The ABC's of Your 123's ~W is for Why ~


The ABC’s of Your 123’s
W is for Why

I’m author, intuitive healer, and warrior for your wellness, Tricia Gunberg, so happy to be with you.I want to share something personal that happened the other day which will explain WHY I do what I do- that is Numerology and Intuitive Readings.

 I was having lunch with a new friend. I began by explaining to her that I am making an effort to be more open and honest. I have been inspired by the likes of Brene Brown and Dr. Carolyn Myss to be vulnerable and in integrity. I also warned her that I could get emotional because it was difficult for me to share and be in this 'space'.

She leaned over the table, scrunching up her face; “Wait. What? Don’t you teach people this stuff? Isn’t your motto ‘Say YES to Who You Are?’ She furrowed her brow a bit more, lowered her voice and got even closer. “Don’t you think that’s wrong Tricia? You teach this stuff and you struggle with sharing who you are?”


It’s a good thing that I have also been listening to JJ Fizane’s podcast show, ‘Your problem becomes your Passion’ and Marie Forleo’s, ‘Tragedy becomes your Triumph’ or these words from her would have made me fall apart and feel like an absolute fraud.

We do teach what we need to learn.

I am completely aware of my self-worth issues and have been consciously working on them for twenty years. It has also come to my attention where my self-worth issues come from and why depression has taken hold of me so many times. See, I placed my son up for adoption when I was 16 years old. Even though I made the best of a difficult situation, I had continued to beat myself up about it. A ‘what if’ hanging over my head and a deep, deep sadness lingered with me always as I wondered how my life could have been better if I had not gotten pregnant.

My efforts to sooth myself, find myself and like myself went like this: 

I tried working 3 jobs at a time.

That didn’t work.

I tried helping others take care of their families.

That didn’t work.

I tried being married.

That really didn’t work. (It lasted 6 months.)

I tried (and succeeded) graduating cum laude from college.

That didn’t work.

I tried leaving my childhood home and everyone I knew.

That didn’t work.

I taught kids how to read and traveled the world.

Super fun , but that didn’t work.

When this self-loathing began to rear itself as health problems, a Kinesiologists directed me to Life Purpose Numerology book by Dan Millman. I learned so many wonderful things about myself. It made me aware of my abilities as a healer and intuitive. It has helped me step into the energy of the number 1 which asks me to be a leader, to embrace my creative abilities and understand my uniqueness. I got so exciting about what I was learning, I started doing free readings for anybody that would listen. Now, I am making a bit of a living at doing readings and I’m  known around town as the ‘Numbers Lady’. I've even published a numerology book!

And it doesn’t get old.

My favorite reading so far was for an 11 year old-  I told her about her 23/5 Life Path.

“You’re sensitive, think of sensitivity as a super power because you are very caring and compassionate. Your 5 is about using your hands- that is important. ‘I love to play the piano’ she beamed! The 3 is about Creative Expression and you need to explore all the ways you can be creative, choose what is most fun for you and understand that communicating your feelings might be hard for you but it too will turn into your super power if you practice.”

Still beaming, she hugged me as she thanked me. I knew that day, I would forever want to look people in the eye and tell them their attributes and super powers.

Each day the cloud of depression gets further and further away, I know it is all the self-actualization work I have done through Numerology. My intuitive abilities are important to mention too. I will go into more detail in another post.

 Do you feel this tug?  This longing to know yourself better? Or do you too, have a bit of a cloud of sadness over you? When you do get to know the truth about yourself, you will feel more love and be more loving, patient and kind. Also, if you are sensitive and feel frustration with things that are going on in this world or your life, a Numerology reading can help.  

I know when you say yes to who you are, magic happens.

From my heart to yours, (kiss)

Tricia Gunberg

PS My son has recently connected with me!  


Using Numerology for self-actualization has been a blessing for me. Exploring Numerology helped me discover my intuitive abilities. Applying my interpretation of Numerology to help clients, loved ones and strangers has impacted my life in a profound way.


To figure our your Numerology consult my book (buy it at Amazon).