The ABC's of Your 123's ~K is for Kids~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s

K is for Kids

Using Numerology to support kids and parents


When an eleven-year-old smiled and hugged me after I told her what her super powers were, I was hooked. Numerology has a way of explaining yourself to yourself, which makes you smile on the inside and the outside. This is a blessing to everyone whom I have shared Numerology. Not only has it helped me write a book and create so much, it has helped me develop many important relationships. The most important one being the one with myself.

I often visualize myself being given this information when I was a kid. Would I have believed it? Would I think the adults around me were nuts if they told me I was going to be an author when my report card said ‘C’ in English? Or if my teacher Mr. Bode told me the Persuasive Speaking class was just a drop in the bucket?  

No matter, even though I might have made a few different choices back then, I now realize how important telling people, all people, special things about themselves they may not ‘know’. Especially kids. Remember the famous “Blue Eyed Experiment” by teacher Jan Elliott? Yes, it was a social experiment on racism but, more importantly it showed kids will act based on how you treat them. Treat them like they are intelligent creatures that are kind and loving and they will be intelligent, kind and loving.  A more up to date example is the’ rice experiment’. First demonstrated by Dr. Emoto, using rice as the receiver, proved that the energy of your words can create a hostile environment.

So glad we have science behind us to prove how effective words are but, do you really need a scientist to tell you some words make you feel better than others?

Numerology gives us the vocabulary; the words children need to hear about themselves. I call these truths, super powers. Since strengths in a small child might not be obvious, Numerology can really help. It describes a person based on the day they were born. Each number has a vibration and when added together gives you meaningful information.

This example is from a book made for a child with the birthdate of June 7, 2015 (6/7/2015) which is considered a 21/3 Life Path.

Here is how we do the math: 6+7+2+0+1+5= 21

Adding each digit of the DOB, we get a 21, adding it again, we get 2+1=3 We write it like this: 21/3

“What a bright, creative and energetic child you have! Every human would benefit from a class that teaches how to express feelings in a direct, honest, and positive way. This will be especially important for your 21/3 child. Her extra sensitive nature will require her to express what she is feeling so those emotions don’t get trapped. Understand that some of what she is feeling could be a reflection of others and not her own. Sensitive people are often like sponges, absorbing other peoples’ feelings/emotions without realizing it. This is why it is important not to judge these feelings, as she may not know/understand where they came from.

Creative energy will need to be expressed just as the feelings/emotions. 

Physical movement will help her in so many ways.

Her sensitivity (2 energy), uniqueness (1 energy) and independence (1 energy) will help her with her Creative Expression (3 energy)

2- Cooperation and Balance – give advice, take advice

1- Creativity and Confidence- abundance of energy demands movement and expression

3- Expression and Sensitivity- Sharing feelings in a direct, positive, and honest manner to uplift others


Here is a formula to use to figure out any Life Path number:

        (Month) + (Day) + (Year) = (Life Path Number)


(______ +______) + (______ +______) + ( _____ + ______ + ______ + ______) =  _______


______ + ______ = ______


In a case where you add those two digits and get another compound number (August 4, 1969 when added together equal 37, 3+7 equals 10, this Life Path Number is written 37/10) leave it like that. This is for simplicity sake. For more information schedule a reading with me or refer to my book, "Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness.”


So how can parents and kids use Numerology?

I have taken some time to simplify Numerology for kids and would like to share with you a few of the activities I have created. If you would like to purchase a personalized book for a loved one, it will be specific to that child. The children’s Numerology books are fun to make, I call them “About Me” and are personalized with the child’s own pictures. Both kids and adults/caregivers get a lot from working the activities provided in the book.

The first exercise begins with discussing feelings, then moved into how to deal with the feelings. Children with a 1(Confidence) will be very independent or be on the other side of the confidence spectrum; so needy and insecure you can’t leave them alone for five seconds.  A child with a 2 (Cooperation) might have trouble sharing and this could cause some upset feelings. Understand it is their nature to be sharing and cooperative. The energy of a 3 (Expression) could cause a little one to have a meltdown when they cannot communicate what’s going on for them.

