What makes your heart sing?


Do you know your heart's desire?

If you already know what type of things you desire, take time to write them down. (Yep, right now!) If you have everything you desire, what does the world look like to you? What does your employment feel like? How do you enjoy your time? What can your body do/feel? THINK BIG, like beyond your wildest dreams. Your true Hearts Desire can be found using Numerology. It is also known as the Soul’s Urge or Motivation number, it describes your soul's purpose for being here.

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Would you like to know how Numerology defines your Heart's Desire? First let me explain why  I am  asking.  As you may already know, my belief is that the more often we say "yes" to who we are and the present moment the more joy/magic/peace we will create.  I also believe that NOW, at this monumental time in history, with the power of the planets and the Age of Aquarius, knowing our heart's desire is very important.  

I believe very much in the law of attraction. You know ‘birds of a feather’ and such. If you want to create more love, peace and harmony, or even more thoughtful people, it needs to expand off you… which in turn attracts more to it. This is a potent time for such attraction as the eclipses energy will be with us for a least a month. Taking a few moments to cast your heart’s desire. Update: We will also have 6 planets go into retrograde from July to December. Which means we will have additional support releasing all that does not serve us to make room AND to do some deep healing if we need it.

To find your Heart’s Desire, add all the vowels in your full name. Refer to the conversion chart to get a number for each letter in your name. It is fun to see the different energy that is created when you do your birth name and a name change. For instance, my HD went from an 8 energy to an 11 energy with Gunberg as my last name. I didn’t know this at the time, but I am glad I made the name change because an 11 is, “Visionary who wants to be surrounded by like people” really is my Heart’s Desire.

Here is the conversion chart:

Numerology Chart from "Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness" by Tricia Gunberg

Numerology Chart from "Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness" by Tricia Gunberg

After adding up all the vowels in your name look below for a brief description based on that number. For more information on your HD, my book “Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness” has the word list for each number 1-9, starting on page 8 (Amazon eBook for only $3.99, click here). You can also book a reading with me. and get insight to all 23 numbers in your chart.


1 wants to be a leader and is ambitious

2 craves love and understanding, prefers to follow and partnerships

Heart's Desire Numerology by Tricia Gunberg

Heart's Desire Numerology by Tricia Gunberg

3 loves an audience, many friends and to be surrounded by beauty

4 needs structure, order and rules, wants to work to help others

5 must have variety, personal freedom, and new opportunities

6 desires to create harmony and family, to right all wrongs

7 wants to dream and meditate, upset by noise, menial work, physical discomfort and confusion

8 big business, getting things done

9 requires knowledge, wants to teach, counsel and serve humanity

Doing what we love is so very important. Especially if we are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or anxious. Love is like Jello, there is always room! May you be blessed with more of your Heart's Desire.

Now for a channeled message regarding your hearts desire:
 "It is true, now more than ever, is a potent time. Do you feel it is not acceptable to ask for your true hearts desire? Do you feel disappointed when you ask and do not receive? We have seen you struggle with this aspect. We see you asking, we see you searching, but we do not see you feeling. Feeling is the key. You must first get to the feeling. Does this require you to put yourself in a situation where you feel joy then replay it in your mind? Then that is what you must do. Will music take you to that place? Will a hot bath or a favorite meal? What activities do you enjoy? You MUST enjoy them then -it is here, in joy, that you will remember. It is here you will be able to repeat it and more will come to you." 

Love and Light,


The 11, the 2 and the Owl

I'm looking for more insight into what this year has to offer us as we wait and watch. This week owls popped up many times. The super cute owes that are so fuzzy you could die (scene from Despicable Me)! We've had owls come up before and I recall something about 'who'. This gave me pause. To be honest,I am a bit upset that this message is on repeat. I still struggle with who I am. 


Well, maybe struggle isn't the right word. How do I explain? For a long time I have believed there was something I need to do in this life time, something important. After I  started writing my blog in 2014 I thought I was onto something and I could relax. Putting myself out there as a writer AND intuitive made me feel so vulnerable- it had to be the antidote to my angst. Then I completed my first book, that helped some, for a while. 

