What is your plan for 2016?

Hi I am intuitive healer Tricia Gunberg, here to help those who want to live their best life. Did you know that a person with a Life Path of 3 can solve their insomnia by tapping into the creative and expressive energy of the 3? Did you know that a Life Path 4 is more likely to stick with a fitness regime if they participate in building exercises or setting goals that require a step-by-step process? Or how about the 2 Life Path that can rely on their sensitive nature to align themselves with better health?   I love the insight and energy of numbers! Trust me when I tell you that much of your struggles will fall away when you beginning to understand yourself better.  Finding all of your best qualities will lead you on a path to health and wellness with ease and grace. Yes, with ease and grace.

Want a heads up on how you can have your best 2016? Being that it is energetically a nine year, consider all the things in your life that needs completion or things, relationships, jobs, habits that need to come to end.  Don’t be afraid of the energy, you have a heads up now. In order to live your best year in 2016 you must be ready and willing to Let Go of all that no longer serve you. This will lead you to living your best in 2017, as it radiates with one energy. When you let go in 2016, you make room in 2017, new relationships, for all the new experiences, and all the new possibilities, to serve your greatest and highest good.