Part Two       (Part One)

Addiction is a pent up energy. When energy is not used, it needs to find a place to go. As you know energy we perceive as stress can create the weirdest aliments as well as addictions.This can be any addiction; to electronics, sugar, and caffeine. Does it really matter what it is you are addicted to? Some may believe that an addiction to exercise or work is a  good thing or being addicted to certain foods is okay but drugs, tobacco and alcohol- is much worse. When an energy is used in a way that does not serve our highest and best good- it does not matter what the substance.  How can we tap that same energy in a more practical way? Reducing stress seems the obvious answer but even if your life is not stressful you still need to move your body to keep it healthy.   

What if you could find out what the energy is inside of you and trade not so beneficial behaviors for beneficial ones ? Even if it is for just a few minutes? Would you? Instead of thinking you can have a drink, cigarette or a new video game- think about what you can have instead. 

Resistant to exercise? My yoga teacher describes the sensation you achieve while stretching as “freedom calling.” So take that feeling of resistance and rename it “freedom calling.” Why not apply that to the rest of your life. (More on the beauty of Freedom click here.)

More ideas based on your Life Path number:

1 Life Path- Yard work: washing the car, raking leaves, etc. Build an easy obstacle course in your yard, living room or pool (kids do help you feel less inhibited). Also if you have a fitness membership check to see if a room is available between classes and set up a course using their equipment.  See below for workout ideas with kids.

2 Life Path-  Create a music montage for yourself; chose snip-its all your favorites songs that really make you move.  Include stretching and meditation such as *yoga every day can be quiet an undertaking. Try just 5 minutes of each and work your way up.

3 Life Path-  If you’re not ready to dance with other people don’t give up on the idea. Zumba has an app for just $4.99 and there are many others you can try for free. If you are bored of the traditional classes try: belly dancing, pole dancing, “freeze dance”.  

4  Life Path- Boot camp, apps that track your progress for you, CrossFit , or get a trainer to set up a program for you and check on your progress every few weeks.

5 Life Path-  Like to use your hands? Weight lifting, bowling, elliptical, kettlebells, kickboxing, volleyball, martial arts, basketball

6 Life Path-   Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Qigong, Nature walk, Hiking  

7 Life Path- Outdoor chores: raking, shoveling, mowing, washing windows.  Rock climbing, hiking, rollerblading, paddle boarding, skiing,

8 Life Path- Gardening, martial arts, weight lifting, kickboxing, tennis, volunteer work that is physical

9 Life Path- Look deep into your heart, you truly know the answer that is best for you.  What inspires you? If your career/job is not particularly taxing put physical effort into volunteer work like building homes (Habitat for Humanity) or coaching a youth sports team.    

*My thoughts on Yoga

There was a time, not long ago, when I would have rather put a sharp object in my eye than do yoga. Now, I’d be tempted to use that sharp object on anyone who would prevent me from doing yoga.  At first I gave myself permission to stay in class as long as I could stand it, sometimes only 20 minutes. I allowed myself to come late and leave early. I got gruff from my friends in the class but never was questioned by an instructor. Your answer to anyone questioning how long you are in class: “I am trying to do want is best for me.”

I have actually heard people say; “I can’t do yoga because I am not flexible.” This cracks me up.  Your lack of flexibility is the REASON to take yoga. I am sorry you get the impression that everyone who takes yoga is flexible- this is not true. I have had teachers point out, “Tricia you are so flexible in your back and legs but your hips are so tight.” Yes, that is why I am here! Each class is for you and a good yoga teacher can help you get the most of it. If your teacher is not making adjustments on you each class- ask them to. If they won’t make adjustments (verbally or physically)- please,  FIND ANOTHER TEACHER! I have seen veteran yoga instructors get adjustments from other instructors- yes! Do I think they don’t know what they are doing? Hell no and it explains that yoga is a process, a life time long process and you may never get every position perfect. There are oodles of different types of yoga.  Anusara, Ashtanga, Bath Tub Yoga, Bikram, Hatha, Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Natal Yoga, Power Yoga, Iyenger, Restoritive, and Vinyasa.  This is not an exhausted list. My favorite happens to be Restorative. A good description of this type of class (it uses the equipment to support you in yoga possess so that you can melt into them) is “being held by a loving parent.” I describe it as a self-massage because it makes my body feel like I just had a massage, all relaxed and fluid.  

But I have kids! Perfect, work out with them. Make an obstacle course with chalk: skip, hop scotch, jumping jacks, etc. Jump rope, Chinese jump rope (draw two lines on sidewalk) double dutch, T-ball (foam ball set on a safety cone). I haven’t met a kid yet that doesn’t like to play catch but help them be successful by making the object easy to catch. Most any object will do, balled up socks, bean bags, Koosh ball, water balloon, small stuffed animal, as they (or you) get better try a Frisbee or tennis ball.  Make it into a basketball game by using the laundry basket. If the thought of creating something is daunting, get an activity book from the library and let the kids pick.

I don’t have time! Do you have time to be sick? Most of the illnesses today are due to inactivity but you already know this. Please make yourself a priority just as you would in an airplane- put the oxygen on yourself first. One hundred fifty minutes a week is recommended by CDC (Center for Disease Control), make this a goal to work toward. Any amount you do today will benefit you.

But I’m broke! Having a healthier life style leads to less trips to the doctor, less medication, less binge eating- and many more money saving side effects!
                Free work out ideas:

  • Rent work out videos from your local library- get several at a time-sometimes they don’t work
  • Free exercise apps
  • Hit yard sales, offer a price you can afford for equipment you’d like to try  or offer to come back at the end of the day and get it for free
  • Walk
  • Offer to walk your neighbors dogs- or kids!
  • Go to a park and try to do the things you did as a kid, the monkey bars will kick your butt!
  • Ride your kids bike or use the trampoline (please be careful)

Love, Light, Fitness, Balance and Health to all of you!


Mahalo to my yoga instructor- she has helped me stay "balanced"!

Mahalo to my yoga instructor- she has helped me stay "balanced"!