April Guidance

Free Monthly Guidance from The Energy Garden

Horoscopes offer some hint as to what is to come based on our birth date. Numerology takes this concept a step forward and offers valid insight on life challenges based on our birth number (Life Path Number). It is when we resolve those challenges that we get closer to our true potential. I offer you a bit of this insight here. First, in general terms, for the month and then in specific terms based on your birth number. A “Numeroscope” if you will.

April is just about upon us. Words like renewal and organization come to mind as Spring draws near.  April also brings with it the numerology of 4 which encompasses a teacher energy. Animal mommas have much to teach their young. We could learn a little about ourselves and our abilities too. Heck, while you’re spring cleaning you just might learn you have too much stuff.  (The reason you feel so good after a spring cleaning project is because all that stuff had been stealing your energy.) Just a heads up, not all lessons are fuzzy little ducklings. Some lessons change the status quo with drama!

April also carries an argumentative energy so set your intentions and try not to argue. When you come to an aggravating situation ask what lesson is in it for you so you can learn from it and move on. If this month brings you questions about your career, volunteer work or leisure pursuits this Numeroscope will guide you. To calculate your birth number or Life Path Number, add all the digits of your birthdate until you get a single digit. For example August 4, 1969 is calculated: 8+4+1+9+6+9 = 37,  3+7 = 10, 1+0=1. This Life Path Number is a 1. (For those working the 29/11 or 48/12 path I recommend reading each of those numbers and pick the one that resonates with you.)

Here is your guidance for the month of April based on your Life Path Number:

1              If you are struggling with someone right now, open your mind to look at the situation from the other person’s point of view. Accept that what you want to do is not more important or less important than what others are doing. Thus, a compromise is in order.

2              Open your heart and share your gifts and time with others. Using your good fortune to help those struggling will raise your vibration making you feel better and less alone. Take a friend to lunch, volunteer or help out a neighbor or relative.

3              Trust your feeling to step away from the drama of a situation. Also, trust that the urgency to make a decision is just imagined. You will be guided to make the best choices after analyzing all the information. Ask for guidance three nights in a row.

4              Difficulty juggling all that you do? Follow your heart and only attend to what it really wants. Allow the other stuff fall way. What falls away isn’t important in the long run despite momentary drama surrounding it. You cannot be all things to all people and you are setting yourself up for failure.

5              No short cuts for you. 5’s Life Path is Freedom and Discipline. You need to develop an organized and practical approach to achieve your goals and you are reminded of that this month. Seek out mentors, study, learn and set your goals high. Your message: Mastery in any area only comes from demanding nothing less than the best from yourself.

6               Reconnect with your source. Take time to see the beauty, strength and connectedness in nature so you can see these qualities in the Devine. Contemplate this connection, find comfort and inspiration in it.

7                 Take off the blinders and be willing to see the truth about yourself and others. Are there real problems in your relationships? Ask for guidance. Does the situation needs compromise? To be let go of? Or do serious decisions need to be made to prevent harm?

                Being honest takes courage and integrity. Understand that deception is fear in disguise. Most people lie to protect themselves. Regardless, it can still cause damage.  Trust your vibes when it comes to suspicions. Ask that you be protected from deceit of others and your own temptation to deceive.

             You are entering a period of great abundance. It is a natural outcome of your efforts and commitment to your dreams. What you desire is on its way!


I will bring you this guidance the 4th Monday of each month for the following month. The next free monthly reading for May will appear Monday, April 28. If you would like more information on your Life Path or Numerology send me an email at theenergygarden@outlook.com . I will send a free mini Life Path reading to the first person who sends me a request.  Anyone who makes a donation (click icon located at the bottom of each blog page) will receive a free mini reading as well. Just send me an email to confirm the date/time of your donation.      

Mahalo and Happy Spring!