Connecting Intutitive Abilities

My ability to get information (readings in the form of feelings, sensations, visions and sounds) on my Reiki clients came to me this last May, after about 30 healing sessions. In the beginning my Reiki healings were directed by an internal sound signal. With this new communication that my hands were getting, I quickly realized the purpose of my self- induced study of dreams, the body/mind connection, oracle cards and Numerology. In order to make sense of the information I was getting I surrounded myself with all my resources; books, computer, notes and oracle cards. I realize now that those resources were just training wheels.

 At the Angel Intuitive Training in Maui this past weekend, we were asked to turn to our neighbor, exchange names and give a quick reading. I gave my very first reading without my training wheels, followed by many more successful readings done in the same manner.  All of the readings I did were enjoyable, but the second one stands out most in my mind. 

 Susan and I sat facing each other with knees touching. I closed my eyes and began to breath. Telling myself whatever needs to happen will happen. I instinctively raised my hands towards her. (This was my Reiki training kicking in.) As I was telling myself that this was not part of the instructions I was given, immediately I was struck with severe hunger pains. "Are you hungry?" I asked. "Starving," she said. While we discussed this we connected her actual hunger with her emotional hunger. Next, I felt intense heat coming from the top of her head. “Anger,” I said. “Blow your top off anger. Why are you angry?” We were able to talk through it and release it. Most of my Reiki clients report feeling heat from my hands but this was the first time I felt heat. Susan and I talked through a few more “hits”. I checked the top of her head again- the heat had dissipated. With tears in her eyes she thanked me telling me how much better she felt.

 Midway through this reading an awareness came over me that Reiki healing energy was flowing, although I had not called it in. This takes my natural ability to an entirely different level. Note that I did ask Susan if she wanted help healing and releasing but we were using the method that we were instructed to use not “Reiki”. It would appear to me that a higher intelligence- the one that graced me with these abilities-was at work here.

I continue to be amazed by this intuitive journey and what this higher intelligence has in store for me. Having a creative mind that is always coming up with fresh and exciting ideas pales in comparison to what happens when I just allow. Trust me when I say, not figuring out everything and allowing Spirit to guide me is not scary and it is way more exciting than what my brain can come up with.  I am so glad that I am finally getting out of my own way.

With gratitude toward Doreen Virtue and all of her staff , I report to you that making these connections between my healing ability and reading abilities was monumental. Filled with more confidence than ever I am even more eager to help others.

Love and Light,