Embrace (brace too) yourself with Numerology


 In previous post I mention the importance of knowing who you are and where you are going. Using a myriad of ways (Astrology, Numerology, Archetypes, Readings, Meditation, and Dream Analysis) to learn about myself has been very helpful. Here is some insight I have gained from the perspective of Numerology. We will look at pinnacles and personal years.

Pinnacles and personal years are the energy you are working with in that set time in your life. It is especially helpful to know when these are occurring. Pinnacles last several years, varying in length. We each have four based on your date of birth. Personal year is determined by adding all the numbers of your current birthday.  If your next birthday is 11/30/2014 = 12, you will start a 3 personal year.  

For instance a 7 is introspective so during a 7 pinnacle you will feel drawn to spend an increased amount of time by yourself. A family member might think you are rejecting them or could think you are depressed. If you know it is a “7” you can give everyone a heads up. During a 9 personal year, some things will come to an end. You can kick and scream or you can understand that things are leaving in order to make room for the new fabulous things that will start in the 1 year that is coming up.

My pinnacles and personal years are as follows:

Birth – 2005  (3 Pinnacle Period) The creative energy of 3 was ever present in my young life. Poetry in high school, interior design, decorating cakes, planning parties, creating displays, closet writing, etc.  The lack of interest in school when I was young (3 energy) was ever present. I didn’t start college until 1998.

In 2004, a “9” personal year, sold house in Wisconsin to make roots in Durango. I had just given up my old way of finding love (9 energy). Stepping out of the box helped me find my current husband of 6 years.

 2005-2014  (11 Pinnacle Period) After a divorce in (’01), graduating college (‘03) and working 50-60 a week,  I began to deeply question everything. The energy of “11” coming upon me, a meditation/reflection in 2004 brought me to Durango, CO. That soul searching lead me to many great people and ideas that catapulted me onto my spiritual path. Not surprisingly, I moved to Hawaii in 2013 to kick off my next pinnacle. Note the almost exact 9 year cycle here.

2013, a “9” personal year, many things fell away but I was aware and had been preparing for it. 2014 is beginning a “1” personal- exciting as many new things will come my way this year.

2014-2023  (5 Pinnacle Period ) Change, Change, Change. Recall that episode of The Brady Bunch when the kids thought they would lose a recording contract because Peter’s voice was changing? It was painful and beautiful.  If a person has not embraced a non-controlling attitude by the time 5 energy comes around, watch out. For me, moving five times over six months in 2014 set my tail to spinning. Current changes in job, income, travel, weather, and relationships keep me on my toes. Most changes are in my own best interest; fun, new and interesting but they can still be stressful! Knowing that freedom and discipline are also the energy of 5, I am aware of which areas of my life need a little more discipline.  Excuse me while I go hide the homemade goodies my mother sent.

2023 will be a “1” personal year so it matches the energy that my life will again be charged with many new beginnings.

2023- until end of life (6 Pinnacle Period ) Ahh, the thought of 6 as the last phase of my life is a comfort. Home again, home again. Love, domestic happiness, success and security. I better get on with enjoying my current 5 energy, it will be gone before I know it. Good thing I embrace being a domestic goddess. I will have time to slow down and take on domestic responsibility come 2023. The next 9 years is slotted for adventure!

If you would like to know a little more about yourself as outlined above, please schedule a reading. I would be happy to help.

Mahalo for the well wishes during the storm. All is well on this side of the island.

Love and Light



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