, auditory or auditory-digital, take a few of the many online tests for 'learning types'. And try to remember back to times in your life when you had a knowingness that a person or a situation just wasn't right for you, and later it was confirmed that your hunch was correct. How did you know? Was it a voice, a premonition of how things would turn out, or a feeling - a chill or a twinge - someplace in the body? Start making a habit of asking your intuitive self for advice. Give him/her a face or a voice that you find pleasing and admirable. You might not get answers right away, but it's a good way to signal that part of you that it's time to reawaken!

How can people contact you for an Akashic reading or coaching?

They can contact me by email at or send a Skype contact request to michelle.gabbe. I offer a free introductory telephone/video consult. 

Mahalo for your time Michelle!
Love and Light,


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