June and the Energy of the number six: love, perfection and luxury


Numerology of June, The Energy Garden

Numerology of June, The Energy Garden

What can the number 6 teach us this June?

 June, the 6th month reminds us about love.

The number 6 is about unconditional love specifically. If you are a 6 Life Path, unconditional love is your Super Power.

Think about that.

Unconditional love.

What does it mean to you?

Think about the statement, “There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you.”

How would that feel if someone said that to you? Doesn't the word unconditional feel like there are no conditions in which the love will stop coming.

I like that idea.

It feels very uplifting to me, very freeing, very much like I can’t make a mistake.

 Another aspect of the number 6 is PERFECTION, which feels like the opposite of unconditional love.  All the digit of my first name add to a 6. (See charts below to see if you have a 6 somewhere.) On a good day, this means I am oozing with love for everyone and everything. On a ‘not so good’ day, my idea of perfection makes me so nuts I get on my own nerves and there is no love for anybody. It will stop me from posting a blog page or sharing something I created, or expressing my feelings. Often, I need to tell myself, “It’s good enough.” or “Everything is as it needs to be.” My husband has a saying, “It’s good enough for the girls I go with.” I like this because, who wants to be around someone that thinks nothing is good enough?

Numerology of the number 6, The Energy Garden

Numerology of the number 6, The Energy Garden

Do you have an expectation of love or define some aspects of it as perfect? I often wonder about my drive to be perfect and think part of my motivation could be an erroneous belief.  I believe I need to be perfect in order to receive love. If I fail, or don’t get it right, I will disappoint people and they will not like me or love me.

Can you suspend your idea of love for a few moments? First, consider how others show you they love you. For example, moms and grandmas are notorious for showing their love with food. When you say ‘no thank-you’ to their offerings in order to honor yourself (you’re not hungry or you’d prefer to eat something else) this may come across as rejecting their love. PDA’s are another example. Some people are really offended when they see/receive affection in public. For other’s, nothing says “I love you” like getting fondled in front of strangers.

Does is mean that grandmas and 'perverts' show their love wrong?

It’s not for me, or you to decide, unless you are on the giving or receiving side of either of those scenarios and it's not working for you…….    

Secondly, do you show yourself love?  Separate your mind from your body or look at yourself as an observer.  What does love feel like to you? How do you like to experience love? How do you show yourself love? I ask this important question because of how often I am shown this in others while doing readings. People claim they love themselves, “Well of course I love myself”, as if I am asking them a silly question. When I suggest they spend time alone each day or take up a creative outlet they say, “I don’t have time for that.” In the same breath they will also sigh and say, “I wish.” I see this over and over.  As if self-sacrifice is going to get them to heaven and the drudgery they call life needs to be tolerated and not enjoyed.

Another thing about the number 6 is, it carries the energy of luxury. Do you put off doing something for yourself because you think it is a luxury? Either time or money can feel like a limiting factor. What is luxury to you? A massage? Pedicure? Golf?  A good book? A nap? Time alone?     

How much luxury do you allow? Do you seek it out? Do you provide it for yourself? And, if you’re not providing it for yourself in some way, how can you expect others or the Universe to know what you want and how you want it?

You can further investigate by doing a Body/Mind check:

According to Louise Hay and numerous intuitive readings I have done, the feet represent the understanding of ourselves, of life and others. The ankles represent inflexibility and guilt as well as the ability to receive pleasure. If you have issues with either of these body parts consider the message your body is sending you. 

Another body/mind connection from her book, Heal Your Body, relates heartburn to fear. Since all emotions are either love or fear, it seems obvious to me that heartburn is the heart actually burning for more love.

I often find my body/mind connections on the mat. As synchronicity would have it, I stopped half way through this post to go to yoga. The message at yoga: “Enjoy the process, do not be hung up on the goal.” I chuckled at this as I know this is a sticking point for me with my work (note my 6 energy of my name is about how I behave at work). The message wasn’t completely clear for me, I soon discovered.  Half way through class I was experiencing some knee pain. The teacher sensed something was wrong and asked me what was going on. I thought for a few minutes. “I think I am trying too hard.” I was completely aware in an instant that my mind was on getting my legs in the ‘correct’ position….being perfect!...I was not enjoying the yummy stretch nor appreciating my own improvements. I backed off on the next attempts and the pain disappeared.   

Love, unconditional or not is so much of our human existence. Are you getting enough of the kind you want? Are you allowing luxurious moments and enjoying the process of things? If not, no worries, you can make the change.

Here are some ideas from my book. This is health and wellness advice for Life Path 2 but, good for anyone with a 2 and all around good advice for everyone.

               This is page 35 of  Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness,  Tricia Gunberg

               This is page 35 of Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness, Tricia Gunberg

Here are some areas where the number 6 can be in your chart, using your DOB or your name.

Birthday – In this example the 6 is present in 3 digit Life Path

Numerology for July, 4 1959 DOB The Energy Garden

Numerology for July, 4 1959 DOB The Energy Garden


In this example the 6 is the Life Path

              Numerology for DOB July 1, 1951 The Energy Garden

              Numerology for DOB July 1, 1951 The Energy Garden

For a full interpretation of your numerology, book a session with me. You can also get journaling prompts from my book, “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness” or order one of my journaling products.

Use this chart to calculate the numerology of your name.  Chose the correct number for each letter then add them.

T  R  I  C  I  A  is  2+9+9+3+9+1=33,  3+3=6

I use Numerology for Healing by Michael Brill to interpret the meaning of name numerology. I have included some here.

