October 2015 Gree Guidance

The time has come to stop hiding the truth from yourself. This is referring to things about ourselves we don’t want others to know. What do we hide from others? Think for a moment.

When we hide things we think we are protecting ourselves. The ego mind works very hard to accomplish this. Our ego tells us not to reveal our true selves, that it wouldn’t be safe to do so.  Truth is not handled well by all. It is similar in nature as freedom. (link to freedom post)  A toddler cannot have the run of the house. A dog cannot have the run of a neighborhood. Many Hollywood stars cannot handle the freedom their money gives them.  In order to face some truth with-in ourselves, we need to clear a space for it. Allow it to come forward. An eating disorder is a symptom of a truth. An addiction is the cover of truth. It takes a lot of hard work to cover our truths. It is so much work to cover our truths, it makes us tried. It really is less work to allow your truth to emerge.  Just as freedom takes responsibility, intellect and respect, so does truth. It takes strength to see the truth and even more strength to be vulnerable with it. This strength and willingness will not make you tried, it will set you free.

         Are you ready to add some truth to your life? Read on brave ones, read on.

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9" to find the Numeroscope message.

1 Life Path- (Creativity and Confidence)- when you calculate what it is to have the truth, the positive effects are not easily seen. But when you calculate hiding the truth, you won’t understand its magnitude until it is too late. The truth will set you free. What truths are you hiding?

2 Life Path-(Cooperation and Balance)- If a 2 wants some truth in their life they just need to ask for it from themselves. Your children hiding things? What do you hide? Your spouse not being completely straight forward? What is it that you don’t want anyone to know about? You can begin to let some of the ‘truth’ out in little increments and see what happens.

3 Life Path- (Expression and Sensitivity) – Threes are better at hiding the truth than others. Generally this is because they are a bit insecure. You can trust a 3, but be careful, they only disclose about themselves what they think is safe. The best parts of them, they keep hidden. Not out of selfishness but because they don’t understand how wonderful their truth is.

 4 Life Path- (Stability and Process) – You can trick a 4, but a four cannot trick you. They are straightforward and if everyone had a 4 in their numerology then life would be free and open. But a 4 needs to understand that not everyone is so forthcoming. Not because they need to keep secrets but because fear keeps the truth hidden. Be kind to those who you know have trouble with sharing the truth.

5 Life Path- (Freedom and Discipline) – Fives love drama and they might stretch the truth a little to get it. Know that if a 5 has told a ‘lie’ about you it was for this reason. They truly don’t intend to hurt, they just like a little ‘Days of Our Lives’ going on in their daily life. Be aware of this if you are a 5. Your stories may seem, fun or funny, but for those that are your subjects, it is no laughing matter. 

6 Life Path- (Vison and Acceptance) – We can do some damage with the words we chose. It is best when a 6 wants to share a truth, it be about themselves first. Like the proverbial glass house, you won’t throw a stone/truth when you know how much the truth hurts. Find your truth, be brave and share it.

7 Life Path- (Trust and Openness) – Your middle name needs to be “truth”. The truth you seek is not really about yourself per say but more about the things you seek to know. Do you have a secret desire to go back to school or take a class? Whatever knowledge you seek, indulge yourself, there is a reason for it.

8 Life Path- (Abundance and Power) – A wealth of truth is headed your way. If you are concerned about how you’ll handle it, look back. When the truth has found you before, how did you react? You are ready this time. It will not blindside you. You are ready and you will be turning these truths to gold (reread August 2015)

9 Life Path- (Integrity and Wisdom)- If only you could get paid for all the truths you told. If you cannot get paid to be honest, let it be a lesson. Not everyone, everywhere has trouble with the truth but until you come clean with all the truth you cease to tell, an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay will allude you.

Send my support to you as you take this road to finding your truth and as always,

Love and Light,


Open Your Heart So You Can Blossom!

When the heart is not open to the experience of love, it cannot move on from there. When we are given opportunities to express our love and we do not take them, we are sending out the energy that we do not want love. Love is important because it is in the pursuit of it that we find ourselves. We can only truly love ourselves if we believe we are lovable.

Unfortunately for many this may never be a reality.

Some will not feel love in their heart. This is unfortunate, not only because love feels so good but because love does really set us free. It sets us free to make decisions, to make a life we want and to care for ourselves.  To consider that we do not love, is unrecognizable to many people. They think they love themselves yet they repeatedly sabotage themselves with deprecating acts. While it is easy for us to point out ways that seem self-deprecating in others, we rarely see it in ourselves. This is our ego hard at work. The ego doesn’t want us to see those things we do. In a way this is actually helpful. For many of us, realization of our behavior could be devastating. 

In the act of reaching for enlightenment, in any form, we start to notice some of these injustices that we have served ourselves. The next step is to do something about it. It is called honoring yourself. Much of what we cover up has been shielded so long that it takes layer after layer of removing the superficial stuff to get to the real stuff.  The act of removing layers is practice so that you can prepare for the more difficult area. The gooey center, which has been coated in all those layers, (not to mention chemicals) is what it is really all about.

That gooey middle is our salvation. How long does it take to get to the gooey middle? This depends on many factors. How badly you want to get there. How willing you are to see the ugly truth and mostly, how you plan to go about it. There are so many approaches, like all the volumes of books that Hay House puts out. Each of those authors found a unique way to search for their gooey middle. Some were forced through crazy hardships, others from health problems and still others from backgrounds that forced it upon them.

Do you seek ‘enlightenment’? Or if that word is outrageous to you, do you seek just a different way of doing things? Or finding yourself? One simple question can help you. You can use it as often as you would like. It will start your ball rolling in a different direction. The question is quite simply, “What can I do next?” Throw it out there like a boomerang, expecting you will get information back.  

Now that you know a simple solution to getting yourself headed in a different direction, why not take that first step? You will be fascinated at what direction it takes you. This is an exciting journey, a journey that will lead to the garden of your beautiful soul. Along the way, you will get glimpses of the your beauty, as it was always there. The beauty of your soul in love. The beauty of your true self. The beauty of love that has been but a seed and is now blossoming. You have so much to gain on this new journey.

Be well my friend and as always,

Love and Light,