The ABC's of Your 123's ~Y is for Yoga ~

Update: 2018- after a good class my ankles can touch my bottom! It is so exciting to me to be free of knee pain after years of suffering.

Update: 2018- after a good class my ankles can touch my bottom! It is so exciting to me to be free of knee pain after years of suffering.

The ABC’s of Your 123’s
Y is for Yoga

The idea of Numerology is to connect with yourself, so too is the intent for yoga.   

“If you want to fail at yoga, look around the room during class. If you want to succeed in yoga practice, look inside.” Tricia Gunberg

PURPOSE: I want to show the benefits of yoga through examples as well as the body-mind connection in healing ourselves with the use of yoga.

This is broken up into two parts- the first being an introduction to benefits of yoga and connections to Numerology. The second being a collection of examples, a study if you will, in which I’d love to collaborate with others.  

balance and flexability.png

I’m a big advocate for yoga. I’ve been recommending it for those with a 2 in their Life Path ever since I realized the depth and type of sensitivity that the 2’s carry. Most often 2’s will look outside of themselves and ‘feel’ (sense) that other people need things, creating a great distraction.

The 2 in my numerology appeared as an 11 when I changed my name in 2007. (In hindsight, it was good I allowed myself to become this much more sensitive person, my husband has shown me the way.) The 11 is my new heart’s desire- a visionary who wants to be surrounded by like people- yep! No coincidence I was getting the message, at this time, to start yoga. A niece had repeatedly suggested it to me in the past. I resisted it until 2011. I fell in love with yoga when I moved to Hawaii in 2014.  The more time I spend on the mat the more benefits I experiences (Not just physical!).

Through my practice and my self-actualization study there are a few rules I have come to understand:

                 Our body does not lie to us.
                 Our body communicates to us.
                 Disease, is really dis-ease, and can be energetically explained.
                 (Works of Numerologist Michael Brill and Louise Hays body of work, for example.)

It does not matter where we start when we take an approach to healing ourselves. Whether we begin on the inside(mind), or the outside(fitness), our efforts will result in healing. Here is an example:

The energy of the number 3 is about creative expression. It is my numerology, the first in my Life Path number (37/10). I have been holding my creativity back for the majority of my life and I have very tight hips. Hips represent your creative center. Many physical problems have occurred because of this tightness: lower back issues, torn ligaments, and knee problems. I’ve also had menstrual issues, pre-cancerous cells in my uterus and urinary problems. Do I work on being creative? (Inside) Or do I stretch my hips (Outside)? Could one approach be more effective than the other? The answer for me is to work on the physical part with an expectation/intention that it will resolve any issues.

 I have had success in this and I share the connections I have made with yoga and numerology, so you can experience this success too. My success: Since beginning a regular yoga practice 4.5 years ago I have: written 2 books, created 2 numerology products for kids, recorded downloadable numerology readings, blogged/guest blogger regularly, been published in magazines, have a Facebook following,… the list does go on.

Making these connections got me so excited I talked my friend into helping me. Using these ideas along with my very knowable yoga instructor Yuki Agoot, we created this video for you. Here is part one:

Look at this picture. Are you convinced that this simple yoga practice helps with posture?

Snapshot 1 Strap B4 instruction.png
Yuki Agoot Tricia Gunberg.png

If you are on the big island of Hawaii go to Big Island Yoga Center to begin your practice! If you’d like more 1:1 type instruction go to one of Yuki’s classes at StudiOm . She offers small classes in her studio, each with a very specific approach.

The following text is the mind-body connection. Prior to and after doing the video, refer to the list below. See if any of these areas of your body are speaking to you. Can you hear their message?

Heal and toes- represents future
The feeling of falling backwards when you are in physical alignment,now, grounding, connecting to the earth
Question: Do I fear the future? Do I over-do? Can I relax? Can I trust all will be okay?
Truth: I am secure in the present moment. I trust what the future has instore for me.

Ankle- pleasure
Question: Do I allow pleasure in all areas of my life? Do I have inspired action in my life or heavy amounts of required action?
Truth: I allow pleasure. I find pleasure in everything I do.

Legs – represent moving forward
Shins- high standards
Thighs/Buttocks- using power wisely
Question: Do I move forward with ease and grace?
Truth: I move forward with ease and grace.

Hips- represent creativity (energy of the 1 and 3)
Question: Do I creatively express myself? Do I allow my creative self a safe place , fun time to explore and express?
Truth: I am limitless in my creativity. I use to my creative nature to uplift myself and others.

Chest(3 is scattered, 2 is balance)
neck, throat, breath
Balance, scattered thinking, not centered
Question: Am I safe? Where do I feel most balanced? When do I feel centered?
Truth: I am aware of what I need. I honor myself.

Shoulders-represents responsibility
Questions: Do I carry the weight and responsibilities of others? Am I fully and lovingly responsible for myself? Do I make decisions from wellness and joy?
Truth: I attend to the responsibilities that are for my greatest and highest good.  I allow all my experiences to be joyous and loving.

Do any of these connections speak to you? Do your ailments match with the issues listed?