Assigning numbers to letters to get the energy of any word.  The Energy Garden

Assigning numbers to letters to get the energy of any word.  The Energy Garden

(Italicizes text from Numerology for Healing by Michael Brill)

First name:
·         physical self
·         health
·         finances
·         professional relationships
·         how you behave at work
Consciously working with this energy can open the doorway to your soul’s purpose.
Middle Name:
·         emotional self
·         how you behave in relationships
·         what you seek in a partner
Last Name:
·         relationship with your birth or adopted family
·         lessons you learn from each other
·         a guide for your spiritual direction
Full Name:

Represents ‘the face the world sees’ and the type of work preferred.

For a full Numerology interpretation email (the energy garden at outlook dot com) to book a session with me. You can also get journaling prompts from my book, “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness” or order one of my journaling products.

Love and Light of the Unconditional kind,


Section on name numerology from Numerology for Healing was reprinted with permission.




Meditation.....Raccoons and Truth

Numerology of the words:
Raccoons (33/6)  and the Truth (24/6)

6= unconditional love. It is nice to see that truth and love are energetically related by the numbers. An important part of my journey has been to find the truth about myself through numerology. I began to love myself more as more of my truth was revealed to me.

Back story: Truth is part of the energy of number 7.  
I have been working on this truth thing
for a    l   o  n  g   time because I’m a 37/10 Life Path.

What do these seemingly unrelated things have in common?

Or should I say, what can raccoons teach us about truth?

Currently working on a blog post about lies I tell myself, I assumed there was something beyond the obvious “the masks we wear” so, I did a bit of digging.

According to SpiritAnimal.com, raccoons could represent an aspect of your personality and make you aware of unsavory behavior. (Lying to myself does feel unsavory once revealed.) Your self-awareness is letting you know that you are being dishonest with yourself.  

This fit perfectly for me but, I kept digging, it just seemed too obvious.

From Spiritsymbols.com, I found out raccoon is symbolic of the generous protector. “This creature is the little bandit of the animal kingdom, always looking out for family and tribe, helping the less-fortunate even if that means stealing from the rich, to feed the poor. When raccoons go on a raiding party they always give the best finds to the lookout.”

This sounds so nice to me, being so generous to those around you. Well, not stealing from the rich but, giving the best you find. Like when I make a perfectly toasty, melty sandwich and give it to my husband. I want to eat it myself but it’s nice for him to have a perfect sandwich too! I struggle with how much of my work I give away. It feels good to share and then I get entrepreneurs saying, “You need to value yourself. If you don’t value yourself by charging, no one will value your work or you! Charge what you are worth.”

Oi, can’t I just be a raccoon and give the best bits to my lookout?  

 And my most favorite morsel I found on the symbolism of raccoons from earthmagic.net:

“We have everything we need.”

 I have been using this mantra for some time now, trying to get this Law of Attraction business down AND I do prefer to stay positive. I also believe, with all my heart, that I would not be getting all these ideas if they weren’t meant for me to share. My soul tells me; creative ideas and the resources to bring those creative ideas to others come from the same place. It just seems logical to me.

Or …..am I lying to myself and use it as an excuse not to charge people for my work?

Now we are getting somewhere. I find many truths as I meditate. Often playing the game, “Try that on for size”. I pick a scenario, run it through my head and see how it feels.
Today I will meditate on the following:                            

·         give all my work away, not charge for anything.

·         charge more for what I do and charge for everything.

My suggestion for your meditation practice using the raccoon for a guide; try the visualization game I just mentioned and ask yourself these questions:

    Do I live in truth?

            More important…

                       Do I live my truth?

                               Increasingly important….

                                         What is the truth about me NOW?   

The now part is important too as your truth can change. Also, the truth is, only you can discern the truth about yourself for yourself. You can go looking for clues, support and guidance….all self-actualization tools are good(especially my book!)….but, ultimately only YOU know what is true for you. This is the reason meditation is so important. It allows you to watch your thoughts without judging them. (Watch Dr. Myss TedTalk on “Choices” for more on truth and its effect on your health.)

Here are some examples. Do you think these people are living their truth?

·         A person volunteering to lecture about how to take care of the environment and makes  a living selling stock of companies who pollute the environment.  

·         A mother who does yoga and meditates every day and yells at her children and belittles  them.

·         A lightworker who preaches veganism at every turn because of its violence to animals     but attends resistance marches.   

·         A yoga studio owner who refuses to give a class credit on an expired coupon because, “Yoga is a lifestyle, not something to try out.”

·         Having a few beers on a Sunday while watching football and attending meditation on Wednesday.

Do you think these people are living their truth?

Sorry that was a trick question. It might be easy to judge these examples but it is not our business to do so. I merely point them out so you allow yourself what YOU need. Do you need to give up beer to meditate? Do you need to commit to  yoga every day  to even consider it? Can you insert a few vegan meals a week and not say anything to anyone about it? Can you use yoga and meditation to calm yourself cuz your kids drive you batty and you lose it once in a while?

This is your path. This is your journey. How do you feel about yourself and your choices?

Someone close to me joked that they would like to see me talk about meditation with a beer in my hand. Part of me likes that idea. Some people make this spirituality and self-actualization journey so pious it gets a bit annoying. Can we be real, make money, use a few cuss words and live a spiritual life?

Shit, beer and meditation are equally delicious to me! But like lemon and chocolate, I don’t mix them because then I wouldn’t enjoy either of them.  

If you have been seeing that masked bandit, there is a bit more about him below.

May truth set you free, may you love yourself enough to allow it.   


Love and Light,



 If you happen to see a repeat of the raccoon or your are obsessed with them (scared to death of them perhaps?) : You have an insatiable curiosity which can occasionally blind you to the dangers of exploring what you are interested in and you thrive on new experiences and new activities. You are an excellent problem solver and have a great deal of ingenuity in solving puzzles and mysteries. You are calm and serene under pressure and often calculating in your response to chaos