The ABC's of Your 123's ~Part 2, Y is for Yoga ~

Free DIY Numerology from Tricia Gunberg. Available April 1- May 1, 2018. Post include how to apply Numerology for tots, teens and adults.

The ABC's of Your 123's ~Y is for Yoga ~ Part 1 of 2

Free DIY Numerology from Tricia Gunberg. Available April 1- May 1, 2018. Post include how to apply Numerology for tots, teens and adults.

Copy of Loving Yourself More; It is as easy as 1,2,3

#ThrowBackThursday...loving yourself more can never get old!

Loving yourself is as easy as 1 2 3....

Using Numerology to appreciate and love yourself

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You understand how important it is to love yourself, right? Those around you are a reflection of how you do that.

Take a moment and look at your life from this perspective.  Close your eyes right now and take a look.

 Are you getting all the love you want? Is your heart about to burst at the seems with all the love you are receiving? Or could you use a tad more?

As we get older we get better at loving and accepting ourselves. Part of this maturity comes from having children. They expand your heart in such a big way. Our children remind us we are all intrinsically good and easy to love.

What if you struggle to love yourself fully? That would be me. That is my struggle, still. It is a hard thing to admit. Most important though is realizing we could all love ourselves a bit more. Once we accept this we can move forward in doing so.

Often I see this resistance to self love and acceptance while giving readings. When I tell a client something true about themselves, they quickly dismiss what I am saying. This reaction reminds me of myself and I console myself with the hope they will accept the message at some point.

Recently I gave a reading to a 30/3, telling her she is social and her numbers indicated leadership. She laughed, “That is totally not me.” Later she admitted to being offered more responsibility at work and didn’t take it on out of fear. The reading I gave her changed her mind, not only that but after she took on more responsibility at work, she started a side hustle of running her own business. Beautiful!

Loving yourself fully is not easy. It requires you to be vulnerable. Most of all, it requires you to not give a shit about what people will say or think. They will get over it, and if they don’t, oh well. You have bigger fish to fry and can not let them hold you back.

Back in 2004, I had my first practice at doing what I needed to do to honor myself and not listen to others. I was still feeling a bit lost, even after graduating from college. A quote on my bulletin board nudged at me. The quote was about how moving forward meant you would be leaving others behind. The desire in me to move forward grew. It asked me to leave my home town and to end a relationship with a man I loved very much. Moving would upset some people, they were going to be angry, but I had to do it. In retrospect, I am so glad I listened to my inner voice.

So much can be gained when you get yourself into new, all be it, uncomfortable situations. Start small.

Here are a few suggestions based on your Numerology. First, use this formula to calculate your Health and Wellness Life Path.

Find the Engery of you DOB or What is your Life Path.JPG

Chart also available in my book, Say YES to Who You Are to Create FItness


Numerology 1 by Tricia Gunberg.jpg

Leadership and Weirdness

No matter where your 1 appears in your Health and Wellness Life Path you must find a place where you can be a leader, a place where you call all the shots. Focus on what makes you unique- this is hard to do, I know. Most often I ask my clients to consider what they think makes them weird- that is were you need to go, to your weirdness. 


2 Numerology by Tricia Gunberg.jpg

The fact that you are sensitive makes this really hard to tell you: Get over yourself. You are WAY to busy worrying about other people that you can’t see the forest through the trees. Your sensitivity is there for a reason, so you can tune into yourself, not others. Here is a new motto for you to live by:

                Help, if asked, but only if you love the task.

Resentment will eat you alive if you do not start doing things you enjoy. You help no one by ‘doing’ anything that makes you angry, resentful, tired or irritated.



3 Numerology by Tricia Gunberg.jpg

You 3’s can be kinda stubborn. This stubbornness is a helpful attribute when you have found creative outlets you enjoy doing and won’t give up. On the other hand, if your stubbornness insists on believing shit like; “I don’t have the money” or more famous, “I don’t have the time,” you’re in trouble. The creative expression that is the 3 needs to be expressed. If you have not experienced everyway and all ways to creatively express yourself, you might be one hot mess. You are full of creative energy that needs to be expressed. Find a way, now. A good place to start is by writing. Costs you nothing, you already have the tools. “Blah”, is what I call this exercise; set your timer for 5 minutes, write whatever comes to your mind. Even if it is, ‘nothing comes to my mind, this is stupid, I’m not a writer.’ Do this every day for a minimum of 2 weeks or follow the prompts in The Artists Way.  


