February, 2016 Free Guidance

Let’s see how you can add more love into your life. If it were up to me everyone would be required to state each day how they could create more love. Here is your tool for doing that. It would work by picking your favorite number, by using your birthdate or just picking the one that feels right. Scroll to bottom for instructions on using your birthdate.

#1- When you want to add more love all you need to do is decide. You just wake up and say “More love please, show me love.” The love will manifest all day long.

#2- You are love. Yep, you are. It might be buried, so let’s use a shovel. Your tool for the job: action.  All you need to do is show love to others. You will be amazed at the results.

#3- You cannot keep tabs on your expressive nature. It is running wild. You can corral your expression by putting it into a project. The joy it brings you will exude out of you and feel like love to others.

#4- Let’s talk about how you can be better at loving. First, you must be willing. Second, you must want love back. Third, it doesn’t have to look a certain way.  Love could be a quiet dinner, love could be the sound of a bird or the hum of a machine.  

#5- You need not worry that you won’t get back what you put into something. Love is a never ending pool of electric energy, waiting for you to stick your toe in. If you are not feeling love, you have not opened up to it.

#6- Besides the 2 energy which is in you three times (2+2+2= Love+Love+Love), you have a lot of conditions under which you allow this energy to flow. Silly. Love is not conditional. If you have added a condition to your love (giving or receiving) please remove it. Love is for everyone.

#7- When you are ready to share your love, watch out! You are crazy beautiful when you do this. You are like Spock sometimes and think that love is not logical. Balderdash! - love is the only logic.

#8- You have so much of everything, so I know you have love to share. Who do you want to share it with? Concentrate on the “who” don’t worry about anything else.

#9- If you are in need of some serious love, from ANY area of your life (work, spouse, friends, family, a situation) send love to it. Your thoughts, words and actions towards anything in your life is a reflection. Create what you want by sending love to it. You don’t usually require direction but this is one area of your life that you fail to see your influence. Anything you send good wishes to, will be changed to gold. You are a Merlin, your magic is in your intentions, so set some.

Love and Light,


To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would go to "9" to find their love message.