Freedom, What are you doing with yours?

The embers of fireworks have smoldered and the streets are void of all parade paraphernalia, take a moment and reflect on what it was all for.  Half of the year has gone by and July embodies the energy of 7 in Numerology which is: spiritual awakening, enlightenment and awareness.

My awareness of “freedom” started coming to me in 2011. The first time the message was presented relating to my life purpose. Even after considering it several times, I disregarded it. My mortgage needed to be paid and I failed to believe that I had the freedom to choose work I truly enjoyed and still have nice things. It soon dawned on me that I had yet to fully enjoy a job for any length of time and it had little to do with having a mortgage. Not being sure what that meant for me, I added it to the list of things I wanted in life: a dream job.

I’ve come to believe that there is enjoyable work out there for me. Since making that leap, serendipitously I am getting clues as to what that work is. Now, all I need is courage. I often hear the quote from Eleanor Roosevelt “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” in my head. It takes courage to stand up for freedom, but you know this already.  

Is there anything in your life that you lack the courage to do? In the book “The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking” by Christopher Hansard, is a list of fourteen freedoms. They are:

Financial freedom

Emotional freedom

Intellectual freedom

Freedom from negative individuals

Sexual freedom

Political freedom

Freedom to choose what you eat

Freedom to educate your children how you wish

Freedom to hold any spiritual beliefs

Freedom from anger, pain, and suffering

Freedom to live your life as you see fit

Freedom to know that you can change your life as you think best

Spiritual freedom that makes your life work

Freedom that you understand and cherish

How many of these freedoms do you encompass? You have the liberty to examine your life, is it a true reflection of who you are? Do you take any of these for granted? Do you have the courage to allow others to follow their freedoms? There is true freedom in knowing who you are and where you are going.

Imagine the wonderful things can you create in your life or in the lives of others if we follow these! Being that 2014 is also a 7 in Numerology, allow this double dose of powerful energy to craft awareness in areas where your life could use a little more freedom. 

Happy Independence Day,