Yesterday I watched Marie Forleo. (I love her! She is funky, spunky and beautiful!) interview Dani Shapiri. I clicked on it because the title was, "The Writing Process and the Myth of Inspiration." When they started talking about the courage to write I began to cry. You see, I started writing my memoir in September and bawl the entire time I write and edit. This writing exercise has me completely aware of when I sensor myself in my writing and my talking. This awareness is causing me a great deal of pain. 


I need to ask you, "Who are you?"

I need to ask myself, "Who are you?"

And I need to repeat the message from 2 weeks ago, "What are you trying to say?" "What impact would you like to have on the world?" "What legacy do you want to leave?"

Dani Shapiro's advice is to ask yourself if it is true (what you say and what you write) and if it is useful. 

I want to ask you that too. Are you just mindless repeating others? (Parrot message from last week.)  Are you true to yourself? Do you honor yourself, weekly, hourly, daily, hourly?

How do you know if you are not? Remember the post I did on Emotions being gears in a car?  Emotions like: guilt, frustration, irritation, fear and anxiety - these are your clues. If others insight these in you remember they are just reflecting back to you what you would like to change about yourself. 

The irony that I use Numerology to help people find themselves is not lost on me. I bet my entire family is laughing at this. Maybe they are even wondering if I am qualified to help others if I can't even figure it out for myself. 

The 11 energy of 2018 is gunna make us more sensitive (2) and shine a light (Illumination, energy of the 11) on things to help us be true to ourselves (1 energy, twice!). Can you handle this? Are you ready? 

I think I am. And I am grateful, so grateful we can help each other. 

Love and Light,


PS here is a post from one of my fav websites repeating this message by encouraging us to be authentic- CLICK HERE

Message from the Green Parrot, Capricorn and numbers 11 and 2

Large flocks of these (12+) on Walua Trail, Kailua Kona. They make goat sounds and are difficult to spot in the tree.

Large flocks of these (12+) on Walua Trail, Kailua Kona. They make goat sounds and are difficult to spot in the tree.

I am aware that the parrots are now on my walking path, they have been there for over a month now. The other day, I clearly heard goat sounds coming from above...where a goat would not, could not be. It was a flock of birds similar to the photo above.

As a totem, the parrot is about communication skills. Just like the 2, the parrot suggests we listen to our intuition for more open communication.  Ask yourself,  "What are you saying?" Are you parroting back something someone else said or are you expressing your thoughts, your feelings and your desires? 

I did wonder what the message was in the parrots making goat sounds. I know they do this but, it doesn't make it any less funny. We have lots of wild goats in Kona so, it stands to reason that the birds get plenty of chance to hear them. 

Goat? Akin to the Capricorn? I say close enough and since there are 6 planets in Capricorn at the New Moon today, I can make the question more specific:

   What are you trying to say at work? Or in your work?

Tuning into your sensitivity.. aka....your intuition (#2), you will find the answer. Let me remind you the theme this year is "waiting and watching"; this is a good way to allow your intuition. (Last year, a 1 Universal Year, we planted seeds.) This year the Universal Year energy will support you in waiting and watching, because it is a 2: sensitive and receptive energy. We derive the 2 from adding the 11. (2+0+1+8 is an 11, then add again 1+1=2)

As I said last week, we need to be aware of this sensitivity because the energy of eleven is about illumination. The eleven will be shining a light on things that need attention. It is important that we do not get upset or too excited, this could make us jump the gun and make rash decisions. Or not see all the information! Trust that more information, from illumination, will continue to reveal itself. 

Waiting and watching. We can use this to watch what we say...no, not hold back your words but, actually make a mental note of what we are saying. Are you speaking your truth? Are you saying what you want to say? Are you afraid to say what you really want?  

Now to the energy of the goat and the Capricorn. I've seen baby goats walk up a wall that had small groves and I have a Capricorn friend I hike with that challenges me...they are very SURE footed creatures! But if you notice, they take one step at a time. Reminding us: we can climb high, maybe even dangerously high, but it must be one step at a time!  

In conclusion, if we wait and watch for the information we need and express who we really are we can move forward step by step.

If we wait and watch for the information we need and express who we really are we can move forward step by step.
— Tricia Gunberg, Universal Energy of 2018

I'll continue this month with more information on the number 11- it will be with us all year.

Love and Light,