Please explore some ways to love on yourself, even if you are convinced you do a good job. You’ll be helping the Universe by sending out that loving energy.

If you enjoy these posts send some love my way by; sharing, commenting, inviting others, donating at or purchasing my products.

Say YES to who you are to create more love!

Say YES to who you are to create more love!

Love and Light,


The ABC's of Your 123's ~Y is for Yoga ~

Free DIY Numerology from Tricia Gunberg. Available April 1- May 1, 2018. Post include how to apply Numerology for tots, teens and adults.

February 2017 Guidance

by Tricia Gunberg

You are love and love is you. Can you imagine a world where EVERYONE is in love? If you are 'in love': with life, with people, your home, your experiences, I guarantee that the WORLD will feel in 'love' to you. Please try. Here is guidance to help based on your Numerology.

To calculate your Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example November 30, 1975 is calculated: 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27,  2+7 = 9. This person’s Life Path Number is a 9 so they would scroll down to "9".

 Life Path 1- Be alert to all things that ‘twirl your skirt’, attend to those more.

Life Path 2- You need to feel the love. Where are you and what are you doing when you feel it? Wash yourself in it, rinse and repeat.

Life Path 3- Bring what you know about love to others and see what happens.

Life Path 4- When you catch yourself being in a loving ‘place’, retrace your steps and write it down. Use it to create your to-do list.

Life Path 5- For excitement you often get others involved in things they love. Search your heart, where is the love in your life? Find it for yourself.

Life Path 6- Those that need to express their love, come to you to share. Share with them in a way that supports both of you.

Life Path 7- You can be the bridge for others. Finding the love bridge for yourself can be tricky but it is well worth the journey.

Life Path 8- Getting tired of giving? This shows up as resentment, disappointment and expectation. Only give what you love to give and only then will it feel good.

Life Path 9- For the world to love its self, you will need to love you. BIG responsibility. How do you love yourself? Make a list, start participating.

My book, Say Yes to Who You Are to Create Fitness will help you love on yourself to gain healthy new fitness habits. It’s available at Amazon, Barns and Noble, and Balboa Press.

Love and Light,


My WHY by Tricia Gunberg author of Say YES to Who You Are to Create FITNESS

For my 18th birthday I had received a very expensive gift from one of my friends. It was personalized stationary, my name embossed in scrolly letters on the top of linen paper in the most perfect shade of lavender.  And a really expensive ink pen. You know the kind of pen that feels like it is melting on the page because it is so smooth. The kicker was the note that said “Your words are beautiful and they need to be recorded with equally beautiful instruments.”   

 I had a few clues like this one early on in my life that I was a writer.

I didn’t believe them.

I  didn’t write anything for almost 20 years. And only recently was a closet writer.  

All the while I read about myself in numerology, I hid my writing. I knew that when I added all the digit of my birthday together I am a 37 (which is a Life Path 1.) I have a 3 in my numerology! I know a 3 in Numerology means “On the Stage or on The Page” and “Creative Expression” but it took me a long time to put it together for myself.

  I understand that is what people struggle most with. Okay, I am this, this and this, now what? Tricia I know you told me this about myself but what does it mean? How can I use it? Just as I had done with “Creative Expression” and “On the Stage or on the Page”. Or even my super power: Uniqueness. What does that mean for me? 

I don’t know how fantastic you think being an author of a book is, it feels fantastic to me. But if there is anything so fantastic in your life that you want achieve I know if you find out a couple of things about yourself through numerology, you will be able to achieve it too. If it is Wellness and Fitness you want to achieve, I have broken that down for you so you can.

That brings me to what my book is about. By taking a couple of your attributes from numerology you can create a plan that is specifically for you. As the title implies, “Say YES to Who You Are to Create Fitness,” I believe that if you embrace who you really are you can achieve wellness.

 I used numerology to learn my attributes and published a book. I know that you can empower yourself to achieve anything you want. I ignored that beautiful message my insightful friend gave to me for 20 years, but I was finally able to “hear” the truth through numerology.  I want to help you achieve your goals, your dreams and your desire for wellness and not have it take you 30 years.  

Want to know the moment my book is available so you can get started?  Go HERE, enter your email address. Oh, if you want to know what your “super-power” is enter the word super-power in the message box and I’ll send you a free PDF! 

Love and Light,



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Thank-you, hoping you achieve all you intend in 2016 and leave all you don’t want, behind!

Love and Light,