Free Numerology Reading for April 2016

April comes with the energy of 4. Four has the vibe of a step-by-step process such as building and teaching. It is also associated with angels. No surprise that these are all things that angels do for us. Angels are with us every step of the way, helping us build faith and teaching us with patience.  

This April also has planets in retrograde which is a reminder to all of us to ‘re’: review, renew, reevaluate get the idea.  Spring itself is renewal. Let’s take advantage by reviewing and renewing our health and wellness goals. Click here to reread part 1 and 2 of Fitscopes to get the fitness ideas that work for you.  

Adding onto this concept, this months reading is another dimension of Numerology to support you in your goals. It is the Personal Year Number. The energy of this number will be flowing during the 12 months between each birthday. This is how to figure out your Personal Year Number for 2016:

Add your month and day of birth to the current year.

Example:    August 4, 2016

8+4 + 2+0+1+6= 21 = 2+1= 3    This is Personal Year 3 for August 4 birthday. (2017 will be a 4 Year)

Use the energy of the year you are in as a focus. Allow it to direct your fitness goals for the year. As a bonus, use it to predict what the following years will hold.

PERSONAL YEAR 1-add new things to your fitness routine.
PERSONAL YEAR 2 -include others on a more regular basis.
PERSONAL YEAR 3- incorporate expressive exercise options.
PERSONAL YEAR 4 - add a step-by-step fitness regimen.

PERSONAL YEAR 5- change your focus and improve physical flexibility.
PERSONAL YEAR 6- evaluate current regimen, see where it is out of balance.
PERSONAL YEAR 7-learn something new about fitness or your health.
PERSONAL YEAR 8- set goals, use abundance and power to your advantage.
PERSONAL YEAR 9- put some thought into how your physical wellness benefits others. Use some of your extra energy to help those in need. 

My 3 year fitness plan: add more expressive and tougher workouts this year (Personal Year 3), add a building type class next year (Personal Year 4) and look for more ways to add flexibility to my workouts in two years (Personal Year 5). 

Hoping you find everything you need to support you in Wellness,

Love and Light,


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