Numerology Guidance for January, 2016

 The Year 2015 was an 8 Year (2+0+1+5), the number of power and abundance. I had suggested that your thoughts would manifest quickly this year and that you’d get more of what you asked for. How did it turn out? Did you recognize your thoughts manifesting? Were you aware of what was on your mind?

The year 2016 is a 9 year. The 9 being of integrity and wisdom which helps us to bring things to a conclusion, or an end, if you will. This slightly different energy might feel, to some, that the world is falling apart. This is not true.  Understand there is a reason for things coming to an end. If you kept every relationship, every pair of pants, or every job, you’d go truly mad. Besides, you have a heads up and your forward thinking in 2015 (what you wanted more of) blending with your willingness to let things go (2016), will make room for the new beginnings that are waiting for you in 2017 (A 1 Year).

Gaze now into your future by reflecting on your thoughts from last year. You need not be psychic to do this. What was the theme of your thoughts? The ‘theme’ will render itself in the new year. Look below to see specifically what energy you can channel in the new year.  

   Add all the digits of your birthdate to get your Life Path
August, 4 1969
8+4+1+9+6+9=37,  3+7=10,   1+0=  Life Path "1"

Life Path 1-(Creativity and Confidence) What is the worst thing that could happen if you didn’t finish your work? If you were about to finish it and it disappeared? How would you feel about that? You might consider how you would feel if some of your work ‘went away.’ You can look at each piece of your work with this question. Attend to those things you’d like to finish.

Life Path 2- (Cooperation and Balance)Once you have an idea in your head it is hard for you to let it go. If you have something in your head that is not good for you, the Universe will help by taking it from you. Like a good friend who tells you to stop hurting yourself, it will be hard for you to hear. But hear it and understand that it is for your greatest good.

Life Path 3- (expression and Sensitivity)A creative way to make things go away is to pretend there are not there. Well, this can wear you out and cause problems. Try to let the things that do not serve you, go. You need not pretend they are not there, just let them go. If something upsets you, this is your clue to let it go.

Life Path 4-(Stability and Process)  You are best at seeing what is not good for you but how are you at getting rid of it? Do you have old clothes that do not fit? Please donate them. Do you have old relationships that do not feel right? Let those go too. Take small steps and work up to the big things.

Life Path 5- (Freedom and Discipline) You need to let change roll. This is hard for you, you prefer things to stay the same. Just like the 4 Life Path, you’ll need to start with small things, like belongings, you no longer use. Then move to bigger things you have out grown; activities, jobs or people.

Life Path 6- (Vision and Acceptance)You’re the one everyone comes to when their life is falling apart. Where do you go when things are not going well for you? Please ask for support when you need it and understand it will pass. You will hear yourself tell people things that you need to hear, this is no accident.

Life Path 7- (Trust and Openness) The truth will set you free. We said this to some months ago. Truth is important for you and if you are completely honest with yourself, your life will become easier and easier. Be ready, for if you have not embraced the true you, the Universe will bring it to the forefront.   

Life Path 8- (Abundance and Power)The giver of all gifts, generous to a fault. What will you give yourself this year? The permission to not worry? Not work so much? Please consider both of these things as you go into the new year.

Life Path 9- (Integrity and Wisdom) Ever the one who can read peoples thoughts. You have a gift for knowing the unknown. What do you do with this knowledge? Think about how you could share yourself this year. Giving advice is helpful, but could you do more?  

Love and Light
Happy New Year!