Poetry Contest

April is Poetry Month

Let's celebrate! You are invited to submit your poetry to The Energy Garden. Please limit your poems to 26 lines. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Make me ponder. Winners will have poems posted here throughout the next several months. No limit on number of poems submitted by each individual. Subjects and deadlines:

                   How people show love/How you show love(without verbalizing it)- deadline: April 21, 2014

                   Dreams (sleep time)- deadline: Monday, May 5 2014 &  Monday, June 2 2014

                   Forgiveness(do you need to forgive or be forgiven?)-deadline: Monday, May 12 2014

                   Fear v. Love- deadline: Monday, May 26, 2014



Email poem with poem subject and deadline in the subject heading. Body of email needs to include your name, city and state, and occupation which will be included with your poem when posted. Attach your poem as a Word document. One poem per email. Winning poems will not be edited. Adding art is optional.
                        Submit entries to  theenergygarden@outlook.com Happy Writing!


A Teenagers Thoughts on Love

Title: What Love Really Can Be
Author: Tricia Gunberg at 14 years of age

Love can be a flower soaking up the sun
Love can be two people having fun         

Love can be a soft blowing breeze         
Love can be a just asking please            

Love can be music to your ears               
             Love can be someone to rid you of your tears    

Love can be given in so many ways        
         Love can be explained in just one little phrase

Love can be walking hand in hand           
         Love can be someone you really understand   

Love can be a sweet feeling inside          
Love  can be very hard to hide                 

Love can be in your heart and mind        
Love can be so hard to find                      

That's what love really can be