My WHY by Tricia Gunberg author of Say YES to Who You Are to Create FITNESS

For my 18th birthday I had received a very expensive gift from one of my friends. It was personalized stationary, my name embossed in scrolly letters on the top of linen paper in the most perfect shade of lavender.  And a really expensive ink pen. You know the kind of pen that feels like it is melting on the page because it is so smooth. The kicker was the note that said “Your words are beautiful and they need to be recorded with equally beautiful instruments.”   

 I had a few clues like this one early on in my life that I was a writer.

I didn’t believe them.

I  didn’t write anything for almost 20 years. And only recently was a closet writer.  

All the while I read about myself in numerology, I hid my writing. I knew that when I added all the digit of my birthday together I am a 37 (which is a Life Path 1.) I have a 3 in my numerology! I know a 3 in Numerology means “On the Stage or on The Page” and “Creative Expression” but it took me a long time to put it together for myself.

  I understand that is what people struggle most with. Okay, I am this, this and this, now what? Tricia I know you told me this about myself but what does it mean? How can I use it? Just as I had done with “Creative Expression” and “On the Stage or on the Page”. Or even my super power: Uniqueness. What does that mean for me? 

I don’t know how fantastic you think being an author of a book is, it feels fantastic to me. But if there is anything so fantastic in your life that you want achieve I know if you find out a couple of things about yourself through numerology, you will be able to achieve it too. If it is Wellness and Fitness you want to achieve, I have broken that down for you so you can.

That brings me to what my book is about. By taking a couple of your attributes from numerology you can create a plan that is specifically for you. As the title implies, “Say YES to Who You Are to Create Fitness,” I believe that if you embrace who you really are you can achieve wellness.

 I used numerology to learn my attributes and published a book. I know that you can empower yourself to achieve anything you want. I ignored that beautiful message my insightful friend gave to me for 20 years, but I was finally able to “hear” the truth through numerology.  I want to help you achieve your goals, your dreams and your desire for wellness and not have it take you 30 years.  

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