Yoga would be great for anyone. If you are in your 5th Personal Year, it will help you greatly- you’ll be doing a lot of changing and expanding. You will need to practice your flexibility and being on the mat will remind you. To find your Personal Year go here or buy my book.


Love and Light,


If you would like to participate in this study, please contact me.


Part 2

This little video clip shows you where I am at with my balance. As I try to convince more people of yoga's benefits, recording my efforts seems like a good idea.  Doing this on lava rock was extra challenging. With the camera rolling, I had extra focus. 


NOTE TO PRACTIONERS: if you would like to contribute to this article with supporting statements- thank you in advanced. If you would like me to do a Numerology/Energy interpretation of any ailments, I would be happy to do so if you are contributing to this article.

My goals with this article(s)are:

A.      Encourage people to do yoga by showing people that yoga is so much more than what their body can do. We know why yoga is so good, but most people do not understand the depth of yogas benefits.

B.      Give evidence of body-mind connections using Numerology and Louise Hays body of work.

C.      Show, with examples, approaches that work for specific ailments/challenges based on Michael Brills body of work.


I would like to record case studies using numerology 1-9. Here are a few examples , although the list is imcomplete. I will continue to add to this post. Again, contact me if you would like to be a part of it.  

To find out your Life Path number, add all the digits of your birthday down to a compound digit and then a single digit or purchase a reading here. The compound digit and well as the single digit is called the Life Path. Look for any of the three (or four) digits below.  How well do they match with what is going on in your body and in your life? If you are a practitioner, does the Numerology for a client match their aliments? Free readings for those who want to contribute to this body of work. 

1-      (Creativity and Confidence) One is about leadership, moving forward and being in your body. Do you have issues with your legs? Do you stub your toes or have injuries to your legs? Do tadasana poses and really pay attention to your legs in class. Strengthen your legs so that you can move forward in life with ease and grace.


Note: If you have a 1 in your life path you are here to blaze your own trail and show the world your uniqueness. According to Dan Millman: “bring a positive creative energy into this world.”

Possible aliments: legs, constipation, reproductive issues, joint (doing for self, confidence), pain on left side: incoming responsibilities, pain on right side: perceived as a need to prove self
How Yoga helps: Twists help with constipation and seeing from another perspective, improves leg strength, 


2-      (Cooperation and Balance) This is about sensitivity. Muscle tension. Before you can help others, you need to understand and attend to your own needs.  You are here to show people how to live in harmony and therefore must create it within yourself.  
I have a theory that people double jointed people or really flexible people have a 2 in their numerology.


Note: If you have a 2 in your Life Path help if asked (collaboration) but only if you love the task (balance, harmony)

Possible aliments: stress related ailments, resentment, physical tension, ‘overly flexible’,  
Standing in tadasana, is your body leaning back (resenting the past) or does it lean forward (anxiety: fear of the future)
How Yoga helps: Actual physical balance, strengthening,

3-      (Creative Expression) All about creativity. The hips are your focus. Love on them and all the stuff in between them. Learn stretches that you can do at home and at work so that you can encourage your creative juices to flow.

My tight hips example in the introduction


Note: If you have a 3 in your life path…..

Possible aliments:
How Yoga helps:




4-      The building and step-by-step energy is about a solid foundation. ***4 issues Building health and wellness  takes time. Give yourself a 4 year plan, take an assessment of your results after that much time. Take photos of yourself now in several positions (chose difficult ones) and each year for the next 4 years. I promise with only a 1x- 2x a week commitment you will make huge changes!  


Note: If you have a 4 in your life path…..

Possible aliments:
How Yoga helps:


5-      (Freedom and Discipline) This is about flexibility. Are you inflexible both in body and life? Do you fear change? 


Note: If you have a 5 in your life path…..

Possible aliments:
How Yoga helps:


6-      (Vision and Acceptance) Unconditional love is the energy of the six. The flip side is perfection (accepting things as they are is unconditional love). You might be avoiding a yoga class because you won’t be prefect at it.


Note: If you have a 6 in your life path…..

Possible aliments:
How Yoga helps:


7-      (Trust and Openness) Trust is an issue. You are an expert on your body-this takes both practice and trust. Releasing thoughts, emotions and feelings takes trust.


 I made this connection in a ‘ropes’ class. I was feeling very clumsy and heavy in most of my attempts to get up the wall. As I struggled (I was comparing myself to others in the class- I know this is a no-no!) I realized I didn’t trust myself. This realization came to me because once I got into a position I was fine. Crap! This is my life story and the reason I do not creatively express myself. I will continue to go to this class; working on strengthening both muscles of my body and the muscle of self-trust.

Note: If you have a 7 in your life path; you are here to trust the light, in yourself and others, and to share your inner beauty with the world.

Possible aliments: Heart issues, tightness around the chest, nervousness/anxiety.
How Yoga helps:


To be continued….


If you have input, I would love to hear.


Love and Light,



Using Numerology for self-actualization has been a blessing for me. Exploring Numerology helped me discover my intuitive abilities. Applying my interpretation of Numerology to help clients, loved ones and strangers has impacted my life in a profound way.


To figure our your Numerology consult my book (buy it at Amazon).