The ABC's of Your 123's ~X is for X-ray Vision ~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
X is for X-ray Vision
Your Life Path can reveal if you are intuitive or psychic

Do you have a 2, 0 or an 11 in your numerology?

Then you have some type of ‘vision’ or extra sensory perception. You know, ESP.

Note: it absolutely does not mean you don’t have intuitive abilities if these numbers do not appear. It is just that my experiences have brought me these people to me with (2,0 and 11) and revealed their abilities. (Refer to A is for Attributes or my book to discover your Numerology.)

I interviewed several intuitive people in “I AM” posts when I first started down this road of intuitive healer. Mostly, I wanted to prove to myself, and others: I was not nuts and my gifts were real. I also wanted to understand how I could use them to help others.

Interviewing two doctors, yes doctors, friends and family, a few things occurred to me:

               -Many people, if not all, have intuitive gifts.

               -Most hands-on caregivers have innate healing abilities.

               -Most people with intuitive abilities hide their gifts in some way.

Here are some abilities I am talking about:

             Clairvoyance- clear vision

             Clairsentience-clear feeling

            Clairaudience-clear hearing

            Claircognizance- clear knowing

            Clairsalience- clear smell

            Clairtangency- clear knowing by touch

            Clairgustance- clear taste

There are more ‘clairs’, ten all together, according to Emily Matweow. I’ve only mentioned the ones I have had experience with, for more examples go to Emily's web site:

Which ones have you had experience with?  

I have created a few tools, like “Set Your Energy to Write” workshop as well as my 'do it yourself' oracle cards outlined in my book to support those wanting to work with or understand their abilities. Since we all have the ability to some degree, it is first mindfulness and tuning in that is key. Time in meditation and in yoga has been most valuable for me in this endeavor. Second comes interpretation.

How do you understand the messages you are getting?

This is where things get tricky.

Here are three examples:

I know for me that heat is anger. The first time I experienced this was at a Doreen Virtue Angel Intuitive Workshop.  I was holding my hands (a quick adaptation of my Reiki training) over my practice partners hands. There was such a strong feeling of heat I couldn’t keep my hands there. As I told her this, she explained how her job had caused carpal tunnel requiring surgery and she was very angry about it.
 The one and only time, so far, that I had a taste in my mouth, it was of vinegar. I was doing a reading on a woman who wanted clarity on some health issues. (I did not allow her to tell me what they were before the reading.)  I said to the woman, "I am tasting vinegar." She said, “Oh, my doctor told me to drink it to help my stomach problems.” Evidently, she was not following her doctor’s advice and thanks to my confirmation she was motivated to do start the regimen.
While doing a Circle of Eight healing I got an intense sensation as if I had to urinate. I had just gone to the bathroom, so I realized it was a signal. (This is why it is important to take care of yourself as a healer and have good body awareness. Knowing what is yours and what is a signal helps clarify messages.) I asked the person we were healing to check for a UTI. It was later confirmed that a UTI was present.

Sensations and phrases need to be talked through.

 The seven years I spent looking up symbols for dream interpretation helped me greatly with visions I would get. It taught me how my mind works and a general way of looking at symbols.  The body/mind connection I was studying helped me too. When I get stuck or need more information, I look at the Numerology of the aliment or the person I am reading. 

When I am totally clueless about what is going on, I just talk thorough it. First in my head, then out loud to my client. It is okay not to have all the answers. This type of attitude could stifle a message. Without judgement, tell your client what you are experiencing. This helps them too. It has been at my most uncomfortable moments (trying to explain what I am experiencing), when a deeper connection has been made with my clients. Being vulnerable is all part of it- for those giving healing messages and those receiving them.

Understand that things can get in the way of your interpretation:

  • Your intellect
  • alcohol/drugs
  • concern about outcome
  •  judgments
  • expectations
  • religion
  •  fatigue

All of the above can be avoided. I have played around with the amounts of alcohol I drink. The more abilities I acquire the less alcohol my body tolerates. (I resisted 'giving-up' alcohol as some gurus insist upon. I believe here is a space for both the occasional beer and a spiritual life.)As a general rule, I do not do readings while drinking. On two occasions so far, I have gotten the signal to do a reading (clicking in my ear) after I have had a beer or two. I recall the last one very clearly. A guy next to me at the bar was complaining about the clock on his phone not working. The digital read out and his tattoo matched. He agreed to hear my interpretation of the numbers. I went on and on about respecting time, not wasting other people’s time and honesty. I found out later he was close to being fired because of tardiness. The alcohol in this case was not a problem for interpretation, I was spot on. The receiver however, did not hear me this day. Hopefully the message is logged in his memory and he will heed it at some point.

My intellect and fear of judgment really hampered me at first. I still only admit my ability to channel to a few people. I have no clue what to do with that ability at times even though I've spent so much time exploring it. Part of me doesn’t want to be wrong or make mistakes. I am guessing making mistakes is part of the process. Having witnessed the ‘switch a roo’ Doreen Virtue made, makes me hesitate. We are all entitled to change our minds about ANYTHING at ANY time, this is growth. On the other hand, I need to be sure I believe in my heart the message I give are appropriate. (Update: I now offer channeled messages for $25, send me an email if you are interested.)

I very much enjoy working with my intuitive abilities. I’m not sure if I will ever create classes or a training manual, (except for the one for writers and creatives). I do help clients on an individual basis. May I suggest the first reference book that finds you. Also, look up my friend and trusted psychic,

Trisha Dolan.


Trisha will be offering workshops on the book she is writing. I have attended some of her talks. Trisha's sense of humor and approach makes the subject even more fun. 

If you are in the Four Corners Area, Trisha is usually a speaker at Whole Expo in Durango. Colorado. It is worth a trip if you can get there the weekend after Labor Day every September.  



Are you aware of any intuitive or psychic abilities that you have? I’d love to hear your experiences and where you are on your journey.

Love and Light,

Using Numerology for self-actualization has been a blessing for me. Exploring Numerology helped me discover my intuitive abilities. Applying my interpretation of Numerology to help clients, loved ones and strangers has impacted my life in a profound way. Please donate below to keep this free information flowing.