The ABC's of Your 123's ~G is for Guidance~


The ABC’s of your 123’s
G is for Guidance

How to use Signs and Symbols as Guidance


Numerology is my favorite symbol to interpret. It is numbers as symbols that has been guiding me the most. Yesterday I got 444, twice! While working on the signs and symbols post for this week, 444 showed up a second time.


Here are some other ways signs and symbols come to me:

  •       Dreams
  •       Doing readings for others
  •       Books
  •       Songs
  •       Tarot and Oracle card readings
  •       Yoga
  •       Meditation
  •       Astrology

    When I see repeated numbers it reminds me to pay attention. (R is for Repeated Numbers coming up 4/20!) This practice has led me to all sorts of synchronicities. If this ‘information getting’ appeals to you, start with one from the above list. If you can remember parts of your dreams or it really peaks your interest, start there. If you mediate regularly, ask a question right before you meditate and see what comes up for the next 24 hours. Buy a tarot deck and play.  If you have a 3 in your Life Path, write or draw and see what comes. My practice started over ten years ago with dream interpretation.

I’d like to take you through one of my current processes in getting messages.  I watch Psychics on TV because I like to study how they operate. A young man does readings for famous people while drawing in a note book. This makes sense to me as I have allowed my writing to be a channel and I too create doodles as a form of meditation.

I will present the rest of this post in a video format.


Tricia Gunberg using the symbols of the Crow, Raven, 555 to Illuminate guidance for the next 12 months.

 It will include all the signs and symbols for the week of March 13- March 21, 2018 as I believe this to be a very potent week as it will set the energy for the next 12 months. (March 22, according to Astrology is the beginning of the year.) Review your Personal Year number to see how it coincides with this week’s message.

The symbols I will discuss:





Where in your life do you need more love?

One way to see this is where you have frustration, can you ‘love’ on the frustrating situation/person? To be honest, all of this resonates for me. My entire journey has been about loving myself more and recently, loving myself unconditionally.

Imagine a world where everyone thinks and feels:
“There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you.”

 Can we offer unconditional love to others and ourselves?


I see I am near 444 words- ha! So I’m stopping.

Love and Light,