Small Business Saturday

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I like home-made gifts. I recall my big sister making me Ziggy ceramics when I was in love with him and figurines cost $20 (that was pricey in 1985!).

Another great gift giving idea is the gift of an experience.

Recently, I heard younger people talk about this concept. It made me happy overhearing a conversation; “Oh, it is Haley’s birthday…but we can’t buy her anything because she only wants ‘experiences’.”

These young people are beginning to understand that time spent with others and in an activity, is a real gift. This is lovely. Personally, I do not need a nudge to do new things, others might. I do however need a nudge to experience new types of healing.. yep me …the Wellness Warrior who speaks of energy healing.It is time for me to dig a little deeper and try different methods. (I share the newest below.)

If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone or know someone who is ready to do the same, I invite you to consider any of the following gift ideas. I’ve included my experience after each suggestion.

Not exactly sure what you need? Book Health and Wellness Life Path reading to find direction and clarity book a session with me.


Island Spirit Day Spa

Intuitive Massage- ask for Ken, he gets intuitive hits but he does not advertise this- just ask him to share if anything comes up.
Hypnosis- Ken also does very comforting and rejuvenating hypnosis sessions.
I had the most relaxing facial ever here at Island Spirit

Yuki Agoot

Hands On Healing Massage-Her hands actually heat up during a session! The heat intensifies where you need it most.

Her massage room is beautiful, quiet and the perfect temperature.


Big Island Yoga Center

Can not say enough about this center located in Kealakekua, next to the library. The last week of each month is my favorite, they do Restorative Yoga.


This sweet little studio gives you the feeling of personal instruction, as if Yuki is your very own personal trainer. If you are considering starting a yoga practice, this is where you need to go. Being in correct alignment is so important and Yuki will watch your every move to insure your safety and comfort.


Angela SSeraphina.jpg

Angela Seraphina- Sex, Love and Relationship Therapist

This is a perfect combination of New Age healing and Clinical support. Angela takes her time with you even before you enter her beautiful space with a very insightful questionnaire. Her sound, crystal and essential oil healing made me feel like I was floating on a cloud. I feel so much love and had very clear visions and connections. You will love her, love the experience and love your self.

Trisha Dolan- Psychic

I have had readings with Trisha regularly for a decade as she is so spot on. She brought me the word Ho ‘oponopono when she herself didn’t know what it meant. She gave me important insight to a health issue I was unaware of and her great sense of humor adds a nice touch to readings.

Trisha is at the WholeExpo in Durango,CO every September. She also conducts her spot-on readings over the phone.

MJ Puleo-Quote-Banner.jpg

Dr. Marijo Puleo

I stumbled onto MJP while looking for podcasts on being Intuitive. The content of her show is incredible; she can step into the science and well as the woo-woo and give clear explanations. Listening to Mindful Living podcast helps me feel normal and her personal readings, done over the phone, will give you quiet a different perspective of your life.

Love and Light and thank-you for supporting small businesses!



In part 2 I will give my recommendations for more small business