Open Your Heart So You Can Blossom!

When the heart is not open to the experience of love, it cannot move on from there. When we are given opportunities to express our love and we do not take them, we are sending out the energy that we do not want love. Love is important because it is in the pursuit of it that we find ourselves. We can only truly love ourselves if we believe we are lovable.

Unfortunately for many this may never be a reality.

Some will not feel love in their heart. This is unfortunate, not only because love feels so good but because love does really set us free. It sets us free to make decisions, to make a life we want and to care for ourselves.  To consider that we do not love, is unrecognizable to many people. They think they love themselves yet they repeatedly sabotage themselves with deprecating acts. While it is easy for us to point out ways that seem self-deprecating in others, we rarely see it in ourselves. This is our ego hard at work. The ego doesn’t want us to see those things we do. In a way this is actually helpful. For many of us, realization of our behavior could be devastating. 

In the act of reaching for enlightenment, in any form, we start to notice some of these injustices that we have served ourselves. The next step is to do something about it. It is called honoring yourself. Much of what we cover up has been shielded so long that it takes layer after layer of removing the superficial stuff to get to the real stuff.  The act of removing layers is practice so that you can prepare for the more difficult area. The gooey center, which has been coated in all those layers, (not to mention chemicals) is what it is really all about.

That gooey middle is our salvation. How long does it take to get to the gooey middle? This depends on many factors. How badly you want to get there. How willing you are to see the ugly truth and mostly, how you plan to go about it. There are so many approaches, like all the volumes of books that Hay House puts out. Each of those authors found a unique way to search for their gooey middle. Some were forced through crazy hardships, others from health problems and still others from backgrounds that forced it upon them.

Do you seek ‘enlightenment’? Or if that word is outrageous to you, do you seek just a different way of doing things? Or finding yourself? One simple question can help you. You can use it as often as you would like. It will start your ball rolling in a different direction. The question is quite simply, “What can I do next?” Throw it out there like a boomerang, expecting you will get information back.  

Now that you know a simple solution to getting yourself headed in a different direction, why not take that first step? You will be fascinated at what direction it takes you. This is an exciting journey, a journey that will lead to the garden of your beautiful soul. Along the way, you will get glimpses of the your beauty, as it was always there. The beauty of your soul in love. The beauty of your true self. The beauty of love that has been but a seed and is now blossoming. You have so much to gain on this new journey.

Be well my friend and as always,

Love and Light,