The ABC's of Your 123's ~L is for Life Path~

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The ABC’s of your 123’s
L is for Life Path
How Tricia Gunberg uses Numerology to explain your Life Path

Your Life Path is the sum of all the digits of your date of birth. Numbers contain energy and when applied to things, provide meaning. They speak to you, much like music, at the soul level. When you align yourself with the numbers in your cart, amazing things happen.  Besides your date of birth, a date on the calendar, even your middle name can be defined using Numerology.

For example: 2017, when we add up all the digits we get a 10, adding it again we get a 1. The energy of the 1 is about new beginnings, uniqueness and a start of a new cycle. We had the first US president elected that had no military or political background- a unique first. #Metoo had started a unique approach to stopping sexual crimes.

Adding up all the numbers in your birthday until you get a single digit, gives us what numerologists call, a Life Path number. Most numerologist have you add all digit to a single digit like so:

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Much emphasis is put on the final digit, or Life Path. A search on “Life Path Number” yields 56,700,000 results. (Don’t confuse me with the other Numerologist Trisha G. from the UK, my name is spelled Tricia and I always include my last name; Gunberg. She discusses Master Numbers a bit more and does live YouTube discussions.) Dan Millman's book has  guided me from the beginning. He does an eloquent job of describing your life’s purpose. For example; “Individuals working 2 as their life purpose are here to clarify the limits of their responsibility and learn to work with others in a spirit of harmony, balance, and mutual support.” The 2 has the challenge of balancing their compelling sense of responsibility to others with their own inner needs. After working with 2’s, I recognized this challenge and in trying to explain Dan's statement I came up with this interpretation:

"Only say YES when asked and only if you love the task." 
                    ~Best advice for a Life Path 2, from Tricia Gunberg~

Through the many readings I have done over the last 8 years, I found the numbers that add together are just as important as the single digit Life Path number itself.   All of these numbers provide clarity, direction and focus for your life and goals. The biggest most important factor I have come to understand:

Numerology provides truth.

The truth about yourself. I refer to these truths as attributes. This is especially true for the aforementioned 2’s. Understanding themselves and finding that balance is so important.

“Know Thy Self”

It is important to know the truth about yourself because it creates harmony. For this reason I named my book: “Saying YES to Who You Are to Create Fitness”.  Knowing your truth can only create harmony if you say “YES” to it. Embracing who you are is necessary. It is in the resisting of who we are that creates problems and frustration. I didn’t come up with this concept, I just create tools to help us in this journey. Many gurus, including Eckart Tolle and Abraham Hicks teach this by telling us to accept the present moment.

In my book, your Life Path number is used to give you Health and Wellness guidance. See the sample below.  In a typical numerology reading with me, I use all the numbers of your Life Path. You could have 3, 4 or 5 numbers. I list your attributes, (your super powers)- you have many, a few of your challenges and your Health and Wellness guidance.

Here is an example of a reading for a 21/3

 This is a Life Path 3, with the energy of all 3 different numbers: 2, 1 and 3 being important.

Your super powers for a 21/3 or 12/3 Life Path:



Creative Expression


Life Path 2 Numerology Tricia Gunbergjpg


2  represents the letters B,K and T












Life Path 1 Photo.jpg



1   represents the letters A, J and







Physical body





Life Path 3 Tricia Gunberg Photo.jpg


3  (Letters C, L and U)














The suggested reading/study for the Life Path 21/3 or 12/3 is all three of the digits in 'Say YES to Who You Are to Create Fitness'. I have included the reading for the 2 Life Path, directly from my book, below. For a 21/3 or 12/3 Life Path, working with the 2 energy is important. For the rest of your numbers consult my book or schedule a reading with me.  By studying your word lists for each number, you can see which of the numbers give you the most challenges.

Since many of you have a 2 in your Life Path, I would like to share my guidance with you. You are beautiful sensitive soles and the world needs you. Taking care of yourself is step one in taking care of others.

2 Health and Wellness Path
You need exercise to release muscular tension, requires attention to breath and balance. Examples: yoga, Pilates, step aerobics, sex-ooh, this is tension releasing and deep breathing!  Include independent activities for yourself and above all choose what YOU like. Try uplifting movement with music, dancing, or deep breathing. Add beauty to your workout by choosing appealing colors and fabrics you wear to workout. Consider how you can beautify the surroundings. Include stretching and meditation every day.  If the idea of meditation does not appeal to you let me give you some tidbits. First, meditation does not have to be long. Secondly, it is not necessary to try to ‘clear your mind’. By putting your mind on one thing, you are doing a form of meditation. If your mind wanders, bring it back. Your mind will wander, this is not ‘failure’ on your part. Do not judge yourself when your mind does this. The awareness that your mind wandered is the work. Therefore, catching yourself when your mind wanders is what meditation is about. Here are some meditation ideas to get you started. Please try them.
Five Minute Meditation Ideas
·         Dry Brushing- before showering, use a dry brush on your entire body. Your goal is to keep your mind where your brush is (on your body) and offer positive thoughts with each brush stroke.
·         Forehead Down- on a desk or table, fold your arms on top of each other, placing your forehead on arms, scoot your chair back until comfortable. Breathe here until you feel complete.
·         Mind In Your Body- sit or lay comfortably, starting at your head, putting your mind in each body part as you make your way down your body. Stay in each body part as long as you like or until you feel a sensation.
·         I Love My Feet- before bed, massage your feet with lotion or oil. As you work, thank your feet for all they do for you.
·         Love My Hands- do this any time of the day, especially if you use your hands for work. Massage them and thank them for all the tasks they attend to.
I need to repeat, the exercise you choose needs to be something you want to do. You will soon see, it is in the choosing, you fail yourself. Let’s make this clear, pretend you only get one chance to choose. Imagine you can only pick one kind of exercise, only one. Close your eyes, take a few breaths and choose. Now, what did you choose? You can also know by choosing what it is you truly desire, in itself, is a lesson for you. You will not do anyone any good if you continue to make choices based on what others think or what others want.
Your only problem losing weight as a two, is when you create limits for yourself. If you only have thirty minutes to walk because your schedule is too full, you do not get the benefits of a sixty-minute walk. It is best if you allow yourself more time and stop when you feel like it. “Feeling” is the key here. When you allow yourself to feel, you will soon be able to use this as your guide and be true to yourself. Honoring yourself in this way will inspire much weight loss.
When twos make food choices, consider the area in which it is consumed. It is important the environment be peaceful to fully enjoy the meal. A better connection to the food will be made. Consider talking to your food. This might sound crazy, heck it looks crazy, but it creates a relationship. No need to talk out loud, only to pause for a moment to set an intention. Tell the food to nourish your body fully and to bring all the energy necessary. If you can create a loving relationship between your food and body, (balance) you will no longer struggle with your weight. This relationship is one of creating balance which is one of your lessons in life.

Affirmations: “My food goes into my body creating all the energy I need. I love my food and what it can do for my body.”

Understand the Life Path gives us just 2-5 of the numbers in our charts. So much more can be gleamed from other numbers, about 30 or so of them! Your life path is a good place to start though. I encourage you to explore all the ways to self-actualization. When you know you self, you will love and appreciate yourself more!

Love and Light,