Q and A Saturday- July 13, 2019

As a professional psychic, how do you sleep at night knowing you're taking advantage of gullible and vulnerable people?

Tricia Gunberg, Intuitive Healer at Self-published Author (2011-present)

Answered Dec 10, 2018

This is one of those situations where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Since your questions is actually one I pose to Western Medical Doctors and Politicians, I suppose I have it coming. I too assume most of them are dirty thieves. Also, it reminds me of an high school event when my classmates were harassing me about a personal decision I made. At the time I just explained myself to them and the following year some of them came back to apologize and expressed admiration for my maturity.

What the hell…here goes.

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First a question. Has one of my clients complained to you about me? If so, please direct them to me so I can remedy the situation. I did have one client upset with me because I would not answer the question, “Will my daughter get a divorce.” (It’s not her business and not what I do.) I stopped the reading and gave her money back. Second, you have made a lot of assumptions here, I’ll let that go and invite you to my Facebook page so you can read the comments and compliments directly from my clients and followers. You may ask respectful questions there, but you may not be a sass mouth.

You sound offended, but I will not apologize for what I do or who I am. I was given many ‘clare’ gifts and everyone I have done a reading for has expressed their appreciation for them and me. I have helped a lot of people, some for free. If you think my Facebook page is a scam then go to Hospice of Kona’s Facebook page, you will find compliments to me for my work there because I have donated many free readings over the last 5 years to help those who are dealing with grief and pain.

I’m not sure if you were looking for a fight or a free reading and as I am a lover not a fighter, here is a free channeled reading for you:

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“Since you have chosen to use your leadership skills in this way (harassing others instead of uplifting) you may find that life could become harsh towards you. This is not karma nor ‘you got it coming’, - this is energy. What you put out, you will get back. If you cheat others, you will attract cheaters. When you are kind to others, you will find kindness. Those that describe this as the Law of Attraction are correct, you do indeed attract the same energy you expel. We are not scolding you, just informing you. Informing you of your ability to lead others to greatness, you have no time to bicker and point out what others are doing. You have work to do young man. The work you are here to do is to inspire others. You got lucky with this one- you inspired her to consider your question with kindness and generosity. Go now and do the work you were sent here to do. With kind regards, your Spirit Guides.”

Well, there you go.

Love and Light, 

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So You Think You're Intuitive?

 We all have intuitive abilities of one sort or another, starting with dreams and moving on from there. I am discovering that many of my clients, friends and family possess intuitive abilities. Each of them have an unique experience unto themselves.  One thing that ties them all together: Faith.

Faith in themselves.

Faith in their abilities.

Faith in Source/God/Spirit.

 When I was receiving messages about “faith” I assumed it was reference to needing a stronger faith in Source/God/Spirit. It took me a long time to even embrace the word faith. It sounds so churchy so the assumption seemed well grounded. It wasn’t being short of faith in a higher power that held me back. It was faith in myself that I lacked. So how does one go about this faith business?

Faith in my abilities had been growing and while I had struggled to understand them, it became clear to me that most people are struggling. With their faith. With health issues. With addictions. With relationships. I began looking at people differently, with much more compassion.

As my trip down Metaphysical Lane went full speed and this new clarity and compassion became more a part of me, it lead to better relationships. First with myself and now with others. If I hadn’t gone down this path I might had suffered a second divorce, still be mad at my dad (anger causes inflammation, cancer and wrinkles, none of which I want) and continue to avoid calling my mother. I honestly thought that this path would require me to “let go” of many relationships. In creating a life that is a reflection of my true heart’s desire, I expected things to change. My life will be different and I reasoned, the people would be too. What happened was, the relationships changed in dynamics and I only needed to “let go” of how they use to be.  

Most profound change is the relationship with my mother. In the past, her religious attitude made me want to avoid her much of the time. Partly because of her beliefs but mostly because of how she pushes her beliefs onto others. She will not accept the fact that many of her children will not “practice” like her. My mother actually believes she is responsible for our souls. Wow. What a heavy burden. But that is not even the half of it.

Here is the kicker. My mother has the ability to ask questions to her guides and get answers! This wasn’t a total surprise as I had done her numerology and knew she possessed the ability quiet strongly.  My prior conversations with my mother had been calculated regarding how much I was revealing to her about my new truth so I did have  hope for this type of conversation. After laying this on me she said, “Well, I don’t ask because I know I won’t like the answers.”

I was baffled, thumbing myself on the head like I should have had a V-8.

I asked, “Mom, if you go to church and practice your faith and you are afraid of your ability and you don’t listen, how do you expect rest of us to do it?”  She laughed uncomfortably, sounding as if she was holding back tears and said, “I don’t know.” The beauty in her vulnerability astounded me.

That is okay that you don’t know Mom.  Many of us don’t. One thing I am sure of is that we get to decide how we want to use our intuitive gifts. We get to figure out how they fit into our life’s purpose. We can follow our true heart’s desire and use our intuitive gifts to help us. We get to discover how they are uniquely ours. Heck, when we get good at it we can even use it to help others, if we want.  

We just need a little faith.

Mahalo! Tricia