Creating blog posts and numerous readings led me to the discovery of combining numerology and wellness, specifically:


In my book "Say YES to Who You Are to Create FITNESS" I use the energy of the numbers to help you create a fitness program that works for you based on your Life Path, or as I call it, Health and Wellness Path number.

If you could change just one thing, right now, what would it be?

Is it to fine-tune your weight? Live a more healthful life?

Why do you avoid exercise?  Why do you continue to eat the wrong food?

The reason you can’t create wellness and stay with a fitness program can be found in Numerology, an ancient system that describes the relationship between numbers and things. The solution can be found in Numerology, as well. 

In Say YES To Who You Are you will learn:

·        How simple addition reveals your Fitness Numerology

·        How your personal Numerology affects your health and well-being

·        The type, duration and frequency of exercise that fits you best

·        The tools to break old habits

With Tricia Gunberg’s approach, you will gain the wisdom you need to make the choices that are for your greatest and highest good. You’ll understand the best, most natural way to live the healthy life you’ve always wanted!

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