Copy of Q and A Saturday- July 27, 2019

What are the biggest differences between a good psychic and a great psychic?

Tricia Gunberg, Intuitive Healer at Self-published Author (2011-present)

Answered Jan 5

BIGGEST DIFFERENCE: method and delivery…oh, and price. Note: I would not judge psychic by price.

I say this because both my method and delivery have changed for me drastically over the last nine years. My first several numerology readings were hand written and only $25! I had to look everything up (second guessing myself) and I questioned every ‘intuitive’ hit I got. In addition, I did a lot of ‘editing’ of the words I heard. Now, I have mini general readings prerecorded and offer it to you for only $5, just send me an email request.

I have a firm belief that any psychic you are guided to spend time with will have an important message for you. Does the depth of detail differ from someone just starting to learn the craft then a psychic who has been doing readings for three decades? - Certainly. Does that matter? Hell no.

BUT, there is a caveat-

It is just as important that the person being read is open to the information and the method. (Sometimes I scan people with my hands…most are okay with this, some freak out a bit.)

If you think someone is NOT qualified, they are not.
If you are drawn to someone and think they have something to offer- they will.


Here is an example:

Two years ago, while I was making the rounds on my book launch, I gave free readings with a purchase of my book. The reading was for a friend of a friend. She sat with her arms folded (my first clue that she was not fully open), I was getting something about ‘mother’ as I did an intuitive Health and Wellness Numerology Reading. This confused me because I usually get health related information, thus the title. I asked her some questions to get clarity on the message, to which she said, “I am to ask you questions, you are not to ask me questions.”(Second clue she was not open.) I said one more thing about her mother and she said, “My mother is a bitch and has nothing to do with what I need.” So with this final statement I stopped giving her a psychic reading and gave her a numerology reading. She didn’t want to hear what I had to say, she didn’t like my method and decided I was not very good at what I do.

You will find the guidance you need, Leslie? I am hearing the word “TRUST”. Do you need to trust yourself or others?

Love and Light,