This first exercise is great for toddlers. They are just getting their chops and do not have the words for what they are feeling. Hell, who are we kidding, most adults cannot articulate their feelings. (Don’t worry I do not cuss in any of my products I make for kids.)

Here is the idea.

Take the birthday and find out their Life Path Number as shown above. This exercise is especially important if a 3 is present. The energy of a 3 is self-expression. Consequently, expressing themselves will likely be a challenge. This factor alone prompted me to create these activities for children.

With the help of an adult, this first exercises about feelings, gives children the opportunity to discuss how they feel. For younger children, adults draw faces into the circles. As the children learn to work a dry erase marker, allow them to draw on the face and discuss how they feel.


Faces for emotion circles About Me.JPG

      I feel happy.       I feel tired.      I feel upset.      I feel okay.      I feel sad.


The circles are for children to draw a face or circle a face of how they are feeling. 

This list of activities is laminated, and children use a wipe off marker to circle or draw face.

These statements can help you get the conversation started. Most toddlers understand what you are telling them, the language they have is what limits their responds.

Ideas for expression:

“I share my feelings.”  

“Mommy and Daddy help me express my feelings.”

“I say, Mom, today I am feeling ______.”

“Dad, when that happens it makes me feel _______.”

“If I have pains in my body, it might be stuck feelings.”

This last statement is especially for the sensitive 2’s and 3’s. (Refer back to the Life Path number you calculated.) As an adult, you know stress causes headaches, stomachaches and other problems. Same as with children, they need your help to make the connections.  This next excersie gives you a plan as what to do when the child has decided how they feel. Since feelings can have a continuum extending ‘happy’ is so nice, as is switching from ‘upset’ to ‘okay’.

Teaching children they have a choice about how they feel is important. In this activity they are given a choice. These choices are based on the energy of the 1. All children need to move, a child with a 1 in their numerology needs much more than the average amount of movement. This same child needs time alone as well. It might seem strange to leave a child alone but, in small amounts, it builds on their independence, gives them confidence, builds trust (you will come back) and helps them regroup.

This next activity helps kids with making choices.

As a childcare provider for 30 years, I encourage you not to underestimate the child’s ability to understand this activity. Choice is a powerful thing. Start with two or three of the choices below to help kids switch gears.  


           When I _________________________ (fill in the blank), I feel better.

About Me When I feel.JPG


The above activity has popped into my head for myself. Often, I consider what I can do to feel better and consequently, my options. This has been a helpful step for me. My ‘feel’ better choices may not always be for my greatest and highest good (a beer or two) but, I get credit for being aware of my feelings and making the choice to change them.

For older children I have created crossword puzzles and art work for them to work with the attributes they discover by doing their own numerology.  Here is an example using a child with the Numerology of a 19/10.

Numerology for Teens Cross Word by Tricia GunbergJPG


With attributes in hand and some guidance, a tween or teen, can build their own power statements using art. Wouldn’t you have loved a puzzle or project that was all about you? My mom purchased a book for me when I was a child that was personalized for me. It used our street name, names of my friends, pets and neighbors- it was such a kick, I loved that book!

This activity for older children, uses flowers. In the Numerology book for teens called “#YouRock” a child can create their own garden. Here is what that activity looks like:

Numerology for Kids by Tricia Gunberg.JPG
You Rock flower garden by Tricia Gunberg.JPG


I hope you have a child in your life you can share this with. Children are our future, they deserve our love and support. They deserve a safe place to express themselves. They deserve knowing they can accomplish anything using their natural talents and attributes. They deserve to know these talents and be told over and over until they understand their truth. They deserve to know their feelings are valid.

Please let me know how I can help if you are looking to provide these activities for groups of children, I would love to help.

Love and light,