Q and A Saturday- July 20, 2019

My yoga has been most beneficial to me for tuning into my intuitive abilities. Here, I get an extra boost while practicing OUTSIDE! June/2019 Atascadero, CA

My yoga has been most beneficial to me for tuning into my intuitive abilities. Here, I get an extra boost while practicing OUTSIDE! June/2019 Atascadero, CA


I’m guessing you wanted more than a one word answer so I will elaborate:

There are many books on the subject (I have not written one yet. but I have created a workshop) and a few of my recommendations included at the end, but let me give you a full answer first. My yoga practice has helped me immensely. The reason meditation works so well is because you learn to cut the chatter. You begin to discern the difference between the chatter and your inner voice/higher guidance. As meditation calms the mind, insight floods in. Others say when you quiet the mind you can hear your heart! Awe.

My dream study began after a psychic told me I could get answers to my own questions in my dreams. Now, I apply what I learned about symbols to the visions I get while doing Reiki healings.

Reiki healing.JPG

My training as a Reiki Healer, prompted by learning about myself through Numerology, blew the lid off my intuitive abilities. The first time I closed my eyes while doing a Reiki healing and could ‘see’ like in a dream, it totally blew me away. I was so glad that I had studied dream interpretation for the previous years…note that dream interpretation was for selfish reasons as I had no plans except to get answers for myself. The same is true for my Reiki training…I was only going to use it on my cats! Using it to help people has been a beautiful blessing.

As I began my own study of metaphysics I came across Sandra Choquette book and it inspired me to buy my first deck of tarot cards:

First deck of tarot oracle cards.JPG

The day I bought this deck my co-worker asked for a reading! It was a spot on reading that made her cry tears of joy.

(As a side note, I believe in the body/mind connection and am dealing with clearing out repressed anger*. My liver had given me this message before but I didn’t hear it until now. I’ve learned that when you have liver issue it can cause anger! But, I knew this too….that is where we get ‘angry drunk’ from, some people can not tolerate alcohol and their liver express its self. My point is, messages come in MANY forms and if you get distracted by how, when, where and try to use your mind to figure it out- you will not be able to! )

Thank you for this question, I forget my beautiful journey and how lovingly it has been rolling out for me. I get upset and frustrated at myself (*I know- I’m work on this daily too!) for not being further along. Tears of joy are rolling down my face just now while I recall the beginning, so thank you again.

If I had to pick the most important thing for you to learn, it would be to get to know yourself better and have the awareness of your abilities be a bonus. ‘Know’ how much sleep you need, what type of exercise, what makes your heart sign…etc. Here are a few books that helped me on my journey. If you are a 1 Life Path or have repeated 1’s , I highly suggest lots of movement and exercise. For FREE numerology go to my website. If you have 2’s or are a 2 Life Path your sensitivity needs to be appreciated and addressed. If 3 is in your chart your creativity needs attending to, as does your ability to get distracted. …that reminds me, I have work to do (ha! I’m a 37/10…).

Something More by Sarah Ban Breathnach

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman

Say YES to Who You Are to Create Fitness by Tricia Gunberg (Get in touch with the fitness that suits you best.)

Ask Your Guides by Sandra Choquette

Happy studying! 2019 carries with it the energy of the 3, asking all of us to creatively express ourselves…I’ll be happy to hear what you come up with in your journey. Stay in touch.

Love and Light, 

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