Dan Millman Goes Hurling Across My Bedroom

#Throw Back Thursday

Do you recognize your life path? Do you know your truth? Or are you like Goldilocks…
…..your waistline too big?
…..your love life too cold?
…..your job too hard?
Or perhaps you’re one of the three bears and some stranger has been eating your porridge, sitting in your chair and sleeping in your bed.

You are not alone.

In 2011 I was suffering from stress related health issues. I was directed to Phuong Nguyen, a Kinesiologist in Durango, CO. We had a wonderful session in which I balled my eyes out and got some well needed focus. She referred me to Dan Millman’s book The Life You Were Born To Live.  I headed directly to the book store from the appointment. It spoke to me at the start; “A guide to finding your life purpose”. Yes, I need a guide, desperately. I love a good self-help book and for only twenty five dollars I could easily afford it.

Super Power Tricia Gunberg.JPG

I rushed home and eagerly read the first eight pages, skipping to page 123 once I determined my “birth number”. Filled with enthusiasm I began to read, “here to work through issues of creativity while learning to trust the wise and beautiful spirit in themselves and others.”  Yes! I am creative. Yes! I do need to learn to trust. Yes! I want to be a wise and beautiful spirit. Wow, this Millman guy really knows what he is talking about. I continue reading, “…most seek knowledge outside of themselves rather than trust their intuitive depths.” I am a seeker of knowledge, but intuitive? No. I read on “..deep down, are wise and healing spirits; they can express themselves like angels in human form once they align themselves with the higher energy and will that manifest within them.”
What a bunch of crap!
Me, intuitive? No!
Me, a healer? Most definitely not!

I hurl the book (the force was great, I’m a softball player not an angel) across my bedroom. I would have returned it to the book store except I damaged the cover when it hit the door frame.

This information broke my heart. I wanted to trust that book. I needed so badly to find my life’s purpose. Not knowing was making me sick. The book was going to bring great epiphanies for me. Trumpets were going to sound. Passion was going to flow. An ease in knowing who I am was going to wash over me.

And mostly....mostly…everything was going to be just right.

The book sat quietly collecting dust and cat hair. I couldn’t let $25 go to waste so I investigated friends and families birth numbers. The readings clicked with everything I knew about them.

In the ancient Scottish tale the three bears devour the trespasser. Over time, small variations are made to the story and it becomes a popular children’s story. Largely in part to the change in the ending where Goldilocks jumps out the window and her outcome is left to our imagination.

Your outcome, my outcome, is left solely to our imagination. Armed with that knowledge and a little self-examination we can become so much more. Those words from Dan Millman still seem miles away. Yet, I know they are true. They are my truth:

“here to work through issues of creativity while learning to trust the wise and beautiful spirit in themselves and others.” 

Please follow me here as I learn to trust and become the healer I am meant to be.

Love and Light,